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James UFO Ranch, Bilocation to Mars, Time Travel & The Inner Earth

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Chapter 1: James’ UFO Ranch

I got invited to James Gilliland’s UFO ranch after a woman called me for some insight. As we were talking, I learned that she worked at Disney World as the Evil Stepmother. We both found it funny that the Evil Stepmother would call the Fairy Godmother for advice.

I told her that I was thinking about going to James’ UFO ranch, but I really had no idea how I would get there or how I would make it work. She then called her friend who lived and helped James on the ranch. After I spoke to this friend, I learned that they were all fans of my work and wanted me to be a guest speaker at their conference and help put together a crystal youth program.

Right before I went to the ranch I accidentally dyed my hair green. My friend surprised me with some organic hair dye for both of us, but the color for me somehow went green. I was like, yes, I will give a talk to leading quantum physicists with green hair. So I tried to fix it, but the next color ended up making my hair orangey-green. I could not dye my hair again, so I had no choice but to head to the conference with this color of hair. At least it was not as bad as green. I should have liked it, because after all green is my favourite color. Didn’t Anne of Green Gables dye her hair green, too?

Alfred Webre, the godfather of exopolitics, arranged a ride for me to get to the conference at the ranch—a seven hour drive with him and his wife. They were really nice people and we really bonded.

At the U.S.-Canada border, a federal agent interrogated me again, asking all kinds of questions about my job, what I do, how often I work, how much I make, how I live, who do I live with, and all those questions people don’t usually expect to be asked. Then he asked how I knew the people I was riding with. We decided to tell him about the UFO conference, which was really interesting. This was the turning point, because he said, “Oh really, have you guys ever seen a UFO before? Have you been abducted?” To which I retorted, “Have you ever been abducted?” He responded “Maybe, I do not know. I mean, if I did, I would not remember. They would wipe my memory.” I responded with “You don’t know, yet you forget to remember?” Then he said “Ok, have fun at the ranch.”

We arrived very late at night, and it took me a bit to get settled in. I went to bed, only to wake up to the most annoying alarm I had ever heard. I tried to sleep through it, but to no avail. I remember thinking, “Why would James get a rooster alarm clock of all things?” It was crowing for so long I thought, “Oh no, I have really slept in. I do not want to miss the conference. I better get up.” So I groggily got dressed and went outside and no one was around. I thought that everyone must be in the conference hall. As I was heading there, the cooks said, “It is 5:30 a.m., what are you doing up?” I explained how I thought it was James’ special wake up call, and they said, “No, that is Conch.”

But the alarm kept crowing for a long time. They told me “That is a real rooster. This is a farm.” I went back to my room and tried to sleep, but soon the rooster started crowing again. I really struggled with practicing unconditional love. My guides were trying to tell me about the rooster’s psychic abilities and what planet it was from, but I did not care to know. I did not want to think of the rooster that way. I just wanted to sleep. I toyed with the idea of getting back at the rooster.

That is when I remembered some very useful information my dad left me with—how to piss off a rooster. Did dad know one day I would use this information? He said, “Jess you have to say Pah took took in a certain pitch, and what you are saying to the rooster is ‘Back off, these are my chicken women, not yours.’ Well, he will get so offended that he will challenge you to a duel. Do not back off at any time because from then on you will be a target.” This is indeed true. I do recall dad being chased by the rooster. The more I thought about this, I decided against it. I did not want it to come back on me. So I imagined how glorious it would be to wake up at 4:30 a.m., sneak up on the rooster, and crow in its ear and see how he liked it. Alas, I never did this because I was lazy, but if Reap-a-Cheep, a chicken on our farm, turns out to be a boy, then I might do that to him or learn to sleep past incessant crowing.

OK, on to more productive things. James’ ranch is a really special place. The veil is very thin there. Did I see UFOs there? Yes, plenty of them. They are everywhere. James has this crazy ability to know if they are there just by feeling them. Then he will shine a laser at the sky where there seems to be nothing, and the next thing you know this huge light flashes as it soars across the sky. People would yell to the ships “Power Up!” and most of the time they did, making their appearance known.

There was also mega orb activity and people had some incredible pictures of them. Some pictures even had fairies in them. I did not take many pictures of orbs, because on my Facebook I have some awesome orb pictures from the first time I went to Sedona. I am juggling, playing, and kissing the orbs. The orbs are all different kinds of colors. One even transformed into a human form of a woman in the 1800s. I also have pictures of fairies and rainbow water sylphs. Many people were fascinated with seeing such things. I do not really need to see ships or orbs to know that they are there. I do not need proof. I feel that I have had contact in my heart, and that is all the proof I need.

I was not feeling 100% at the ranch, and I thought it was nerves. I could not understand why I was not more of a social butterfly. There were about 200 people there, and many of the speakers were top quantum physicists. They had been doing this for a while and they were all seasoned. Then there was me with cold feet. I still find it difficult to speak in public; after all, I have only spoken two other times, and the crowds just keep getting bigger and bigger.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that now there are so many people rooting for me and helping me so much. That can make me get nervous about living up to all their expectations. Sometimes our expectations can really hurt us. I get this all the time when I meet people I admire and find that they are not who I think they are. I have been let down so much that I never want to do it to others. I want to become extremely good at reading people, to see with solar plexus eyes. I don’t want to let them down, and when I think like this I tend to think I am not good enough. I compare myself with others, like the various quantum physicists who were speaking at the ranch.

Is just being myself really enough? Is my story enough to transform others’ lives so that they are forever moved? How does one keep people uplifted and motivated after the conference is over and the hype is gone? When they go back home to their lives to people who do not understand them, will they get into a funk? How can I be more accessible to them? Can I teach them to feel me always so they never feel alone?

