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Chapter 1: The Never-Ending Story 

Again it feels like a long time since I last wrote to everyone. I think I said that before, too, but this time it feels like a year or something. Now I know I could just write my blogs as things are happening, and perhaps that would be a good habit to get into for next time. I do not do this is because I like to first experience it all so I can see the patterns and understand how things went and what it all means. 

But by sharing as it occurs, then you guys can play a fun game of find-the-patterns, too, and if you guys are able to do this with my life, then surely you can do this with your life as well. This is important because life has its own language, and once you become fluent in it, you will never feel lost or alone or feel that life is against you. Life is conspiring all the time to shower you with unexpected blessings, gifts, and experiences, but if you do not know how to interpret your life, then one can feel trapped. 

What is so neat is that more and more people are recognizing “the pattern” and are going out on a so-seeming limb and writing to me that they starting to partake in the “never-ending story.” By this phrase, I am referring to this trip’s theme. The people who are responsible for bringing me to Spain, Jorge and Ana, have been reading and printing out all of my blogs. The pile they showed me was pretty thick. 

When I got to Spain, they said, “How cool is it that we were reading about you, and now you’re here, Jess, we will now be in your blog?” Funny thing is, before leaving for Europe, I did watch the movie, The NeverEnding Story. (I have a thing for old VHS kids’ shows. I go to the thrift store and see what I can find. I get so excited about cheap old VHS video cassette movies.) 

This movie is about a kid who is reading a book and feeling so much for the characters as he follows everything going on in their lives. His passion for the characters and their parallels are so strong that it echoes out into the realm of the characters. They know he will find a way to make it into their story and help them and the world to make things right again. They know that he will save them from the lack of belief that is threatening their world’s demise. They need each other, and they both complement and are a part of the story. However, it really is a story within a story within a story, all intertwined and connected and related in some special way that we can only discover by following the feeling call of the heart. 

This is why my most favorite thing to do is meeting as many of you as I can in person. It is not just about the soul family reunion or you picking my brain, nor is it about my being excited to learn your views of the world rather than hearing myself all the time. It is about seeing how our stories intertwine like DNA or like a tapestry of grandeur and epic beauty. It is really funny to think that if I would have met some of you ten years ago, we would not really have connected at all, but now here we are, and we recognize the pattern so well and are so taken by the parallels and the mirroring of it all. 

Some of you might recall that in my last blog I explained how my trip to Europe came about. It was because of a family who, after learning I was like a rock star in Spain, felt it would be good to have me invited to Spain as a conference speaker and get the opportunity to meet me as well. Jorge and Ana knew somehow we would meet, but they did not wait for it to happen. They made it happen. They did not know why we needed to meet, just that we should. We both thought I was going to Spain to speak at a conference, but the universe is a tricky one. It likes to make you think lots of things, but it has so much more in store that it likes to surprise you with. This trip was a huge example of this. Each trip, each job, each relationship I have seems to have some major foreshadowing going on–you know, like what I am doing right now as I write this blog can also be seen as teasing or building on the suspense. Now on with my trip. 


Chapter 2: My Flight to Europe  

On my flight to Europe, I sat next to these two Turkish men who slept the whole time. They were not easy to wake up, so when nature called, I had to strategize how I would get there. I decided to stand up and walk on the hand rests, hopping over both of them and getting to my destination. I did the same thing to get back to my seat. They snored loudly and fell onto my lap a few times. They even drooled in their sleep.  

I knew that I was not going to get any sleep on this flight, so I decided to watch some videos. That is where I got into the Ryan’s Well documentary. I shared this in the previous blog that got deleted when my server got hacked into. (I lost a couple months of work as a result of this attack. It was not just my site that was hacked, but others’ sites as well, so it is not a personal attack or anything.) The other show I watched and recommend was the 2008 movie Slumdog Millionaire, even though there are some rather disturbing parts. 

Somehow I managed to survive this flight very sleep deprived. I did not get much sleep the night before because I tend to do lots of work before I leave anywhere. I get this burst of energy and end up getting only 3 hours of sleep. So when we landed, I felt like taking an 80 hour nap, but as I was heading to baggage claim, a man approached me. He told me how he watched me hop over those men, and he found it very funny and ingenious. I was like, “Well, you know, when you have to go you have to go.” And that is how our conversation started. 

It turns out the man was also from Vancouver, Canada, and he is a producer for movies like Fantastic 4 and X-Men and was in London to film The A-Team. I told him I worked on Fantastic 4 and that I think most of these kinds of movies are rather patronizing. Now some of you would think this is ballsy saying this to a producer, but I am no ass-kisser to these people. They shove crap into a machine and out comes a movie. He was not insulted at all; in fact, he very much agreed with me and said, “I am not sure why I do these kinds of movies, either.” 

I took this as a chance to ask him about what kind of movies he wanted to produce or what he would rather be doing. He got really excited about this question, but we were heading to customs and had to exchange information and make plans to talk another time. He said that he was familiar with all the other countries I would be going to, and if I got stranded for whatever reason, to let him know and he would make sure someone took care of me. 

We did not get to meet in Europe, so we made plans to meet up when I got back to Canada. I find this of value to mention because he was really into the things I am about, and he was eager to do more and perhaps produce projects on my ideas. I learned about this when he saw my facebook and discovered what I was about. I thought I scared him off with my weirdness, but he confessed he felt the same way and was so glad to know he was not alone. I found this chance meeting a pretty neat way to start my trip.


Chapter 3: The Family of A Coruña, Spain  

I was picked up at a tiny airport in A Coruña, Spain, by Jorge. (A Coruña is also called La Coruña.) I stayed with Jorge and his wife, Ana, for the duration of my trip in Spain. They were wonderful hosts, and we all had an instant connection. Ana helped me with my PowerPoint presentation and many other things. She is just lovely and really in tune with the Goddess energy. Jorge was my translator and manager of my time in Spain. They have two young boys ages 2 and 7. 

The 2 year old, Norbert, was a powerful one. He had a military-general feel to him or perhaps that of a powerful priest. He exuded the energy of a strong leader. When I went into his room to see how he was doing, he had a certain book out as though he were expecting me, and he started teaching me Spanish. He would point to a picture and say the word, and I would have to repeat it. He would not let me move on until I said the word correctly. Then I said the word in English and he said the word in English correctly. What is it about kids that can make you feel so dumb sometimes? 

The 7 year old Gabriel was whole different person. He was softer, gentler, and very sensitive–very much like his father. His passion was for animals. This is the main focal point I am finding with the new kids I am meeting. Most of them say their mission is helping animals. Ana told me that when Gabriel was conceived and in her belly, she instantly found a great aversion towards meat and meat derivatives.  (She had been vegetarian for 19 years, but she had not previously found the smell and the look of meat that disgusting).  After Gabriel’s conception, the very smell of it made her sick, and there was no way she could be near it. 

I find this interesting. What this tells me is that when one is pregnant, the strange cravings are the child’s soul speaking to the mother’s body and mind. This also shows that babies are very aware of the food here on Earth and what is good for their mission and what is not. There is even information I have come across that certain foods the mother is craving can determine the sex of the child. So the child is gauging its own sex that it will incarnate as. This shows the major intelligence of the child right at entrance to the womb. 

Ana would tell me the first time a relative made an attempt to feed him meat when he was about 2 years old. Gabriel instantly knew what it was and spit it out. Now if you never ate meat before, how would you know what it was? I feel this has to do with the energy and how sensitive kids are. 

Another interesting side-note about Gabriel is that when he was a baby, he was doing these funny things with his hands. It was not until we all sat down at the dinner table that I saw him get this millions-of-miles-away look in his eyes, and he started doing funny things with his hands. The gestures he was doing with his hands are called mudras, and this is something that monks and lamas do. Here is the definition of mudra I found in Wikipedia: 

A mudra (Sanskrit:  lit. “seal”) is a symbolic or ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. While some mudras involve the entire body, most are performed with the hands and fingers. A mudra is a spiritual gesture and an energetic seal of authenticity employed in the iconography and spiritual practice of Indian religions and traditions of Dharma and Taoism. A brain research paper published in the National Academy of Sciences in November, 2009 demonstrated that hand gestures stimulate the same regions of the brain as language.” 

I wonder, is this the original spiritual sign language? To get a better idea of what mudras look like, you can find more pictures of them here and here

Now back to Gabriel. “OK,” I said to Gabriel. “You love animals. I see that, but how are you here to help the animals and in what way?” I asked him. Gabriel responded that he was here to help and witness the time coming when animals and humans will no longer harm one another, nor will animals harm other animals. There will no longer be this “survival of the fittest” mentality in the animal world anymore. 

This comment sent me reeling, as it was major confirmation for me. Is this not what Anastasia speaks about and demonstrates by how she lives with wild animals? Then there is Tippi whom I have shared about on my site, the girl who lives just like Anastasia does with wild animals. She can even swim in crocodile-infested water and then jump on a croc’s back and not be harmed at all. You can look her up on YouTube if you like. Even Akiane paints and writes about wild animals living in peace with people in the new world. 

So this has me wondering–is this also what Dad meant, why it is such an exciting time to be alive? Is this what the story in Genesis meant when it talked about how humans and animals once lived in harmony? Then there is the bit in Isaiah 11:6 where it says, “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.” Perhaps this statement is not metaphorical at all. Perhaps these animals will one day live together in peace. We are seeing this now. It is not some fantasy. It will indeed be our reality and the kids know it. 

Little Gabriel has a difficult time going out in town because he sees animal carcasses everywhere. I liked that his parents did not lie to him when he asked about the lobsters in the tank and why they were kept there. What this did was make little Gabriel more determined to one day free the animals because even just seeing or hearing about animals in captivity bothers him. 

The first time I went grocery shopping in Spain, Ana said, “Oh Jess, I know you’re not a vegetarian. It must be hard on you to eat what we are eating.” (Yes, it was true. I have to admit the food in Spain is strange to me anyway, and it takes a bit to get used to. Simple things like ketchup are not easy to find. If you try to explain it to someone, they will give you tomato soup or some spicy jam.) Ana went on: “We know you’re not used to it, so you can get whatever you like, even meat.” I thought about it for a bit, and I said, “No I cannot. I just told your son that I understand him and believe him. He now looks up to me, so if I turn around and eat meat in front of him, it will really hurt him and maybe he will go back to how he was because he would see first hand that I really do not understand.” 

If someone looks up to you, then you have a responsibility to be an example. I cannot just say I understand and then go and do the opposite. I must show by my example. Every parent should do the same. After all, we are facilitators and role models for our children. I am not saying that everyone needs to become a vegetarian now. I feel that these things will happen naturally when it feels right for people. If we want this world that so many people are alluding to, including Anastasia, then we have to help midwife its birth, which was the theme I selected for the Barcelona conference. I have a picture of a woman pregnant with the Earth, much like a poem I wrote called Birth

Oh, there is another family member there I want to talk about, a snobby Siamese cat whom I will refer to as “Meow Face.” (Note: in asking permission to use everyone’s name in my blog, the only one who was not cool with it was the cat, so I will call her Meow Face so she knows that her identity is safe with me.) When I first came to this house, this cat was only eating the most expensive food. If she was given cheap food, she would turn up her nose and refuse to eat it. She also was kind of wild and had no qualms about ripping people up. There was not much warmth in this one. 

But you see, my hands know how to speak to cats. Just as there is my “Jessage” for people, there is also my “catssage,” a type of massage that really calms and comforts cats like Meow Face to feel safe and secure. I would do this for “da puddy” every time I saw her. As for the food, I would tell the family about changing the energy matrix of the food. It is what I do with my food all the time. I said they could do the same thing with her and she would never know the difference. They could go ahead and buy her cheap food and change the matrix of it so it is like the expensive food. When I returned a couple weeks later, I learned that Meow Face was more loving and gentle. She was now more inclined to snuggle and had been eating cheap cat food since and still is.


Chapter 4: The Water Blessing 

Shortly after that, I spoke at a water blessing, which was where I shared my message but laced it with water themes. Well, I think I could be given any topic and tie it into my message, and water was an easy one. I have done many poems on this subject like Water, Oh Little Rain Droplet, and so forth. It was suggested that I use PowerPoint for this presentation. This is where Ana showed me how to use it, and we made this cute little presentation that was about 30 minutes long, the amount of time I was given. I was told that this would only be a little presentation and that there would not be many people, so I dressed casually. 

When I arrived at the conference, I saw there were about 100 people, and I started to get nervous. I did not even bring a brush, my hair was messy, and I started to sweat profusely. Oh crap, I did not even bring a B.O stick! I saw there was some scientist speaking who had all these complex diagrams. “Oh no, what have I got myself into?” I recall thinking. Well, at least it was in Spanish, so if I did mess up, no one would know. It would be up to Jorge, my translator, to explain my brain. 

But even Jorge was nervous. It was his first time speaking to many people, too, and this was only my second time speaking in public. The last time I spoke was a total stinker, but not literally so, thank heavens. There were a few people who left in the beginning, which is something I have to accept. It happens. The rest of the people had poker faces on them, so it was impossible to read what they thought of my presentation. The audience was of all ages from 7 to 70. Some older ones were falling asleep. 

So when I finished, I was surprised to find that I got a standing ovation! The whole audience lined up to hug me with tears in their eyes, asking, “When can we see you again?” It was an emotional moment for me as well because I could not believe the response or that I actually did it. Within me, something felt so right. I felt this peace, comfort, and satisfaction inside. Best of all, I felt my dad and sister nearby. Perhaps it was feeling that they are so proud that gave me this feeling. 

As an aside, speaking of my dad and sister, I learned through a spiritually-gifted woman in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Rene Avery, that my so-called deceased dad is very much alive in another dimension or on another planet and is having a nice, relaxing life as an artistic painter. Also, my sister Melissa has incarnated back on Earth and is living in the Midwestern part of the USA. She is about 3 years old now, and she loves to sing and dance. We have made plans to meet up again. When I said this, Melissa responded, “It’s a date!” 

These conversations were made possible by Rene’s special “messenger” gifts. With her, it’s like using a cosmic, multidimensional telephone where you just think about the person you wish to speak to and Rene, acting as an operator, says “One moment, please.” Then she “patches” you in to the other person, and you can literally start conversing with them. You ask the other person a question, and Rene hears their response in spirit and relays it to you. I feel this kind of communication will be a common thing for people soon. Imagine no more grief over loved ones who have transitioned to the other side! 

Getting back to my talk, it had me reeling. Could I actually get through to the world? If one falls in love with the world, will the world return that love? Is this enough to heal and change the world? I gave all my well-wishers warm embraces laced in grace, making sure to hug everyone no matter how tired I was or how sore my arms were. I was determined to hold them all to comfort and nurture them with all my being. 

Afterwards, I was so tired I went for a very long rest, feeling more confident with myself, my message, and my work than ever before. It did not matter to the people that my hair was messy or that I had no makeup. They liked me for me. I recall before how I would be so baffled that my guides could be so certain all the time, so confident that everything would be OK. Where was the evidence of such things in my life? I was curious about what they knew that I did not, and I really wanted to view the world as they do. Perhaps that is why I was taught it is always passion and curiosity that are the greatest driving forces of our wonder and our potential. 

There was no video recording of this presentation, unfortunately, but we did manage to get the audio. I will try to get that up as soon as I can. I will just add it to the Indiana Jones ball of things to do that will eventually start chasing after me, threatening to squish me with the weight of responsibility and upkeep. 

The people who were responsible for putting the water blessing conference together were so happy with me they spoke about the possibility of my giving a presentation in France, and one of them would gladly be my translator there. 

Jorge’s family and I were driving back from the water blessing, and Gabriel asked me what he should do about the beings who are telling him to do bad things. He says he never listens to them, but he is scared of them. I told him to think of a balloon that one blows up but does not tie up, but instead releases so it makes farting noises across the room. “Well,” I said, “Just put this being in this balloon and let it go farting across the room.” Gabriel started laughing at the idea that his laughter would remove the being right away. 

This approach works the same way as a scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where they had this creature, a boggart, who takes on the form of the kid’s worst fear. The best way to handle this being is a spell called Riddikulus. When one kid thought of his fear of a giant spider and then said the word Riddikulus, the giant spider then found itself on roller skates and could not stand. The kids laughed and it disappeared. The entity was totally disempowered. 

I did manage to spend some time exploring the Galacian land of A Coruña, which is just gorgeous. I loved the skies at sunset the best. They had the loveliest plethora of colors you could ever imagine. Some roads are so narrow I am not sure how we were able to drive on them. An interesting thing about this place is that they have a tower where the giant Geryon was buried. (Geryon was killed by Hercules, sometimes called Heracles, as one of his ten labors.) Well, that is strange. I thought this story was a myth! That place is just is one more tick to my suspicion that all fairy tales, myths, legends, and science fiction fantasies are based in truth. Perhaps they are our most accurate records of history we have that have not been tampered with because we do not recall our magic and what life is really about.


Chapter 5: Germany  

Ana and I decided to go to Germany for this business meeting about “LightBeings essences” products for my website. I did not know much about the products. I just trusted her judgment. After all, the Anastasia “Ringing Cedars” people said that I needed ten products in order to be able to sell the Anastasia books and cedars on my website. I also thought it would be a neat way to help the awesome people who were assisting me so much. Moreover, I felt this would be in line with my desire to create a spiritual employment center. 

How did the chance to go to Germany come about? The creators of the LightBeings essences, Dr. Petra Schneider and Gerhard K. Pieroth, were interested in meeting Ana and I. This meeting was a business meeting and my first one at that. We went to Frankfurt and were only there for two and half days, but as soon as I got there, I felt the change of vibe and I rather liked it. There was something curious about the energy. I could not put my finger on it, and I was keen on further exploring what it was. 

Maybe it was not the vibe. Perhaps it was the men, or maybe it was the way they approached me, they way the spoke, and how they looked. It was nice to feel like a giddy girl who could only blush as a response because somehow I lost my words and my brain. Hey, star child or not, it is nice to know I am like any girl. I enjoy the sights, but I never stay there in thought because the soul and color lightshow dance around the body electric is always far more attractive and mind bending. Or maybe this is something telling me I might be getting close to being ready for having my own family. 

Alright, now back to the Petra and Gerhard. They invited us to dinner, and it was a very joyous one. They are very lovely and good-humored people. We kept laughing with them, but at the same time we had in-depth talks with them about spirituality and humanity. Petra and Gerhard gave us the royal treatment, for which we are very grateful. 

The business meeting went very well even though I am not much a product person. I do not really need many things, but other people do need things that help them. The LightBeings essences do have an effect right away, and I am happy about seeing the result this product has on others. I just care about helping others, and just because I am not personally oriented towards many commercial products does not mean that others need to feel the same way. 

There was talk about going to Germany to give a talk because Jorge and Ana used to live in Germany. (Jorge is German.) They think it would be interesting to set up a conference there and see how the Germans, wonderful people who may initially appear a little chilly to outsiders, would react to my warm embraces laced in grace.


Chapter 6: Sweden  

On my way flying out from A Coruña to London, right before boarding the plane, I was singing softly under my breath. The men behind me heard me and started singing out loud “Heaven, I’m in Heaven.” (These lyrics are from the old Frank Sinatra song Cheek To Cheek. I first heard this song from the dances held at the retirement center I used to volunteer at when I was 14. I was so fascinated by the elderly.) 

When I heard the men singing, I responded at first really coyly, then much louder with the next part to the song: “And my heart beats–so that I can hardly speak–and I seem to find–the happiness I seek–when we’re out together–dancing cheek to cheek.” Then we all started to sing together on the plane and for over half the trip. I love doing things like this because it can help people open up more, to just be spontaneous and off-the-cuff, though these guys had some extra help with a good amount of liquid courage. I think they asked me about 20 times if they could buy me a drink. I finally said, “Yes, but I will have water,” and for some reason, they forgot and the water never came. 