Speaking in public and being on the spot is a tricky thing for me. Seinfeld said that the number one fear is speaking in public and after that is death. That means people would rather be in the casket than giving a eulogy. It is not really that intense for me; it is just that I feel like the Warner Brothers singing frog when it comes to speaking. I have to accept that I am not like other speakers. Yes, it would be easier to just have me be interviewed on the stage, but that is like a 13 year old needing training wheels. Nor do I want to read my speech because it is not personal and can really cause the audience to disconnect. I find this sometimes when I read my blogs. Nor can I rehearse, as I am a very in-the-moment person and planning is an odd thing. Perhaps I should look into PowerPoint, cue cards, or a clock. I did run out of time at the ranch, and it was painful for me because I was just getting fired up to give the key points.

I don’t feel that my talk went well at all. I was crying before going on—I could not help it. I plunged into self doubt, thinking that with more people in the audience it was not going to work. Here I wanted so badly to get my message out, and yet I feared that no one would listen nor would they understand. I had to sit and stew and go through my alchemization process until I was like a waterfall just ready to burst. At that point I would be ready and know how to speak. Then suddenly I was given inspiration after so much inner silent screaming. Perhaps at that moment, I was in state of shock of getting what I wanted and not knowing what to do about it.

As an aside, put yourself in my shoes. Imagine how you would feel if someone called you out of the blue and said, “I am making arrangements for you to speak here and here about your story and message.” I am very shy, and yes, scared and insecure, but even so, I feel that my message is bigger than all that—everything else is dwarfed. To feel shy, scared, and insecure is ego. Most of us think that ego is the other extreme of feeling proud and powerful, but those things actually stem from fear and insecurity. Shyness is about feeling “poor me, I can not do this.” Ego is about placing all our attention and focus on ourselves rather than on others.

I talked back to myself, “You’re not the only one who is nervous, Jess. Don’t be so hard on yourself, because after all, who is a good speaker in the beginning? You must do it because it is not about you, it is about everyone. These times are wonderful because they are pushing you to do things you never would have done otherwise. Surely David Icke has thought this. It is the question of the motivation behind what and why you do.”

I asked my guides, “Is it just that everyone else is doing the same thing? Why do I need to be here then? What can I offer that others are not doing? What is now needed of me?” I am still working on these questions, and they will be answered in future blogs and projects. I only get bits and pieces at a time because the entire picture is so huge.

So back to the talk. Afterwards, I thought that it did not go well. I felt I spoke too much and too cryptically about my own story instead of the central message. Because I was so nervous, I kept going blank and forgetting what I wanted to say and what I am about. (I have this happen to me when I try to make YouTube videos.) Despite all these misgivings, many others loved the talk. They were moved to tears, and people approached me and thanked me for sharing. Some had even hoped that I would speak more about the Anastasia books, but alas, I was not able to get to them. Some felt that I had a real comic flare for sharing my message.

For the most part it was hard for me to accept that they were being sincere. Perhaps they were just saying those things because they knew how nervous I was and wanted to make me feel better. This is why we need to always be kind to ourselves. If we think one harsh thought, then many others will come, and we will find it harder and harder to accept ourselves.

After speaking with these kind people, I was still disappointed that I had run out of time. It was not my entire fault that I had run out of time; they had to cut me off, because otherwise dinner would be cold. James had let a few speakers go past their time limit. I was the last speaker that day, so I happened to get the short end of the stick.

When I was done speaking with my last audience member, I ran out of the room and jumped into the lake with my clothes on. I just swam around trying to get all this excess energy out. I came out of the lake drenched and then ate my supper.

[In retrospect, I find these events funny. I wrote them about two weeks ago, and now as I pick this blog up again and read what I wrote and where I was at then, I am not feeling that way now. Right now I do not feel nervous about speaking in public; rather, I am more motivated than ever to nail it and become more comfortable.]

Chapter 2: Meeting Brooks Agnew

I felt a little better after my talk. When I did not think about it I started to relax.

About an hour later, I was invited to speak on Brooks Agnew’s radio show about the hollow Earth. It is funny how many synchronicities my life has, because I was just working on a YouTube video on the hollow earth. All I told Brooks when I met him was that I had much to say when it came to this subject and was very excited for his boat trip to the inner earth. I was very familiar with him.

I then mentioned the presentation that he gave about the pyramids. He felt that we humans built the pyramids but did not know why we built them. I wrote a poem on this topic that I felt answered his question. The pyramids are now starting to crumble after being up for so long and enduring so much. Why would they be crumbling now? Time is a loop. Could it be the pyramids are starting to crumble because we are getting close as a collective to understanding how they were built? Could it be that when we fully remember, they will crumble completely, only for us to rebuild them again with the exact mathematical accuracy in accordance with the planet’s divine harmony? His eyes lit up and said, “Of course that’s it.” The next thing I knew he asked me to be on his show sharing about my take on the hollow earth. It was really nice to talk about something different, and even though he had major credentials in physics and had thousands of listeners, I was not nervous. I some how managed to hold my own, which impressed him.

I really enjoyed the company of Brooks Agnew. He is a wonderful person in my book, because he understands a major missing component in gaining entrance to the hollow earth: one must have a pure heart and strong sense of ethics for the planet and other people. This is why the military has not been successful in getting access to that particular area. Brooks asked me if I was interested in attending this adventure of a lifetime. Of course I am open to it, especially if they are interested in bringing children I know who are very young but have memories of lives inside the planet. But we will see if such a thing like this comes about for me and these kids. That is all I will say here on this topic. For more information on my take of the hollow earth, feel free to check out the video that is now posted as 2012 part 4. The first half is called The Illuminati’s Plan for the Starseeds, and the second half is called The Hollow Earth & Its Core.

I will also post my interview with Brooks on my site as soon as I can. If you can not wait for that, here is the link: I think it is $2.50 for a month’s subscription or something like that. My interview was on July 1st.

Chapter 3: Teleportation to Mars & Time Travel Interview

The other really cool thing about this trip to James’ ranch I have saved for last. There were many incredible speakers, even someone from What the Bleep Do We Know movie, Michael Ledwith, and all kinds of cool leading quantum physicists. However, the person who grabbed my attention and was able to hold it for a good portion of my time at the ranch was a man named Andrew. I call him Andy. He was a speaker with the people who drove me to and from Vancouver on behalf of the exopolitics group. His talk was about life on Mars and the proof of it. At the very beginning of his talk he ever so casually mentioned how he knew that this was indeed true. It was because he had been to Mars, and then he continued on with his presentation. Someone said, “Excuse me, what do you mean you have been to your Mars? Do you mean astrally?” He casually said “No, not astrally. I physically teleported to Mars.” Then he continued with his presentation and described his experiences. He spoke about seeing water on the planet and plant life and even animals. He spoke about various monuments or statues of reptilian people and human-animal hybrid creatures. He said there are thousands of people living on Mars and that the planet is hollow. He added that many soldiers have been sent there and have pretty much lost their minds.

It was interesting because his description of Mars sounded a lot to me like Atlantis. I could not help wondering, could the experiments done on Atlantis been moved not just to underground secret military bases but also to Mars? Could Atlantis actually be Mars or Mars Atlantis?

What was so fascinating about Andy is that he had absolutely no ego; he was so casual and nonchalant about it. I mean you would think that someone who had an experience like that on one’s resume would be like, “Screw you, I went to Mars.”

If you ask him about his experience and knowledge he will speak about it. Apparently, he was speaking constantly nonstop everyday to whomever was interested, so much so that he did not have much of a voice when gave his presentation. He spoke because he felt it was very important for people to know what is going on. The truth about Mars and teleportation must be known. “They” are lying and covering up so much.

Andy’s background is in law; he wanted to be a lawyer when grew up. Little did he know that he would be a lawyer and learn galactic laws. Let this be a new understanding for all of you who think you know what you mean as a kid when you say you want to grow up and be in a certain profession. It might be a multidimensional profession.

Andy has also physically time traveled to the past, to the battle of Gettysburg, and also has time traveled to the future year 2013. I recorded our conversation on this, but it did not turn out because the day I was recording it was rather windy, and so it is hard to hear what Andy shared with me. I have made arrangements to do a 12 hour interview with him on Skype, doing only a few hours at a time with him. I also got him on the Zany Mystic radio show and will be writing to Project Camelot about interviewing him. He has an incredible story and a really good understanding on how this technology was made, where it came from, and how it works. I will be talking to others who have interviewed me to get him on as many radio shows as I can. Perhaps you guys will feel inspired to help me with this as well. Of course, this has sparked yet another idea for me to interview others as well, but not necessarily someone who is well known like Project Camelot or Conscious Media Network. I would interview you guys or perhaps give you reins to do your own thing.

It would not be radio on my site per se. That would be too much for me to put up and manage, so instead I will have mp3 archives.

Chapter 4: New Website Surprises/Projects

Well I let one surprise slip out—might as come out with the rest.

I feel this would be a good way to give back to you guys, as really I was lucky and had a platform or vehicle for my message. I know most of you guys have incarnated in areas where people are not so receptive. But that does not mean what you have to share is not valid. If I build your confidence and support and help you have a voice, then you can feel empowered, just like what was done for me.

I also thought it would be pretty neat to have an audio recorded session of the first time: a like mind/heart gets to speak to another like mind/heart. It would be like a reunion show, but of the mystical kind, a good way to capture and present the energy for others to witness and understand.

Then I had the idea to have a few nights where young ones can go on and share anything they like in whatever way they want. We can volunteer our children, or they can just know that it is there should they feel compelled to say something to the world.

I also think it would be a good idea to have a Spanish night. I could have my Spanish speaking like minds/hearts come on and share what they feel needs to be shared as well.

Since we are on the topic of website changes, I will just continue with it.

How do you guys like the new site? We are still trying to find the best way to organize everything. Press releases and a media section will be coming soon. I have taken down the advertisements because I could not stand them. I still will be selling certain products on my site and have some space for a few more products. If any of you have something that you think might fit here, by all means let me know. 

The network area is still under construction, but it will be something similar to Facebook and Ning, except for one major difference. I want to feature one person a week who will be selected randomly. Here they can share about themselves, where they are at in life, their projects and goals, how others can help, and what kind of answers or help they are looking for. And everyone else can focus on them and help in what ever way we can with our special ways gifts and connections. Then, who knows, next week it could be your turn.

I came across this idea because lately I have been on a roll of hooking people up. There was a suicidal young man in England who was desperately looking for a like minded/hearted person in his area to talk to, so I went through my contacts in that area via Facebook. Then my girl friend needed a place a stay, and I happened to come across an advertisement that seemed perfect for her and her daughter, and it turns out I was right—it could not have a been a more perfect match. The icing on the cake is that they will be my neighbours at the new place I have moved to. Then I had this other friend who needed a place to live, but it was a bit more complex. We were working with a very limited cash flow and the determination to keep their old dog indoors with them. Now finding something like that is tricky, but I managed to do it as well. It was another perfect match that I am so happy about: my friend gets along with his new roommate and his dog is happy there. The animal’s energy tells all. So I thought it would be cool as a fairy godmother to help not just in the ways of the mystical but also the physical tangible, to basically help in whatever way I can. Sometimes a person just needs flat-out action ASAP. After all, this very much ties into my teaching that “we are the answer to our prayers.”