Shortly after, I caught my flight to Sweden. I recall it being pretty cold there as Canada can be in the fall and winter. At first, I was not going to go to Sweden. It was an expensive flight and farther away, but my friends there were persistent with my coming, so they all pitched in to pay for my flight. My time would be split up between two of my friends who did not know each other until I introduced them. That is what I love doing, helping others find like minds and like hearts in their neighborhood. While there, I had a few people contact me from Sweden who had no idea I was there, so I surprised them by saying, “Hey, let’s meet up.” 

What is also interesting about traveling all over and seeing new countries is the various ways the people are repressed. It seems like each country has its own program. Sweden, for example, has most of the people very shut off and fully doing whatever their government says. I recall seeing big posters saying, “When can I get my vaccine?” It seems there is no questioning the powers-that-be here. 

Also, the people were not responsive to things like smiles and hellos, which was hard for me, but that did not deter me. Surely, someone would respond and come out of their zombie state. Clearly, this would be a challenge, and I would have to strategize here, so I found any excuse to talk to someone–if they had a dog or baby or whatever. I wanted to find any reason to make small talk so I could look in their eyes and converse with their soul, which seemed to work. For example, there was this one old woman and I asked her for directions. She melted right before my eyes. I saw her look at me with such love. She was not even aware that she lost all her words, and she just stared at me with recognition. She only came back when her friend said, “Come on, it is time to go now.” That was a real magical moment. 

I think Sweden will be OK. All it needs is some TLC and some key people to make a major ripple there. I learned that David Icke was giving a talk in Gothenburg, Sweden, while I was there. Now what are the chances we would be in the same country at the same time? I did learn there is a David Icke movement in Sweden and the popular Internet radio show Red Ice Creations comes from there. Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice Creations interviewed my friend, Andrew Basiago. Andrew wrote a letter to Henrik to get me on his show, but we never heard back from him. I am not sure why. Maybe I was to write them back or something. I will have to add that to my Indiana Jones, ever-expanding to-do list. 

Oh, and speaking of Andrew Basiago, he was recently interviewed on the popular Coast to Coast AM radio show, which is incredible knowing that there was a time when no one would interview him. I am proud that I helped get him out there in front of the public. Now who is next that I can do this for? 

Alright, back to Sweden. There was this real neat old heritage house I got to visit called the Hanna House. The place belonged to the parents of my friend, Liz. They had it as a church, but Liz wanted to do much more with it. Her parents did not really understand what she was about. There was stagnation when it came to change and trying new things, which was interesting because the Hanna House was haunted by a female ghost who felt the exactly the same way. That is why she was not moving on to the next level. 

I wondered if I could get the ghost to move on, and if that would magically give the parents a change of heart. That night I gave a small presentation, but I’m not keen on talks just being about me, so I encouraged others to share their dreams for the world and ideas on how to bring it about. In the middle of this conversation, the parents came in to listen and partake. I found ways to help them understand by discussing examples from Christianity. When it came time for the parents to speak about their dreams, the father spoke about how he dreamed that the Hanna House would be a place to bring others together and how today his dream had come true. He was emotional while saying this. I also met some lovely star people there who are helping Sweden turn the tide. 

I spent that night at the Hanna House. I decided I would talk with this ghost, which was not easy because she was a busy one, like an old-fashioned woman for whom there was always work to be done. I was not sure if I should schedule an appointment or something. It took me about half the night to convince her to move on. I tried to tell her how change can be a good thing and how it is not so bad to move on. That did not work, so I brought her spirit-realm loved ones in to tell her how nice crossing over was. That did not work. I showed her videos of life options she could have. That did not work, so I then said, “Do you recall how happy you were when you first came here? I bet you were even stubborn to come here in the first place because it was an uncertain change; however, you did come and you loved it so much! Wouldn’t it be nice to give that joy to the others living here?” That worked, and into the light she went. I wonder where on my psychic résumé I acquired Ghost Negotiation 101? 

Then there was the matter of the doves at the Hanna House. There were some very unhappy doves there that were neglected and losing some of their feathers, but that story ties into my next Swedish adventure. Bear with me a while and I will return to the doves! 

After visiting Liz and her family, it was time to meet my other friends, who happened to be a family from Columbia. So tell me, what are the chances of going to Sweden and staying with more Spanish-speaking people? I really enjoyed this family. They are stunningly beautiful people, but there was a rift occurring with certain family members due to a lack of communication. This pattern caused major frustration, which led to allegation and later alienation. So I sat down with each member of the family to see where they were coming from and what they felt the problem was. Somehow I found myself doing family counseling, and the intervention worked. 

It was not that I saved the day–everyone did. I want to clarify here when I share these stories. I am not trying to make myself hyped up or anything. Momma Bear always says, “Do not toot your own horn.” It means not to talk about yourself, saying you did this or that good thing. Momma Bear always says you should let others sing your praises, and I think this is good advice. This is why I would rather confirm than say fully what I have done; it is nice to be anonymous when it comes to dispensing good deeds like a pez candy dispenser. 

I am saying this because I was getting annoyed with myself, and I started seeing how this could be seen as bragging, so I want others to know it was really a team effort. There was some good synergy that made all the magic happen. Everyone was open and willing to work on themselves. They became aware of their own patterns and changed them. My role was just to be the facilitator of all this. When you think about it, the fairy godmother didn’t do much. She did not make the prince fall for Cinderella, who did that just by being herself. All the fairy godmother did was show Cinderella what she had and help her believe in herself again. That’s all I really did. I have heard that everyone is an addict for one thing or another, so why not be an addict for kindness and giving all one’s energy and time in doing everything you can to help others? 

I did do some Jessage healing, which somehow took away some of the physical pain for everyone in that family. This result was satisfying because I was beginning to feel like a hack as a healer. Truthfully, there have been a few people whom I could not heal. I am happy to hear that the family is doing much better, which is really important to me. I want people to know how important family is and how we should appreciate each other. You never know when you will not see family members again. It seems that this is my new thing, bringing families together. I am helping parents understand their kids and kids understand their parents. 

Intervening to heal families is my form of time travel, which sounds a bit odd, but let me explain. I enjoy sharing the perspective that the Greys are like an old man with throat cancer speaking to elementary school kids saying, “Please do not smoke or you will end up like me.” Just as the old man is using his experience to warn the children, so the Greys are returning and warning humans about not taking the evolutionary path they took, a path that left them devoid of normal emotions. I feel that by meeting and healing people who are not able to get along with family members, I can prevent the situation from getting so bad that they say something they later regret. I wish that someone from the future would have done that for me before it was too late with my sister and my father. 

This particular family was very sweet. They were meat eaters but went out of the way to make vegetarian meals for me. I could tell that they did not enjoy this change because at the next dinner there were two kinds of meals: veggie and non-veggie. 

I also had fun figuring out new ways to make everyone smile, not just the family but strangers as well. Good thing I was gifted a bag of small, cheap animal figurines at some church thrift store. I had fun leaving them in random places at the grocery store. I put a little pink Indian in the peas, and he was buried about from the waist down. I put a polar bear on some plastic-wrapped fish and a loin on the grocery till, which did get the Debbie Downers to smile. Yes, success! 

This family loved birds and had a number of them. Perfect! More birds to bond with. There was a lovely green parrot that was able to speak in Swedish, Spanish, and English. Wow, and here I am only able to speak English but just barely. This parrot also fancied my cedar pendant and managed to take a good chunk out of it. Now my cedar has even more character. I have some pictures on facebook of the parrot interacting and bonding with me and vice versa. 

I did receive a Spanish lesson while I was with this family. It so happens that the father taught Spanish in school, and he gave me the basics. I learned my vowels and counting, but counting I already knew from the song Pretty Fly (for a White Guy), which is one of those punk rock songs that hijack your mind and show up randomly when you least expect it. You just find yourself singing it. I wanted to learn some Spanish so I could say just a few of my key quotes. I thought that would be cool. I think that is one of the best compliments one can give to friends in other countries is attempting to speak their language. Right now, I am listening to the Spanish version of Disney’s The Little Mermaid – Part of Your World, but I think I like the Hebrew one better because the voice sounds nicer. No matter what language this song is sung in, I just love it. 

Now let me return to the story of the Hanna House doves. It turns out that these doves were let go and given to this second Swedish family, and from the pictures I have seen, the doves are so happy now. Their feathers have even grown back! 

Near the end of my stay in Sweden, I was invited to Norway and Denmark to speak, but I had run out of time and asked for a rain check. I looked at a map to see how close everything was, and I found that I was not far from Russia at all. Oh my! I was so close to Anastasia! I did contemplate going up there, but instead I encouraged the family to get the Anastasia books, which they did. They later wrote to me, thanking them for recommending the books to them.


Chapter 7: England  

I had about three weeks in London, and at first I stayed with newlyweds. One of them was—yes, you guessed it—Spanish Columbian. His name was Nando, and his Vietnamese wife’s name was Klaudea. I had been in touch with this couple here and there on Skype. Then one day, unexpectedly, I got an e-mail from them saying that they were planning a trip around the world, and they wanted me to come with them. Well, of course I said yes, but then I got a “knock-knock” on my psychic door. It was a baby who wished to incarnate to that couple. The baby said, “Tell them not to book the trip. They will have to cancel. I will be coming a lot sooner than they planned.” 

So when I arrived in London, I asked this couple, “Of all the people they could travel the world with, why me?”  They told me about their newlywed status and the baby, and then they said, “You were right, Jessica.” I found this funny because I talk to so many people about so many different things that I did not even remember the conversation. At the time, Klaudea was about three months into the pregnancy. This couple was really keen on learning all they could from me, but I am not one to be able to sit down and teach. 