I was thinking because my friends are all on call for me to send someone their way, wouldn’t it be neat if I made this my focal point with my network site area? Can you imagine what Facebook would be like if I did that rather then those piddly annoying actions like you have just been bitten by vampire, to bite back, go here. Is there something more constructive we can do with our time? This way, everyone can help me help others and everyone gets a turn to be focused on and helped in anyway we can. I am confident that this service is something that people sorely need.

Another idea I have, which is similar to the above, is to have my own Craigslist, but a mystical one. This is so multipurpose it is like the start of something I always wanted to do, and that is a spiritual employment center. At this center, there would be awareness of who we are and why what we have to offer the world, etc. This idea may at first seem different and strange, but it can actually be very beneficial, and again all that is needed a good platform. This one will be a big task, and I am not sure when it will be up, so keep checking up on me. I think I will call it something like the “Jesslist” or something like that. I’m still not sure. I might come up with something more clever.

So how are you guys liking my site?

I am still learning my way around it and how to post stuff; I have no clue how to get in my chat room. We still have to build the network part.

Chapter 5: Miriam Delicado and Project Camelot

For those of you who do not know, Miriam Delicado has had a bad car accident and is stranded in LA with no money, and she is asking for help. I encourage you to help Miriam by going to her web site: We need to love each other and help each other in times of need.

I am a bit rattled by hearing this news, because there is talk about possible black magic and so forth. I want to be there for Miriam, but I do not feel that what I would share would have merit, coming from a young person. I care for Miriam a great deal, even if her energy is sometimes too intense for me. I work so hard to not take life so seriously, nor let it jade me or make me cynical. I can understand what she shares about how people think we make lots of money doing what we do, and how that is not true. The ones who make the most are the ones who parade around as well-known light workers charging people outrageous fees, but they are just the opposite to what they claim. I have witnessed this first hand and do not really want to name names, but I can hint to you they are the ones who most well known and also those who charge too much for workshops. On this topic, Miriam and I are in complete agreement.

I am also wary of Project Camelot’s emphasizing the war on the Illuminati. This “war approach” troubles me, because it can be counterproductive. When people fight, they experience hell, so why are we so keen to think hell is worth fighting for? I was hoping that by going on Project Camelot, I could steer them towards interviewing younger people and having a more gentle and productive approach. I wanted to get them away from the conspiracy theme and to start focusing on how to heal hearts and see the divine aspect of the world. Currently, the theme of their video portfolio is “see how dark the world is,” and the next part could be “see how beautiful the world can be.” Of course, Kerry and Bill have the artistic free will to pursue their own vision, but until their tone becomes more positive, I feel that I must steer clear of them. I must follow my own vision as well.

Each of you must discern what energies you see in these two cases, and make your own judgments. In doing so, be guided by the path of your own hearts.

Chapter 6: In LA Meeting Jewel

Now we move onto my time in LA and meeting Jewel backstage. This came about as a gift from a good friend of mine who also happens to be Jewel’s old lawyer. Now how did I meet him? Well, I have a keen way of doing things. For example, if you ever want to contact someone famous, try looking into their causes and projects. See what they are passionate about and what is close to their heart, and then contact the people who are running the project. Express a desire to help in any way you can, and the chances are the people in charge of running the project have close ties with the celebrity.  That is exactly what happened with me and my friend who brought me out to LA.

It really is a wonderful thing to think out of the box—I highly encourage it. I think it is for that reason I was able to get awesome jobs in a very unorthodox way, and I only share this in hopes that I can inspire. Here is one more story I can share. It happened long ago, once upon a time back in the day when I was into the acting racket. In the beginning, I did not have an agent and I did not want to go to acting school and do what everyone else was doing. So instead, I went to central casting, and I told a woman there I was interested in being an actor’s casting agent like her. I asked her if she minded my interviewing her so I could learn more about how I could do this. She was very enthusiastic about answering my questions. One of the major question I had was how does one decide who to cast when you have so many people coming to you for one role? What are key things you look for that stand out?

She responded with, “Well we really pay attention to who is really present and confident with themselves, so eye contact, remembering our names, and sometimes a good solid handshake can tell us lots right off the bat. But honestly there is one major thing we look for, and the answer might surprise you. Why do you think we make all actors slate to the camera before they read? (“Slate” means share your name, age, and what agent you are with.) I said, “So you guys can have that information.” “Are you sure?” she replied. “I mean, we get that information from your agents and then also from the paper work you fill out before coming in to read. You see, when a person slates, he or she is introducing themselves to us, and that is who they really are, that is their real voice. Being in this business we get so many people pretending to be someone they are not. They try to sound like Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise and that is a turn off. Acting is about telling the truth under imaginary circumstances to always be honest and be themselves. So after a person slates, if they change their voice when they start to read the script, then we know instantly not to hire them unless we have asked them specifically to create a character voice or they suggest it first before doing it. I have found this information helpful and have given it freely to people who long to be an actor, not for the fame or money but for the sheer love and passion.”

OK, back to Jewel, the show was out at Humphries by the Bay in San Diego, and we stayed at a really nice retreat. Before the show, I was taken down to the place where the coffee shop used to be, where Jewel got discovered. I was then taken to all her favourite hang outs and got some real neat information from people who knew her when she first arrived in that area and was homeless. I got to meet that coffee shop owner and hear all her stories and memories about Jewel. She told me how Jewel was always fascinated with the mystical and loved being taken to any kind of native ceremony or meditation. She hungered to be a part of such things and learn as much as she could (I knew it). It was a real cool experience—totally priceless. OK, back to the retreat, it was just like in Hawaii. My favourite flowers there were, yes, the Plumaria, and the other flower you see everywhere in Hawaii, the Hibiscus.

That whole trip I was again nervous to meet her. I was scared that she would not be who I thought she was and I would be let down again by someone I so looked up to. I had with me The Holographic Universe book I wanted her to sign. I knew it was one of her favourite books. I recall hearing her say in one of her interviews that if she had not become a singer she would have become a quantum physicist. So I thought it would be cooler to have her sign that book rather then some CD or one of her books. This would say, “Yes, Jewel, I am plugged in and on the same wave length as you” without saying words. She did recognize the book right away, which was awesome, and wrote me a little note in the book that was very sweet. She signed her name

backwards because she is also dyslexic. I was not so speechless this time, not like the last time where I mumbled and stuttered and displayed high intelligence, which was ever so embarrassing. I have met loads of famous people and have not gotten nervous, so I do not like when I get like that at all.

This time I was able to talk to her about the song Star Child, because on her Twitter I asked her to cut it and she did. So I was curious if she remembered it, because I know this girl very well. I know that she has over 1,000 songs and does not remember the lyrics to all of them. She also has a tendency to forget a song right after singing it over and over and cutting it. So when I asked her do you remember the song? She responded “I cut it.” “But do you remember it?” I asked. Again she said, “I cut it,” from which I could tell she did not remember it. I do not think she knew that I knew her so well. I did not talk more about it with her because there were others waiting for their time with her and it would be brief with everyone. This was most frustrating because there was so much I wanted to say to her, and one minute was just not enough.

Oh, how I wanted more time with her, but I had to honour the fact that that my time had not yet come. After all, the lady who owned the coffee shop where Jewel got discovered said if I wanted to write her a letter, she could assure that she gets it because when someone sends a letter to her, one can not be so sure she will read it. But if it comes from a personal friend and high recommendation one has a much better chance. So that is another thing I’ve got to do. But again, a letter is not the same as having a one-on-one chat with this woman of such high intelligence and wit who is one heck of a humanist.

The best way to go about this is when she has a baby, which I suspect will not be too much longer. Then she will go back to doing small private shows at her ranch in Stephanville, Texas. I was told by her friends that they could arrange me going down with them. That way there would only be 20 people around her rather than hundreds, which would work much better.

Then there is this other strategy I have. Her fans make her silly videos of them dancing and lip syncing to her music, and I know she watches them. So I thought I would make her a special video disguised as a fan video, but it would not be silly like the other kinds I have seen from others, even though there is nothing wrong with them. My only beef with that approach is that it is not productive. So I will make one of people being everyday angels moved to be better person and help others after listening to her music. In fact, I might call my network mock Facebook area “Everyday Angels” from her song I am Sensitive. So that’s the master plan.

Chapter 7: Meanwhile back at the Psychic Laboratory, Eureka!

There is another thing I wanted to share with everyone—a new thing I have been doing with my time. It came to me after I was talking to this guy who is a psychic police officer, which means that he busts demons in people’s auric fields, stuns them, and throws them in jail. This guy has been really jaded with demons, and it is understandable after all. I should feel the same towards them after all they have done to my family, mainly my dad, all the curses and NDEs that needed to be overcome. But if one just thinks about this for a minute, then we can see how handling demons in this way is actually counterproductive.

Tell me, how are we helping our situation if we bust criminals and throw them in jail? What we have is a collective of angry, confused, frustrated, self-loathing, life-destructive energy in a concentrated area. This energy held in a collective co-creative way is also being nurtured by always confirming that they are bad and no good and need to be a tough-guy bad “ars” and sent throughout the world and universe, and thus affecting us in ways we can not fathom. So now we are doing that on the psychic realm, is that not just another approach of addressing the symptoms and not the root cause in the psychic realm?

So one day, while he was trashing demons, I could not take it. I said, ”Look you, have seen my videos on 2012 part 3 and my approach to demons and dark energy? You make fun of it, calling me a silly naive little new age girl full of fluff, so then let me prove my theories to you because I know they work.” I said, ”Give me one of your demons from your prison and let me work with it. Nothing is born evil. I feel this being is also playing a role and is lost to it.” So he dropped this demon onto my pillow, and a few days later he got back to me and was really taken aback with my progress. He could barely detect the dark energy it emanated so strongly before. He asked me what I did.

I told him how this idea came to me that was the same principle as the movie Scrooge, where the ghost of Christmas past and future comes and takes Scrooge to the past to see how he became what he is today and that is not how he always was. And then he was taken to his future to see what the probability would look like if he continues down the path he is going. So I backtracked this demon through the many dimensions it had gone through and showed what happened to it and showed it its true self. I focused on breaking the spell and its relationship with itself and what it thinks it is for what it actually is. I took it right back to source when it was this gorgeous light, full of hope and the desire to explore various experiences.

So now the psychic police officer has given me even more challenging beings to work with and it is going pretty well. He even sends other people who write to him about me, and it seems I am able to help them before I even read the email. I want to play around with this a bit more in my psychic laboratory to work out the kinks. I want to be more conscious of what I am doing and how I am doing it so I can pass this on to others.

By the way, I have decided not to do the youth project I spoke about doing at James’ ranch. It does not feel like the right place for me to do my thing with the wee ones. This does not mean I will not do youth projects. I am still very open to it, and I have been invited to various places in the world like China and Malta to help develop them. But it all depends on if it feels right and if all factors have been taken into consideration so nothing comes up like, let’s say, for example, a conflict of interest.

Chapter 8: To the New Schab Abode (Sort of like, To the Bat Mobile)

Well, we have now moved into our new place and near settled. The first thing we did was paint the house because at first it was this gloomy dark dank greenish brown—ewww!