I am not the workshop type. I doubt that I will ever give workshops because most of what I do I am not so sure how I do it! These skills just come to me, and what many consider to be so hard and perplexing are so easy for me. Then again, there are things that others find so easy that I still struggle with like math, organization, details, and sentence structure. To just say that something is easy can be as annoying as asking someone to teach you how to do something on the computer. Then they just take the whole computer over and say “it is so easy,” and they do it real fast, and you’re like, “Yes, easy for you, but what did you do?” I do not like it when people do that to me. I think, though, when it comes to doing the things I do, I just made it up. I told myself I could do it and so I was able to. I think we all have a unique way of learning and teaching ourselves. We need to play around and see what works best for us. What works for me may not work for others. 

This couple was really keen on knowing exactly how such things are done and are writing a workbook on laying out steps. The book is really neat. It gives you loads of homework and has you read nine other books, and if this book takes off like Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now, then Nando and Klaudea are in good company with other highly-promoted authors. The book is full of homework because they have a major collection of information on all kinds of things and what are they going to do with it on their own. They have not been intellectual and spiritual pack rats for nothing. They knew there would come a time when they would open their library to the world. 

Some things they showed me were pretty neat like Carolyn Myss or the Vipassana meditations that get conducted in prisons in India and in U.S. maximum security prisons. It was incredible to listen to the prisoners talk before and after the meditation sessions. One story that stands out the most to me is about a prisoner who was there for a very gruesome crime of murder. Later on, he was informed that his daughter had been brutally murdered. When he was asked, “Are you sad about this?” he said, “Sure I am, but I am more saddened for this man who did this to my daughter. I see now that although I lost my daughter, I have gained a son. How lost and hurt must this man must have been to do something like that. I recall being there.” I find this statement really incredible. He was so gentle and loving. Now why that is so important is because it brings hope to ones who say that the world is a lost cause. There is so much hope in this world. I will not rest until others see that. I plan to take everything that upsets people about the world and show them there is still hope. Look, this is where and how and why. 

I spent a good deal of my time trying to meet with as many as my London contacts as I could. Frankly, I met with too many to be able to write about them all. Sometimes my friends and I would go out to visit others, and sometimes the others would come and visit me. 

In exploring this country, I can say so far it is the craziest place I have ever been to, and in many ways it is worse than the United States. The energy was very dense dank and dismal, or maybe it seemed that way because I spent so much time riding in the Tube. Once I heard that part of the Tube had to be shut down because of a body on the track. This seems to be an ideal way for people to commit suicide here, and it happens often. Then there was the time I was going up an escalator, and a man had a heart attack and fell to the bottom of the steep, narrow escalators. Or maybe it was that time I was on the Tube and this guy assumed a position that everyone knew and all moved to the other side of the Tube as he vomited all over the floor. It seemed there was always something happening in this place. 

I couldn’t believe how old Gotham City was. It could very well have been just one giant ghost. London reminded me of this old, old woman who has had one too many facelifts. I say this because though everything was old, newer commercial buildings like MacDonald’s and so forth were everywhere. Ancient churches were turned into bars and rock concert halls. There is loads of chaotic energy in London, too much for me. I am sure I could never live there, but it is important to see the country that acts as a fat octopus with her tentacles stretched across the face of the Earth. 

You have to ask yourself, why this place? Is this a major root that needs to be explored and understood? Many tourists come to see Big Ben, the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. It is in this building, the seat of the House of Lords and the House of Commons, where most decisions are made that repress and terrorize the world. Was it here that it was decided that British people’s tax dollars would go to bombing people in other countries? Is there a clever way to not partake in paying taxes without going to jail? 

I did meet someone who was working on just that topic. His name was Chris Coverdale from Make Wars History. I have a video of his on my “favorites” YouTube channel. I met this Chris at this facebook reality group meeting. It was kind of fun to just show up and meet the members. But it turned out I was the one who was surprised because Charlie Torres Veitch showed up. 

Now I knew about Charlie’s videos about a few weeks before I left for Europe. I looked him up on facebook only to find I was already friends with him, so I wrote to him. It turns out that he knew of me and my work as well. Since I knew I was heading out to London soon, I made plans to meet up. I wanted to encourage him more and see if he was interested in my promoting him or getting him to other countries to do his thing, or perhaps I could hook him up with others to expand his team. 

Charlie and I hung out about five times in all on my trip to London. The first time was for tea in a park. The second time was at the reality group meeting, but that was brief. The third time was to explore London and then to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I am doing a write-up on this movie because it is a really strange but important movie for people to understand because it is so coded. It’s interesting that most of the movie was done in London except the final part that was shot in Vancouver, Canada.

The fourth time I was with Charlie was on the Isle of Wight. Now for those of you who do not know, David Icke lives on that island. This opportunity came up because I was planning to go there on my own and just pop by to see David. I was given his address by a friend I met at the reality group who had just shown up at David’s house one day and David invited him in for a chat. Not surprisingly, David Icke is a very talkative man. The next thing I did was check with my contacts to see if they knew if David would be home or if he was touring. It is funny how many synchronicities I had with David Icke on this trip. When I was in Sweden so was he, and he was in London the same time I was. Then right before I went to Ireland, he wrote an article about the Lisbon Treaty, the European Union, and the Irish ratification vote. I did write David’s assistant about popping by to see him. She told me that he was writing his book right now and that maybe I should not come over just yet but maybe later. 

When I told Charlie this, he told me how he knows that David has seen his videos and is a real fan of his stuff. He is even in contact with David Icke’s son and says how he likes Charlie’s videos and that it would be good if he came by as well. David might be more inclined to talk with us if his son were there. I had to agree that would be a good idea, plus Charlie knows how to get around in this crazy city better than I do. And besides, if it turned out that David wasn’t there, then we would just make a special video for David. I suggested that since David is a fan of Charlie’s work, David would surely see this video. I would then have a much better chance because he would be more interested in meeting up with us. For those of you who have not seen our YouTube video adventure to Isle of Wight, “Inward Infinity and the Hunt for David Icke,” you may see it here. Now I am not too proud of this video because I did not say much, and I’m not really sure why. Others have told me they enjoy the film because they found Charlie’s bullhorn routines in public places quite courageous and hilarious. 

Because of this video, a lot of people thought that Charlie and I were dating. There is a part in this video where I am reading comments from people saying they heard that Charlie and I were hanging out. The comments were from girls saying that I better not break Charlie’s heart. Well, I can tell you all here that Charlie and I are not “together” or dating or anything. We are just friends. We are just not right for each other. It seems every time there is a guy in my pictures or videos, there is always some assumption that “Oh, they are dating.” This is like spiritual-couple gossip because we are both known for our work and are young. But I guess that since I chose to be single, I will have to deal with this kind of stuff. 

David Icke’s son commented on the video I did with Charlie. He said, “Jessica is hot,” and that was all, which is annoying, but it turns out that the son did show David our video. Shortly thereafter, David did this interview where he was speaking about the indigos, crystals, future generations, and his kids. He got emotional, saying that all the things he has gone through have not been in vain. He did not mention us, but no one has ever seen him so emotional before. The name of the YouTube video is “David Icke Talks to Freedom Central in Zurich November 2009, 8 of 9.”  Here is the link so you guys can see for yourself and make up your own mind. You will have to go about 4 minutes and 25 seconds into the video to see the part I am referring to. 

The fifth and final time I met up with Charlie was for a road trip to Sherwood Forest & Nottingham Castle with a couple friends. Usually, I try to not meet up with people more than once or twice so I can give my time to as many people as possible, but one of my friends really wanted to meet Charlie. It turned out that Charlie needed to meet my friend because he was a lawyer and Charlie really needed legal advice. Because of what Charlie does, he always gets into trouble with the law. Charlie loves getting in trouble in general and is always looking for it, typical for an indigo. 

As for making it out to the forest and castle of Robin land, it took us too long due to the bad weather and the fact that it gets dark early in the fall. So, we did not get to see it, but that was OK because that was not why I wanted to go out there. I had a family I really wanted to meet up with. One thing that stood out from what they shared with me was that the whole family had a dream about the “death star” from Star Wars. When they looked this up online, they found many other people who had that same dream that night. This is about the “Wormwood” reality future probability (see Rev. 8:10-11) that we are going to divert and avoid. 

I also managed to make a trip out to Glastonbury with my facebook friends, Neekos and Yani. I am not so much into sacred sites or places when I travel as I am more interested in the people. So although I went to these cool places, I am not like Drunvalo Melchizedek who shares what he channels at these sites. According to Drunvalo, if someone wants to know anything, they should ask the sheep who hang out there at the sites. For me, by contrast, the people are where it’s at. 

We went to all the sacred places like Silbury Hill, Stonehenge, and St. Michael’s Tower at the top of Glastonbury Tor. For Silbury Hill, we hopped the electric fence and climbed the hill, although signs told us not to. We snuck into Stonehenge as well. It was sad to find that stones are taped off so no one can touch them. I also went to some crop circle hot spots, but because I went in November there weren’t any crops for there to be any crop circles! 

Glastonbury had this new age vibe, too. It reminded me of Sedona because mystical shops were everywhere. When we arrived there, it was again dark, but this time we were not deterred from going out and seeing the Tower of Tor tour by my friend, Tor. This place is supposedly where Avalon was. It was pretty pitch black when we started out, and the only light we had was the Guy Fawkes fireworks. I recall it being a particularly cold and windy night. There was no way we could back out, though, because I told my friend Polly I would meet her at the tower. She was determined to meet me even if there was not much time left. She would be there even for just for a few minutes. 

My friends and I tried to stay as long as we could at Tor Tower, but there was only so much cold we could take. So we started to head back, and on our way down the hill there was Polly! I learned that her coming out like this was a huge thing to her because she had decided she would overcome all her fears, and my videos were a major reason behind this determination. She explained how she would never go out in the dark alone or outside on her own. Neither would she just go out to meet someone she had never met, so that night, there were lots of firsts for her. 