Perhaps first I should share how this place for us came about. About seven years ago, when a new health food store opened up and my mom went there to check it out, she met a girl who worked there. She was near my age, and Mom said to her, “Oh you would be a good friend for my daughter.” Momma Bear was right, and we did become good friends. Fast forward a few years into the future, right after we lost Dad. Mom met this young man on the street, and they became instant friends. Well, my friend who worked at the health food store and this young man hooked up, and she ended up moving in with him on his farm.

The farm is a huge property that happens to have a little house built on it, and for a long time it was rented to other people. Our friends who lived on the farm were getting very frustrated with the people who rented their property because at first they acted nice to get the place and then they became cold and held no regard or respect for the property. My friends got to a point where they did not care about making money renting the place out. Rather, they wanted to have good people who would take good care of their land, make a beautiful garden, and put to use all of Mom’s plant knowledge. This is what they told us when they decided to rent the place to us. They even dropped the rent for us so that we would be able to afford it.

I always thought Forrest or I would someday get Mom a house, but that is not what happened. It was Mom they wanted; they knew if she had her space her own place she would feel better. They also were interested in having Steve as an extra hand to help on the farm. After all, Steve did need a male figure to teach him various things, from being a handy man to guidance towards becoming a man. This has been a huge lacking thing for Steve, so I am very happy about the skills and knowledge he will gain, plus I am sure will be invaluable. It is hard to see little Steve grow up. It seems like yesterday he was a little baby in my arms (sigh).

Right now, Steve is having some friends over. The music is loud, and I must prepare should any of them drink too much and throw up. I would rather that they have their good time here than somewhere far away. It is funny because his friends are hitting on me. He sees it, and it does not bother him like it does with the other brothers, so I asked him why he is cool with it. He said, “Because I know you and how focused you are on the mission, so much so that my friends have a better chance picking up a lesbian.”

I could not stop laughing about this. If only the other brothers knew this, they would be more calm when guys go after me.

Before we moved in, we painted the place really bright colors. The living room is gold; the kitchen is bright yellow; the halls are bright orange; the bathroom is cherry wine; Steve’s room is blue; Mom’s room is pink; and I am sure you can figure out the color of my room. Steve and I did have fun dipping our butts in the paint and pressing them against the wall to make butt marks.

We are really enjoying the new place, though it took a bit to organize and find a place for everything. At least it is not like our place where we were before, so small that there was no room to even walk with out tripping. Mom has lots of stuff, and she just piles everything on top of everything else. It is like Janga meets Tetris, Hop Scotch, and Twister. If we were bad and did not listen to Mom, she would just bring in a new plant or piece of cumbersome furniture from the thrift store.

But it is not as bad as the time that dad had us help move 10 times in 14 years. I remember getting so mad at him for having so much stuff. I said to him, “Dad, you have everything here but the kitchen sink” and then what did I see but a kitchen sink. Even more upset, I said, “What the heck do you need this for?” “Well,” he said, “one day I want to build a little cottage in the woods, and I thought this would be the perfect little sink to have in it.” All I could do was roll my eyes and carry the silly sink to the truck.

Now that we have moved in we are discussing projects, like making a pond. Steve wants to build his own little place because he says I always manage to shaft him, even when I am away. He told me how I left a Barbie DVD in his room. (I collect kids shows from garage sales.) His friends came over with a girl he had a crush on, and she saw the video and just laughed. Apparently, I ruined his chance with this girl. He tried to tell her it was his sister’s DVD and not his, but when he revealed my age it became very hard to believe. Had I been six, then she might have believed him.

We will also be building a shed and an outhouse. When we build the outhouse I am going to drill a hole in it and poke people’s butts with a stick. It was a prank my dad did to his sisters on the farm when he was young. Those stories are the best. Do you ever ask your parents what life was like when they were young, their fondest memories and best mischief stories?

Oh spork! My home made bed is caving in right now. I made the bed out of boxes and then laid down my mattress. When Steve saw the bed, he said, “How hobo of you, Jess.” You see, the place we moved from had only two rooms. I had no room and no bed, so I improvised, but I am a little too low maintenance. Mom says it is not good to be like that when it comes to things like this, because it is not good for the back, so my friends are going to get me a bed. These are friends of my sister. They have never forgotten us and our family. Lately, for some reason, they are all contacting us at once and wanting to help us and just hang out. They think of us as family.

They love reminiscing of all the hilarious crazy things that went down when all the Schabs lived under one roof: from dad and the kids plotting a master distraction for mom so we could get to the desserts; or Forrest bungee jumping off the balcony, but the rope was too long, so he face planted right into the ground; or when Melissa taught Steve how to swear at two years of age; and then of course there was the great inside-the-house paintball war and so much more.

OK, back to projects. I want to build a redneck pool using garbage bags and duct tape. Also, there are baby owls on the farm. I was thinking I would film them and make my own nature show, only I would also speak about the animals’ psychic life, activity, and what world they are from. Perhaps I could do an interview with them, too. I could start a whole new way on how we view nature shows. If there was a show like that, hek, I would watch it. But someone somewhere has to start it.

The farm consists of 10 cows, 4 goats, 8 sheep, 7 chickens, 4 horses, 1 mule named Elvis, 5 dogs, 1 cat, 4 owls, 2 lamas, and a partridge in a pear tree. The place is out in the middle of nowhere it is so quiet here. I love it. I especially really (really) love my new own room.

Chapter 9: The Return of Forrest (Like the Return of the Jedi)

My brother, Forrest, came over to see the new place after he got back from the exopolitics conference in Spain. He said he was treated like a king when people found out he was my brother. “Jessica,” he said, “You are like a rock star in Spain.” When I was growing up, everyone knew me or referred to me as Forrest’s sister, and here in Spain everyone knew Forrest as Jessica’s brother.” I did/do not know how to respond to that. I did not know that I was that popular in Spain. After attending this conference, his girlfriend was activated and could suddenly see orbs. Forrest seems to have changed a lot, too. I recall Steve telling me that when he was in Toronto, Forrest was acting strange. He cared about what he ate, he did not party so much, he wanted to read and discuss spirituality, he no longer listened to gangsta rap in the car, he played classical music, and so forth.

He was so happy to be back with the family sharing about being able to see angels all around him that do not let him out of their sight. It turns out he is quite clairvoyant. I think it was always there for him, only he chose to reveal it now. It is funny, because we think we know our family members when it comes to the mystical side, yet you would be surprised how much they hide that side. He wanted to know more about Dad, to compare himself to see how similar he was to him. That he, too, was held in the osmosis train. He thought about our oldest brother, Lee, wondering how and when Lee would come around. “Is there anything we can do to speed it up?” he wondered. Mom told him how Lee has been looking at my website, and he does not believe that I wrote everything on my site. “It is too good,” he said. “There is no way she is that smart. It must be plagiarism.” At first I was really hurt with this comment, but also in an indirect way it is a compliment.

I sent Forrest two of my poems, Illusion and My Death, because I felt they could be seen as a rap. He responded with a big “Wow! Never in a million years would I have imagined that my sister is the smartest person I know. I am so proud of you and am behind you 100%.”

I just can not believe how fast Forrest is coming into this and getting it. When he kept asking about Dad, I decided it was time to show him Dad’s book. After reading to him a little bit, he said it must be published and made us promise that while he was gone that we would work on it. Mom would be the interpreter because she was the only one who could read Dad’s writing. I am the scribe, and Steve was appointed the worker bee to help us in any way we need. He was now curious about Steve and what role he had in all this, but that right now is mystery to all of us.

I noticed that Forrest had got a new tattoo. It was a picture of dad and Melissa wearing crowns. I could not help but cry when I saw it. I told him that Dad once said how here on Earth in the third dimension he was a poor man, but in higher dimensions he and other people he knew were royalty–kings and queens. Forrest did not know why he decided to have them with crowns. It just came to him while he was getting the tattoo.

In the pictures on Facebook of our time together some people say Forrest looks very sad in them. I think he is feeling very badly about how he treated Dad before. Like me, he had been very harsh to dad. I very much understand how he feels. It is also hard for him to think of all the time he has spent lusting after money, power, and fame, and now he sees how ridiculous and stupid all those things are. But his situation is not that simple because he has built a life and friends around these desires. Having them now makes him feel so empty. What does all this matter? How is it helping the world with us lusting for and after such things? Now he is back in Toronto and still feels sad, even more so. He said he was happiest with his last visit to us. It was a highlight in his life. He wants to come back and stay with us for a whole week. (This is extremely rare with Forrest. On the last visit he had with us, the one I just wrote about, he was only here an hour.) He is passionate about finding himself through his family and making amends for the awful things said to Dad (boy, I understand that) by publishing his book. He says this is what we are meant to do.

Chapter 10: Where to next?

Well that’s it for this blog. Oh wait, I know you guys are wondering what travel plans do I have next? I am going to Spain this fall. I was invited to go to Barcelona and Madrid to speak at conference on science and spirituality that will be attended by over 600 people. Yikes, I better learn PowerPoint. This opportunity came about when some of my friends in Spain were reading my last blog when I mentioned how Forrest had invited me to come to the exopolitics conference in Spain. They were so excited, but as they continued reading the blog, they learned I would not be going. They decided to take matters into their own hands and find a way for me to come, and they did. I will also be going to England to see if I can have some tea with David Icke at his house, then maybe to Ireland and Scotland. I know I will be going to Germany for sure as well. I will be leaving near the end of September and will be gone for about two months.

It is also in the works for me to maybe come to Texas and even South America, but I am not sure on the dates yet.

Well, 2012 part 4 is finally up in two halves. The first half is called the Illuminati’s Plan for the Starseeds, and the second half is the The Hollow Earth & Its Core. I am the most proud of these videos, first for the content, which is first and foremost priority when I make them, and second for now knowing how to put pictures in my video. I had fun playing with that new knowledge and sharing my humour that way, too. Next I will play around with music in the background. Then I will start writing 2012 part 5.

Oh, in the first half part 2, 3:13 minutes in you can see this bright orange light fly behind me going towards me. I am not sure what it is. What do you guys get on it? Other projects include:

  • The “Matters of the Heart” blog, which is coming soon. I am so eager to just put that one out, finally.
  • And then there is a YouTube video on connecting with your guides. I will attempt it without reading anything.
  • A six hour YouTube video with the time traveler and teleported to Mars, Andrew.
  • Anastasia books read and recorded on YouTube.
  • Then there is an interview with my family members.
  • Chapter 11: The End of the Recession or is it?
  • I am not sure if you guys know what is going on in Zimbabwe, where there are people with wheel barrels of money that only buy one loaf of bread. Their money has no value there. I know we are told that the recession is over and everything seems to be good again, but I feel this might be a ploy to have people invest in stocks so they go really high and then drop low so that the world becomes like Zimbabwe. I am not being a bad news bear on this issue. Au contraire, I am a care bear. Here comes the stare! I share this because I know so many see this as a bad thing, but money never had value. The fact that we think it had value was an illusion. My brother Forrest is learning this really fast. I see this as another circle: money had no value in beginning and so this will be where we return to.
  • This reminds me so much of one of my poems I wrote called And it Rained. Or even what the Hopis share that soon people will find they can not eat money. Or that MacGyver episode called The Treasure of Manco, where the opposing force was upset to find that their treasure was not gold but seeds of all kinds of food. Why we are so afraid of going home and returning to what really matters? The things to come will push us to find a new way to live and be. So let’s give our creative energy to that instead.
  • Road to Avonlea TV series. I just finished it and fell in love with the characters Gus Pike and Hetty King. This show is so good and so peaceful and very clever, too.
  • A kid’s show made in Africa called Kirikou. I mentioned this one before. I fell in love with it all over again.
  • The movie Mr. Deeds. I love the end speech and how he spends his money.
  • Wargames stars a young Mathew Broderick. It has some very good thoughts on war and understanding probabilities, and strategies. It emphasizes one key observation.
  • A television movie by Terry Pratchett, The Colour of Magic, based on the first two books of the Discworld series. Steve and I love this one. This show is so original, and it has wonderful cinematography and clever excellent acting. I love the shots of the Discworld floating in space supported on the back of 4 elephants and under that is a giant turtle. The movie is Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter meets Monty Python.
  • Comedian Russell Peters’ Red White and Brown. This is a very intelligent comedian who unites the world in a special way. I am certain he is a light worker.