She told me how when she was not like this at all when she was young. She could see angels and guides everywhere and knew that the world was a safe place. She even knew she would be safe if she jumped off the stairs because, she said: 

I would always flip in the air and land softly at the bottom of the stairs. I was able to do this when I was 2 years old. I remember it so vividly as if it were yesterday, but I do not understand what happened. How did I go from being so brave to being scared of everything? I recall myself 10 years ago where I was caged by my fear and did not live life at all for fear that something bad would happen. It was best to stay home, stay safe, be normal, not stick out, not live, and not try anything new or take new risks. It was better to be safe than sorry. So what has changed? I just was tired of living in fear of losing my family members. That made me eager to live and more determined than ever to explore the potential of life and the human spirit.” 

I told other people about Polly flying and flipping down the stairs at age 2, and I was fascinated to learn that other people confessed, “Hey, I recall being able to do that, too, when I was that age, but I always thought it was a dream. At least that is what my parents told me.” Well, we know as kids we could fly. There are even accounts of someone losing a finger and then growing it back, so what does this tell us? What is going on here? 

On the drive back to London I discovered a book on an artist named Banksy. The name of the book was Banksy Wall and Piece. I was so hooked by this book that while reading it I got car sick, but I could not put it down. So what I did was take small breaks and read the book again and take breaks only when I felt really sick. I was just so happy to see an artist like this. I have always had this respect and fascination for graffiti artists because going into gray, drab cities always bothered me. When I saw these brightly colored pictures or statements, I felt warm inside like the world is to be in color like an artist’s canvas. This injects life, wonder, and imagination into the living dead. They need to see such things. 

My favorite Banksy art piece is a spoof he did of a famous Claude Monet water lilies painting. It is the one with the graceful curved bridge with a stream full of water lilies underneath, and in the spoof version there are two ugly shopping carts and a tilted orange traffic cone in the water. Under this painting is a caption saying “Show Me the Monet!” I highly recommend you look this amazing artist on Google and YouTube. 

I came across another cool English artist, a musician, whose work is worth sharing. His name is Dub Fx, and his lyrics and music are just sheer brilliance that will have your toes tingling.


Chapter 8: Ireland  

I went to Ireland with Nando and Klaudea, the couple I stayed with for the duration of my time in London. I was invited by my friend Merrick, who is currently living in Ireland but is originally from South Africa. Merrick said that I was free to bring some friends with me. I thought this is a neat idea, as I have not really traveled with like-hearted friends before. 

It is tricky to see all of Ireland when you’re with a group of really laid-back people because you tend to chill more than explore. You begin your day much later, and before you know it, you only have a few hours until sundown. Alright, so what can you see that is really close by? This time, I looked up some things that are a must-see in Ireland. Most of the times I tend to just wing it. We went to most of the sacred places near Dublin like Newgrange, etc. 

The exception was the Cliffs of Moher, which were pretty far. We did wake up early for this one, but by the time we got there, we only had five minutes of the spectacular view before the sun went down. It was particularly blustery that day, but we were not about to leave so soon upon arriving. 

What I love most about Ireland are the people. The sacred sites, though cool, did not hold my interest. Now if I had been able to find a fairy court, my feelings might have been different. That will happen eventually. There is something in the air in Ireland, a spirit that cannot be overlooked. Here I can feel the land “breathe.” Here magic remains. For some reason, Ireland does not hide magic like other places, or maybe it is just more respected and appreciated here. I do not know how this land has held its connection with the “Mother.” But it reflects in the people and their spirit. The Irish have been through lots of political turmoil (well, we all have), but what is unique about them is that they are not bitter. They do not hold grudges, and their release seems to be with laughter and jokes. 

The people are extremely friendly compared to the other countries I have been to. They are very warm and most interesting in conversation. They are determined to enjoy life and some, like in many places, really do not want to work that much. I recall the time there was a traffic jam due to some road construction, but that was not the reason we were all waiting. It seemed that the construction men were taking a break to play soccer. Though the people like to talk, it did not necessarily mean they were open to mystical things, not unless it was a story you were telling. I did go to a comedy show. I only understood 50% of it because their accents and their humor can be tricky. 

One of my highlights in Ireland was a folk, food, and fairytales dinner. It was really neat because while we ate, we had someone share about Ireland’s history and what the people have been through. Then we learned about their folklore and got to hear some fairytales. They shared how there was a time when families would gather around and share stories. It helped them keep going when times were tough. They told how they would always check with their neighbors to see if they had any new stories. If they did, well, it was like Dad coming home with a box of DVDs you had not seen yet. Afterwards, I spoke with the presenter and learned that he was open to expanding this storytelling while dining, but cannot do it all on his own. So he is most interested in having someone help, someone who is as passionate about stories and folklore as he is. I told him I would write about it here, as I do have some friends in Ireland who read this and might be interested. After all, it is a unique, cool job

I would like to return to Ireland in the summer when I would have more time to explore. My friend Merrick was an excellent host and is open to having any like-minded friends come visit. Merrick is in the hemp business, which seems like the way to go because of hemp’s many uses. I might be promoting for it on my website, but I need to further explore it. What Merrick really wants to be is a speaker. Well, I think I can help him with that, which leads me to my Barcelona presentation.


Chapter 9: Barcelona, Spain  

I flew from Ireland to London, where I missed my flight the next day. That left me stranded for a few days in London until I could get another flight that would not be too last minute. I wanted to have enough time to work on my PowerPoint presentation for the Second Congress on Science and Spirituality in Barcelona, Spain. We stayed up pretty late working on the PowerPoint presentation. I did not rehearse or anything. I can’t. I just chose pictures that would trigger what I wanted to say. Then there was the other last-minute factor. I showed Ana the clothes I planned to wear for the presentation. “Oh no,” she said. “None of these will do.” But I interpreted that as, “Oh no, dear. You cannot go to the ball dressed like that.” (Hmm, now that sounds familiar. Did not the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella say that?) 

Ana went on: “The people of Barcelona feel that clothes are very important. If you do not take time to look nice for them, they will think you do not care. I mean, what will they say when they see your eyebrows? No matter, they will have to do, but I do plan to take you to a hair dresser. So in a long, dragged out Poof, I was feeling more like a professional princess off to the ball. 

Jorge and I spent the day before the conference helping in whatever way we could. While we were in the office, I got confirmation that I would indeed be back in Barcelona many times to speak at almost every conference, which would be almost every two months. The next one will be in early Feb of 2010. It was a bit of a shock for me. Wow, it is a reality. They really like me and want to bring me out here more than once. 

Perhaps this trip with all its connections to Spanish people was telling me that my destiny is tied to Spain and Latin America somehow. Life is definitely like a language, always speaking to us and waiting for us to respond and say, “Yes, I understand you.” 

We spent a lot of time in the office trying to figure out how we could heal what had happened with the European Exopolitics Summit 2009 conference in Barcelona. Some people did not even want to be a part of exopolitics because they keep doing it every year with all the conspiracy talk–chemtrails, Illuminati, etc. “What good is all this doing?” they thought. 

I could see that they were feeling an itch to do something different, something more productive, something that really helps the people. They did not want to just pay money, attend a talk, listen, and then leave. I mean, we are creative beings. Surely we can do so much more. Well, I was feeling the same traveling to Europe and getting annoyed that the main tourist attractions seemed to be grand churches. 

First off, our body is our temple, but here we are giving all our energy to making these structures, houses of God, full of gold and finest design. What about the Earth herself or the trees or bugs? Don’t people know that these, too, are “houses of God?” I have nothing against churches; it is just that I think about the potential of people and all the things they can give their energy and creativity to. We have many fine churches all over the world, but the people, the Earth, and all her wonderful plants and creatures are still crying out, “Please see that I, too, am a house of God. Respect me as you respect your churches.” 

Alright then, they want to do something different. Well, I can help with this. I am only in the spotlight so I can be a physical manifestation of what the kids need in order to come forward. I could share my message and say, “Don’t take my word for it. Here are the kids who have confirmed these things to me.” I would then step back and let them speak to the world. 

I will never forget a part in the Anastasia books where the world was at war. A politician was speaking when all of the sudden a young kid in the audience got up, took the microphone, and started to speak. Then another child spoke and then another, etc. This made the world come to standstill, and world was healed in that moment. Perhaps the spell broke over the people. When I read that, I knew I wanted to help make this vision of Anastasia become true. 

So many argue whether or not Anastasia is real and whether those stories are true. I never think of it that way because I know that it is up to us to make it true. This is what I am here to do. So with that, I suggested to my organizer friends that they do a conference where there are only children speakers, where they could share their message to humanity. We will not choose the kids; they will choose us. They will just be guided to come to us. 

This suggestion then sparked some other ideas. How often were they told that their conferences were really special because they could do things that cannot be done in other countries? This then means that Spain has the potential to start something huge, to make some serious ripples on this Earth. No wonder there were problems at the last exopolitics summit, where people were trying to discredit them and what they were doing. Well, then it would be really smart to bring Charlie Veitch out here to play with this. We could have fun with the media in this way. I presented this to the team, and they really liked the idea. We made plans for other ideas, but I cannot speak about them, one especially because it is still in the embryo state. It is a new and very exciting project. 

The next day, we headed down to the hotel where the conference would be held. People recognized me right away and became very emotional, which made me emotional, too. I was invited to more things than I could keep up with. Everyone was so friendly. We wanted so badly to speak to each other, but because I did not know Spanish we could not, so we spoke with our eyes and emotions. I found sometimes that pointing and gesturing helped. I wish I knew the language. 

There was this one man who tried earnestly to explain to me about this red pyramid he made. At least that is what I thought he said, so I asked, “Why the color red?” But he did not understand what I meant. I wanted to know if the red pyramid had to do with the root chakra, so I looked for something red. Immediately, I thought about the root chakra, so I pointed to my crotch, which made him blush. When I realized what he thought I insinuated, I turned red and said, “No, no, that is not what I meant.” Now I was really flustered. Finally, my translator, Jorge, showed up to save me from this embarrassment. 

I was touched by how the people made such an effort to speak English for me, floundering for the right words and speaking with such strong emotions. People gave me gifts of all kinds. If I gave a small compliment on someone’s pair of gloves or necklace, it was suddenly mine. I was taken to a large table full of orgonite stones, and I was told to choose whatever piece I wanted, even a really large one. I remembered this scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Jones had to choose the Holy Grail, and he had to think what would be a cup of a carpenter. It would be not one in gold but a simple, plain, practical one. That would be the kind of orgonite piece I would choose. “Are you sure?” they asked me. “You can have any one. This one is nothing, really. Here, take another then.” 

Later that night I was invited out to someone’s place to meet some animals. I was told of a bird that used to sing such lovely songs and then had an accident. She lost her leg, and since then she was too depressed to sing. I spent a good deal of time of singing to her so she could recall the joy and pride she felt when she sang. I told her about people who had lost limbs, but it did not stop them from sharing their gifts and love with the world, and so it could be the same for her. This world needs all the love it can get, and every little bit helps. She could be an inspiration story. 

She finally started to sing again, only a little bit under her breath, but I was happy for her because it was a step forward. I then turned my attention to the family and helped them to understand their special connection to animals and their work to come. I even shared a bit about their lives as animals. 

After that, I headed out to dinner where I met up with some of the other speakers. One who stood out was Antoon Moonen. He was passionate about filters that help protect people from electromagnetic frequencies coming from all electric devices and power lines. He felt that electromagnetic pollution was the reason so many people get so sick. With these filters, people could be healed. 

“Well,” I thought, “If these filters can help my mother, then I am definitely interested.” There are many testimonials on these filters, but he is not able to talk about them. It was not just that. We now know there are natural cures out there that people are not allowed to speak freely about because regulators backed by the medical and pharmaceutical industries will come after them. So there must be a way we can just give people an idea and let them do the research for themselves. They must come to this understanding on their own without any pressure either for or against. I am sharing this information not for sales of some products but to find a way to get natural cure information out there without getting people in trouble. It’s another chance to work together. We know there is a problem. Now we have to be tricky and problem-solve, using all our brain power and focus. 

I am not sure if I should say too much about the Spiritual Jackass video that Antoon, Jorge, and I did. In this video, we had a contest sliding on the floor with our socks and then sliding on a towel, trying our best not to fall—not always successfully. Jorge did some fine sliding work, and Antoon showed a marvelous natural ability for getting a towel out of a closet with a coat hanger. We may have made spiritual jackasses out of ourselves, but we sure had a great time. Perhaps we have started a new Olympic event? 

The next day, I would speak at the Barcelona conference, and I was nervous. To make things worse, the person who spoke right before me was just the opposite of everything that I stand for. He showed harsh videos of Illuminati demonic rituals and spoke about how powerful evil is. He emphasized how much we have to pray and meditate in order to be spared. He just seemed to make everything look so bleak. I was so upset that my translator, Jorge, said, “Jess, you look really mad right now and you’re on camera.” 

“Yes, I am upset,” I said. “I cannot believe he is showing this.” OK, it is not good to get so worked up before I talk. I did not want to be in a righteous-anger “indigo state” when I shared my message. It would be best if I were in the peaceful “crystal child” mood for this. Even Jorge was nervous. After all, this was a big thing for him as well. We were both on the spot, and his job was not an easy one. 

What was really cool was that I had people who had flown all the way out from the water blessing to be here and support me. All the friends I made in the past few days sat in the front row looking at me with kind eyes and loving energy. These people were, in effect, my spiritual protectors.

And there I was trying to recall all the things I wanted to say. I jumped around a bit on tangents. I felt nervous about the time limit. The famous nun Teresa Forcades, who had the courage to speak about the vaccines, was after me and was the last speaker. She was the one everyone was here to see. I was told I was the opening act for the rock star, but that was alright. I was totally fine with it. There is lots of pressure for a rock star. Again, I felt that I did not do very well as I threw myself in my all-too-familiar, self-inflicted hell. You can see an eight-part YouTube video series of my performance here

Yet afterwards, people still hugged me with tears in their eyes. This time we got pictures of people hugging me. I was starting to think that maybe I was being too hard on myself, but that is because I know myself, and I know what I can deliver. I need to feel it, too, but how do I bring this out? 

The following day, I had my days booked with magazine and radio interviews. Jorge had to keep track of my schedule because I could not. I was starting to feel antsy with all the interviews and being on the spot. When I spoke about the people I met, my “family” whom I sometimes like to call my “X-Men,” the journalist asked, “Could you introduce them to me so I can see them do these abilities you speak of?” 

Well, some do not want to be in the public eye at all, and they certainly do not want to be singled out because of their abilities. We are not here to impress the world and find fame and fortune with party tricks. It is not about abilities but what is beyond that. They are pointing to the world’s potential and saying, “This is only the beginning; this is only the tip of the iceberg.” They would rather share their gifts by just being themselves in a natural setting rather than showing off and saying, “Oh look what I can do!” 

“Do you understand?” I asked. “If we just focused on only the abilities, then we would then be doing a disservice by giving focus to what is not as important. These things are like side-effects when one is able to stay in tune and connected. It is a natural thing, not an oddity or an abnormality.” 

After that, we went to the office for some long meetings, and I was itching to get out and just let my hair down. I needed to step out of the Jessica Mystic role for a bit and just go play and find some adventure. I tried to explain my feelings to Jorge, and he was like, “OK, then we will leave.” 

I said, “I would like to go on my own. It’s nothing personal, but I can only hang out with people for only so long and then I reach a point where I need to get away. He was always watching out for me, making sure I was safe, and sometimes I just felt like I needed some space. Jorge was very cool about it. 

So I took off with one of my friends who had a motorcycle. Now this is what I was talking about. I kept yelling, “Let’s go faster!” 

I joked about driving it, and my friend Jaime, a rogue indigo, said, “OK, here are the keys. Go drive it. I started to “Flintstone” the bike–walking it with my feet. Jaime laughed and said, “You do not have to do that. Just give it some gas.” So I did, and I took off down an alleyway without him. I turned a corner and braked up on the sidewalk. Oops, I was late on the braking. Hmm, OK, let’s just turn around and get her back on the road. I am pretty sure that I hit the gas harder than I should have because the next thing you know, I moved into a fast moving pole and wiped out. 

I was shocked because somehow I managed to hurt my finger and my leg. Some people rushed over to help me. I was not concerned at all for my own body dent marks. I was more worried about the damage I did to my friend’s bike. He was so kind for letting me drive the motorcycle on my own. Perhaps I should have practiced by taking it out into an open field where there was nothing I could crash into. Jaime was not upset at all. He was glad I was OK and found it quite funny. Maybe it was funny because the bike did not get damaged too much–just a scuff on the front, a small dent, and a nicked mirror. 

I had so much fun that day exploring Barcelona and then meeting up with Colin, one of the persons responsible for my popularity with the Spanish people. He is the one who, along with Albasilente and “Iotemka,” translated my videos. Where would I be without him? He said, “You do not have to thank me. I did it because I felt it needed to be done. Something stirred deep within me. What you are sharing is valuable.” I wondered if it was his guides or my guides who stirred him like this. They stirred Jorge, Ana, and everyone else who feels connected with me. It seems like some kind of psychic hook-up program. It works much like a virtual dating system that has all your info and then matches you up. Then one day you get a notice about this person and boom! They are in your reality. 

It was a shame that Colin was not able to make it out sooner because I only had half an hour before I had to return back to Jorge for a meeting. I thought that maybe I could push it and buy myself another half-hour, but Jorge said there was no way that could work. I had to be back soon. Did I forget the radio interview I had right afterwards? Yes, I did forget. 

So Jaime and I booked it to the office where Jorge was. “So who are we meeting, Jorge?” 

“I don’t know. I only know you were booked to meet them.” 

It turned out to be this lovely family. We did not have much time to really speak, perhaps a half-hour because I had that radio interview. But in that short amount of time, I somehow managed to impress them, so much so they said, “We are interested in helping you anyway we can with your mission, so should you need anything at all, just let us know.” With that, I was hurried out to make the radio interview. 

This interview was not like others I had done before. This one was different because I was to do the interview inside an actual radio station, and this happened to be the second largest radio station in Spain. This particular show was a Spanish version of Coast to Coast AM. OK, right. No pressure at all. I entered the building. 

I had never been in a radio station before, and I wondered how Jewel must have felt going from being homeless to an overnight star in mansions and doing photo shoots. It must have been surreal when she first got interviewed on the radio. I was given a brief tour of the facility. The host was a real sweetheart. He told me how excited he was to meet me as he showed me to the room where we would do the interview. There was a glass wall on the other side where everyone could watch us. 

At first I was nervous, but somehow I became relaxed and things went very well. Jorge was not nervous, either, and we just seemed to click together. We were in “the zone.” You can see the three-part YouTube video series here

The next thing I knew, it was over and everyone was so happy and astounded. They thanked me numerous times and said I was the best guest they have had for a long time. They also said that they would love to have me back on the show again. I was astounded, too, because to me it is just my normal thinking. I am just me being me, and yet here I am getting so much praise for this. I do not try to understand this, but no one is more shocked than me with all this attention and praise. I remember once hating this part of myself. I saw it as a curse, and now it’s a gift. So dear readers, do not be surprised if this happens to you as well. 

If you sometimes have self-doubts, remember that one day everything will just change, and you will appreciate yourself for who you are. I am shy being in the public eye. All of this attention is a hard thing for me, and I really do not know what to think about all this attention, so I just do the best I can. I trust the process, and if this is what I have to do in order to help the world, then so be it. My dad told me once that this would be my destiny. There would be no quiet existence for me, not when my soul was so loud. 

While everyone was celebrating about the success of the interview, it dawned on Jorge that if I had to return in a few months and stay in Europe for about 4-5 months, then how would that work when I am only allowed 3 months here and I have already used up 2 months? He said, “I think, Jess, that in order to keep you here in Europe, you would need a visa.” 