The strangest thing, it is now mid-morning, and I feel like I have this really bad hangover. My head is killing me. I feel like I got hit by a fertilizer truck, yet I did not drink even a drop of alcohol, while Steve, who was smashed last night, did not have a hangover at all this morning!  I have not had a hangover since four years ago. I did not know one could get a second hand hangover. No, I am not being funny. It is the truth, and I am so very sick right now. I cannot help but think about the many letters I get asking “how do you become more psychic, more sensitive?” and so forth. Here is an example of when it is not such a good thing to be so sensitive and immerse yourself in oneness consciousness: when people are in discomfort pain or stupidity, because you can get it right away, especially if you are close with the person. Usually, I am aware of this and can avert this, but not this time as I was not monitoring my energy.

I need to go to sleep now. My ear is hurting me, and I really miss hearing out of it. This is most ear-itating. I will leave you with the lyrics to my new favorite Jewel song. I really feel this is a song for everyone. It is about who we are, why we are here, our true value flowing through us, and our immortality. Oh, how this song makes me cry. Good night, my beautiful ones!

My Father’s Daughter

She stepped off of the boat to see flowers in his hands

The man she would marry was as hard as the mountains

She had his children in a one room log cabin

Soon I’d be another star in this families constellation (stars mirror us)

In the land of the midnight sun

Searching for gold

I am my father’s daughter

He has his mother’s eyes

I am the product of their sacrifice

I am the accumulation of the dreams of generations

And their stories live in me like holy water

I am my father’s daughter

My father raised me in a one room log cabin

And he sang for me the songs his mother sang for him

And honkey-tonks, and empty bars, just me and him

And that old guitar

He passed on a legacy wrapped up in a melody

That I carry on

Searching for gold

I am my father’s daughter

I have my Gramma’s eyes

I am the product of their sacrifice

I am the accumulation of the dreams of generations

And their stories live in me like holy water

I am my father’s daughter

And every time I step on stage

And the music finds me

I don’t need gold to remind me

I am my father’s daughter

I have my Gramma’s eyes

I am the product of such sacrifice

I am the accumulation of the dreams of generations

And their stories live in me like holy water

I am my father’s daughter

I am my father’s daughter


Author: Jessica Schab

Memoirs of a Former Mystic - Blogs I've written many blogs but the series about my time in Bali, Indonesia, when my radical changes took place, is what has garnered the most curiosity and acclaim. In it, I share everything about that process from beginning to end and in great detail, so that others can get to know me and better understand what I am about. My Bali Blog series is an exploration of my own personal confusion towards rational thinking that has helped myself and others to see our own cognitive dissonance. It exposes the many things that we hide from ourselves and why. ​I highly suggest to read the blogs in order, from part 1 to 5. Otherwise, it will be hard to understand the content. I myself am shocked to realize that I had no idea how conditioned and problematic my spiritual beliefs were until I wrote these blogs; how they affected every aspect of my life and created so many unnecessary problems, making me so afraid to even dare to think or imagine my life and who I was without them. I can see now the contradictions I had to want to understand, watching these elements fight within me, planting mine fields of self-destruction in my mind when I forced myself to think without spiritual beliefs that acted like a drug for me, often times taking over my mind and thinking for me. How could I get myself to stop protecting these beliefs? Such a question led me to understand why others are so keen to choose irrationality instead of logic when it comes to their ideologies. It's one of the many reasons that led to me speaking up about why I am so concerned about this movement and the dangers of these beliefs. I would describe my changes as a massive tidal wave; a tsunami sweeping me and everything I was familiar with away. I honestly do not think I would have made it had I not learned how to surf my psyche. You would think the tidal wave would be the worst of it, right? So did I. I can say it’s not the case. You can ask people who have experienced a massive tsunami or any natural disaster and they will tell you the worst part is actually the aftermath; dealing with the dramatic shift, and in my case the psychological changes. How does one go on after something like that? What next? It’s not like one can go back to how things used to be and forget it ever happened; the experience echoes in your bones. It’s futile and insane to rebuild the old and familiar in your psyche and to encourage former hopes and beliefs. Especially because it often is what beckoned and fuelled the tsunami to begin with. When you get to the root, you must start completely new so as not to recreate the past. ​Ha! Easier said than done! So, these blogs are also an invitation and challenge to detect what is confusion and what is fact. To have people ask themselves: Are my beliefs thinking for me? It becomes more apparent and easier to pinpoint and reduce one's conditioned thinking when one finishes the whole series in order. Then, one can see their own results on how they scored with detecting and exploring their own cognitive biases.​ Best of luck. ​Enjoy and please let me know what you think :-)

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