Now how could we go about doing that? Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I said, “What about my new friend who has offered to help me with anything? Maybe he can help me with this.” Well, there was only one way to find out. Jorge phoned him up and the response was–sure! Just like that, I had arranged to get a visa. It was like magic—Poof! You have a visa. 

This last day in Barcelona was definitely the highlight of my trip in Europe. I am so grateful to all the people of Barcelona. You guys are adorable. Thank-you for all your kindness and coolness. I am happy to know that I will be returning to Barcelona to spend more time there and hang out with the people I did not have time to see. When I return, I hope that I can speak some Spanish using the Rosetta Stone language program. Again, I think there is no better compliment of going to a foreign country and taking the time to learn their language rather than expecting them to know your language. 

The next day, Jorge and I returned to A Coruña where I had to give another talk to all of the people who had contacted Jorge and Ana and expressed an interest in meeting with me. This little conference consisted of about 25 people, and it also went really well. In fact, I am most proud of this talk. I can even watch the video of this one. People even brought their children, and they mentioned the passion they had to see that all animals were free and no longer harmed. 

There was also a woman who flew out from Madrid to meet me. She got really excited about the next time I come out. She said that I must come to Madrid where she will arrange for me to do large conferences like the one I did for Science and Spirituality, but this time my crowd would not be 500 people but 1,000. “I bet I could also get you to speak at a stadium,” she said. 

“Uh, yeah, sure. OK, sounds good,” I responded, trying not to think about it until it actually happened. 

After that, I did another magazine interview that I also had forgotten about. Poor Ana and Jorge were always having to remind me. No matter, now I was free for a bit. All my interviews were done, and we could go explore some of A Coruña, walk around, and check out some of the beaches. Even though it was cold, there were still surfers there. 

It was then time for me to head out. I had to fly back out to London, then wait a day and fly back to Canada. It was hard saying good-bye to Ana and Jorge. They are my Spanish family. We knew we would see each other again soon and that there was so much more we had to do. Somehow our destinies are tied together. Thank-you, Ana and Jorge, for everything!!


Chapter 10: First Class Fart 

It was the night before flying out, and my stomach was really hurting. I kept waking up in the night, which is not normal for me. I usually have no problems sleeping, and I was so tired, too. Now I could finally relax, so why couldn’t I sleep? The pain was still there when I boarded the plane. I tried to just pass the time by watching some movies, like the Time Traveler’s Wife, which was pretty neat and had some truths to it. I also watched another movie called East is East that I very much enjoyed. It was about this Indian family living in London and straying far away from their culture. Since I like foreign flicks, I decided to watch a movie from Japan. I will never do that again because the movie was like watching a 2 hour version of the Mr. Sparkle commercial from the Simpson’s. The movie made no sense. 

Maybe the real problem was that my stomach hurt even more. I could no longer ignore the pain, so I asked the stewardess when we were supposed to land. She said that I had another 5 hours to go. I then asked her if there was a doctor on board. She said, “Why, are you OK?” I then broke out in tears and said, “No, I want my mommy.” 

The stewardess had me follow her to the front of the plane to first class. Even though I was sore, I was able to appreciate where I was. The legends about first class were all true. I even recall as I boarded the plane thinking, “Hmm, what is it like to sit in first class?” Well, there I was, and let me tell you that the legends are true. First class is pretty sweet. The chair turns into a bed, and the seats can heat up and it is all so comfy. 

My hands started to tingle so much so that at times I could not feel them. I vomited a little and would go in and out of consciousness. Sometimes I was present, sometimes not. There was a doctor on the plane who could not figure out what was wrong with me. Perhaps it was early signs of appendicitis, he said, or maybe gas? That would be funny, I thought. Can you imagine getting moved to first class on account of gas? Well, I sure hope it is. It would be better than an appendix about to burst. 

I muttered out loud, “Well, maybe it is something second-hand.” 

“What do you mean?” the doctor and stewardesses asked. I then proceeded to tell them of my second-hand hangover after brother Steve’s party. I explained that I am a healer and can sometimes take on other people’s stuff as if it were my own. They listened intently while scratching their heads. They had never heard of such a thing. Nonetheless, they found it interesting and pondered the possibility. We all bonded quickly. 

I said, “Maybe this is happening because of all the excitement in Europe coupled with the pressure of not much sleep and not eating as much as I should have. Maybe I just need to sleep,” I said. So I got all cozy in my bed and slept for bit, only to wake up to some talk that the pilot was thinking about landing in Yellowknife in order to do an operation before my appendix burst. What, were they planning on landing in the Arctic on account of me? 

“Please, no,” I begged. “I will be OK. Let’s just wait until we get to Vancouver. I do not want to inconvenience everyone, especially if it is only because of gas. Nor do I want to worry my mom. I know she will really mother-hen about this.” 

I went on. “Please,” I said. “I will talk to my appendix and tell it to hold on a bit longer. Everything will be fine. You will see.” 

“Yes, that is true,” said the stewardess. “I used to speak to my heart when I was younger, and it got better and stronger.” 

I am happy that they listened to me and landed in Vancouver, but waiting for me were the paramedics. They placed me on a stretcher and then took me for a ride in an ambulance, where the paramedic took my temperature and said that it was fine. He then took my blood pressure and said, “Wow! I would pay to have the kind your blood pressure. You’re in perfect health. I wonder what it could be. Maybe you got food poisoning. We got in touch with your family. They will be meeting you at the hospital. So you do not go to the hospital often, I see. 

“Yes, that is because I can usually heal myself,” I said. Then I fell asleep. 

I woke up, and there was Momma Bear like a mother hen, flustered as I knew she would be. She said, “You will be fine, Jess. They are going to release you. It turns out that it was gas.”  I got moved to first class on account of gas, which is not classy at all. At least on the plane people were prepared for such events with their oxygen masks. 

Steve was upset. He said, “Do you mean to tell me that Mom was freaking out for nothing, and that we almost got in a car accident–and all because of a fart

“Yes, Steve.”

And later that night, I got a call from some friends who thought I was dying. “No, I am fine,” I said. “Everything is fine.” Man, how things get blown out of proportion. Excuse the pun.


Chapter 11: Holidays with the Family 

Well here I am, a year since my interview with Project Camelot and the holidays that followed. It was uncomfortable and awkward then, and this one was about the same. 

Forrest was cool this time, as though what happened a few months ago never occurred. He was very kind but still keen to talk about Forrest and aliens. Those were his two favorite subjects, and rather than getting annoyed with this, I have decided to be amused by it and see him as a funny character in a movie. 

My other brother, Lee, was another story. All was going fine, and then he nonchalantly brought up that he saw my videos in Spain and was very embarrassed by them. He basically told me that I was an idiot and that it was dangerous telling people not to get vaccinated. Furthermore, he said that I knew nothing about statistics. 

“The vaccine is perfectly fine,” he said. “In fact, my wife and I wanted to get ours early, but were not allowed because we were not in the priority category.” 

Lee may not have been aware of all the complications from the 1976 swine flu vaccine, including Guillain-Barré Syndrome. See the 1979 CBS 60 Minutes television documentary exposé about the 1976 swine flu vaccine here. Furthermore, this particular strain of swine flu appears to be relatively mild compared to the normal yearly flu. For example, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that there have been relatively few deaths in the U.S. from this year’s H1N1 “swine flu” (mid-range estimate of approximately 9,820 cases between April and November 14, 2009) compared to the normal yearly flu (about 36,000 per year). 

Lee and his wife went on to say, “The message you are sharing is pure stupidity. People are listening to you because they need something to believe in. That is why people believe in religion. You do not know what you’re talking about, and what you are doing could be disastrous in the future. You could be responsible for people not being vaccinated and getting sick or even dying!” 

I said, “No, that is not why people listen to me. It is not about giving people something to believe in. It is about them taking back their power and believing in themselves, but it is wise to be open….” 

Then they cut me off and fired more arrows at me: “So you are helping families, but what about your own?” they asked. 

“You know I am doing everything I can,” I replied. There was nothing more I could say. They disputed everything. 

“Oh, and do you know what it means when your eyes move to left when you speak?” he asked. “It is a way to tell whether or not a person is telling the truth.” 

Did Lee have the full set of facts about swine flu? Even so, I felt really defeated this time. Later on, I did try speaking to my brother’s wife, but she was not interested. Again, I felt like a hypocrite. “I can help other families but not my own.” This bothered me. What did my brother think I was, a pathological liar or something? 

Lee also took a stab at my interest in quantum physics and metaphysics. “After all,” he said, “You don’t even know what inertia is! And how can you call what you talk about ‘science’ when quantum physics and metaphysics are not even real sciences to begin with?” 

These are scary thoughts and might be the reason why I want to be there for people who feel like this. There is one in every family. But I just want to be able to look at myself honestly even if it does hurt. If I am doing damage, I want to know. I want to be able to see myself without biased eyes. Is such a thing possible? I was not trying to prove myself to them. I did not care, but Mom was proud of me. She is proud of all her little goslings. She was the one who wanted me to tell them what I was doing in Europe when I just wanted to disappear. Once again, every Christmas holiday feels like I’m playing Twister in a thorn bush. 

Forrest could tell I was upset when I answered the phone, and he wanted to know why. When I told him, he said, “Oh, do not worry, Jess. He is just jealous of us and our success.” 

I said, “No, Forrest. I do not think so. He is successful himself. He thinks what we do is malarkey.” 

This upset Forrest, and I wished that I had not spoken when I was so emotional. But then again, it was better for him to know the truth rather than live in delusion. Nonetheless, Forrest has matured a good deal and has been able to forgive and forget. I have got the first part, but the second part has been harder for me, which is something I can learn from him. One thing is for sure, family will always surprise you. 

So this holiday was a challenging one. It’s a good thing I had my dear friends to be there for me. I guess what upset me was that there was nothing I could do to make it all better. I am such a problem solver. If I could just find the right words or the right actions, but then my intent would be to prove something to someone else that does not contradict my being true to self. My guides say that Lee will understand one day but not right now. I do not see how. Is it fair to think that because I do not see how such a thing could come about, then it is not possible? 

This time, actions and life examples were not enough to show someone, so what will work in the future? His own life will show him when the time comes. He fights being a Schab and thinks he is adopted because he is the only one “normal” one. 

But I know Lee is a Schab because of his wit and how he handles situations. For example, when he went to Egypt with his wife, the men there offered 50 camels for her. Lee said, “OK, I will take your 50 camels for her, because once you have her then you cannot have any other wives. Nor will you have any more livestock to trade because it will all have to go to her to buy her the very best of things. You will have to work very hard keeping up with her demands.” The Egyptians listened intently to all that Lee said, and their eyes got wider and wider until eventually they started shaking their hands and said, “No want! No want! You take her.” Lee knew that sometimes the people there can be forceful with taking woman. If you do not take their offer, they could take the woman by force, so he knew he needed to convince them that she is not someone they would want. 

I have had to accept how it is with my brother. It hurts, but I just let it go. He has his path and I have mine. What really helped me this time was a book I have not read in such a long time. I found it so hard to read, but I just needed a break from my computer. The book, a gift from Yani from England, is called The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. This book really lifted me up and got me really excited about my work again. It was a confirmation of what I am doing and how I am thinking. It was as if the book were alive and speaking to me personally. Why has this book not been made into a movie?


Chapter 12: Up Next 

I am planning on going back to Spain in March, and already Jorge is getting calls for me to give talks in Holland, Switzerland, Barcelona, and who knows where else. My mom will also be going to Spain in March to visit Ana and Jorge. She is really excited about this! She is going to teach them about gardening and is researching everything she can find about gardening in Spain. She is reading about the soil, weather, insects, birds, suitable plants, etc. She sure plans lots before she does anything, and I am just the opposite! These plans may change because of some sudden changes in my home situation, but I will get into that in the next chapter. 

I will be releasing my “Matters of the Heart” blog about a month from now. This one is all about my love life in the past with the French man. It’s also about where I am now with my relationships and how I see them, as well as my plans for the future and what I feel I need to do. 

I am also still working on 2012, Parts 5 and 6. I want to put out two videos at once. There are also some other video ideas I would like to do, but of course, I am so behind. I need a team to help me out with everything I am working on. 

I will also be zeroing in on another project. I would really like to do this and work on it from beginning to end, like with hearts. I do not know what the project is yet, but I am open to suggestions. Someone suggested that I get someone to compose music for my poems and then I could sing them. In order for this to work, I would need someone who knows how to make music and teach me how to develop an ear for music so I can sing it well. I usually sing either a cappella or along with singers on the radio. I love to mimic singers. Someone has also suggested that I read my poetry and put them on CDs. I’ve added that to my to-do list for 2010. 

Oh, and my poems will be published as a book in 2010. I am hoping to have it available in both soft-cover and downloadable “PDF” versions. 

My mom and I are making serious headway with my dad’s book. He brings up some interesting points about evolution that remove most of its credibility. Anastasia did the same in Book 5, I think. My dad’s book is also very scientific. He calls it “the physics of God,” by which he means the building blocks of the universe. His manuscript is a complex mix of physics, metaphysics, religion, and mystical vision. One moment he talks about muons and neutrons, and the next moment he is quotes Bible passages. Readers will perhaps get hints why Forrest has tattoos on his arm with Dad and Melissa wearing crowns. Why that symbolism? There is a much deeper spiritual reason than one would initially suspect. One gets the impression that Dad learned much of this material from experiences he had on the inner planes. It’s also fun to read because it shows how I have been influenced by my dad’s thought. The apple never falls too far from the tree. 

I am also currently working on a storyline for a future movie called The Starseed Chronicles. I am writing it as an autobiography, but it is really about all of you as well. This project will be my chance to make my message to humanity into a movie form so everyone can know just how much they are loved. I will have scenes of life before incarnation to Earth and also life on the spiritual plane that parallel this life and how it is all interconnected with our lives. I will tie in my poems and experiences I share in my YouTube videos as well. 

Here is the basic synopsis for now. The Starseed Chronicles is a story about a girl named Zailey who is from the stars and has come to earth for a specific mission. She has a message to share to humanity that was well understood before she went to Earth. But now that she is on Earth, she cannot recall anything about who she is or what her mission is, so her friends on the other side do whatever they can to remind her using synchronicities and “angelic boots in the butt.” At first she tries to ignore these hints and tries to be in normal until she realizes she will never be normal. She realizes that life is a language that is speaking to her. She knows that she must learn the language, decode the mystery, and let go of everything she thinks she knows in order to learn the truth and her role in all of it. She learns just how much truth is stranger than fiction and how there are really no limits, just beliefs. 

Life is really testing me on this last point right now, as my final section will show.  


Chapter 13: I NEED YOUR HELP! 

It is very hard for me to ask for help, and I would not ask unless I absolutely needed to. I often have people say to me, “If there is anything we can do for you, Jess, please let us know.” I never know how to respond to this. Well, now my family and I are experiencing a crisis, and we need your help. 

We have to move from the house we are currently residing in there are various reasons why we must leave one big one being some seriously toxic mold. (It is a long story that I will write more about later.) We are all really devastated and in shock. Most of you know how much we loved this place and how hopeful we were that we could call this place home and not have to move again. We have moved 10 times in 14 years. Then our landlord gave us only 2 months notice to leave the house. We got this news the day after New Years. What a way to start the New Year! 

I must now delay my return trip to Europe and the presentation in Barcelona for the “Guides and Masters” conference. This trip is being paid for by the sponsors of the conference. Mom may have to delay her planned trip to Spain in March if we cannot find a place by then. She can only afford it because of the flight credit she won in a drawing. If it were not for this credit, she would be unable to go. We were both going to leave in early March. 

But now we have find a temporary place in our tiny town, because Steve has to graduate from high school this year. This will be tricky because the Olympics will be here soon. We are trying to find a place on short notice with fewer chances of a finding a place in an increasingly competitive market. So do we even stand a chance? 

Once we find temporary housing, then we are free later on to find a permanent residence in British Columbia or perhaps even Spain if we can work out the logistics. This turn of events has made me really determined to buy our own place so my family and I never have to go through this again as we have been uprooted too many times. I cannot travel and do my work while being concerned about my family. 

I never charge for any of the spiritual work I do, and I plan to always stay this way. I am asking all of my friends to help us with good advice, good vibes, or even good donations to help us cover our moving expenses. Any donation amount will be greatly appreciated, even a dollar. Please go to my website and use the donation button. And if you live in Vancouver (according to facebook, I have 200 local friends), we will need help moving—movers, a truck, boxes, and perhaps even storage. 

I might add that this money is not for Spain or for buying a house. I would not ask anyone for that. The donations will be used for moving to a temporary place in another month or so. Also, living in Spain is only a thought and not anything concrete. Buying a house is a long-term goal that I will find a way to pay for. I would not ask others to pay for this. And besides, I might even return the favor to you some day. Out of the blue, you might even get donation from me! 

I know that people have all kinds of high expectations about me, yet I am only a human with some mystical abilities. I have all the same emotions as everyone else. Hey, and even superman needed help from time to time! I know that there is a divine reason for all this. It is just a shock right now, and I will let you know how all this turns out. 

This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to write. I never want to do this again. You guys mean way to more to me than money. 

Thanks to all of you who have donated and helped me in your own unique way. This situation is not just about money. I wish it were, because then it wouldn’t be so bad.

My life is like a reality show, and you are experiencing it with me, so I have to tell exactly what happens. I only want to show you what the situation is, like showing you a photograph. After all, I have chosen to be an example and honest. I am not telling you all this out of any sense of self-pity because I know I can handle the situation.

It is not just money that is a problem but also trying to get another place on such short notice. There are various factors here. First, my mother and I are single women. Where we live, most of the landlords will not speak to us because of this. I might have to dress up as a guy and wear a fake mustache, most likely a handlebar mustache. Second, we don’t have many references. Our previous main reference was a woman who told us we were the best tenants, but she moved away to Portugal and then Argentina. We have since lost contact. Third, Mom is on disability, and most people will not rent to someone who is disabled. They want to know what kind of steady, reliable job the potential tenant has. Fourth, there is the problem of finding a place right before the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver when so many people are competing for a place. What chance do we have? 

And buying a house is a huge process that will take a long time, but I will not be deterred by this.

Before this place, we were in a 2 bedroom apartment for 4 years. We tried so hard to get something else in the meantime but were not successful. We were only able to get this place because they wanted us especially and did not care about the details. I thought it was because they are our friends, but they were just using us to do their work. They were mainly using Mom and Steve. I will not get into the details of this.

Even if we get a place, there is no guarantee that we will be able to keep it. That is scary. I feel that we are like a turnip in the garden that is being uprooted and replanted again and again. It reaches the point where the turnip is scared to grow or get settled lest it be uprooted again.

We were given notice on New Year’s Day. The landlord gave us two “options” that really were not options at all. They knew which one we would choose. The first choice was the eviction option, which gave us one month to leave. They really had no good reason to evict us because we were very good tenants and never missed a payment. We feel the reason they want us to go is so they can make some serious money for the Olympics.

The second choice was the “mutual agreement” option, which gives you two month’s notice. They knew we would choose the second one because the idea of moving in a month is enough to give anyone a heart attack. We did not want to sign anything at first. We wanted to leave and come back after discussing it, but they would not let us leave until we signed. I did not have much time because I had a friend coming out to see me in 10 minutes.

Mom asked, “What if we just leave now and choose not to sign anything?” They said, “Then we sign the eviction notice and you get a month.” They would not let us leave until we signed one. They were shouting at us and being cruel to my mother. It was very painful. I love my mother so much. Just thinking about her brings tears to my eyes. How can it be by mutual agreement when we were forced into it? We were not allowed to read the papers or anything because we were under duress. My mother ended up signing but i did not i just scribbled so i could get out of there they do not have my real signature so there for the document is fraudulent

After I posted this note, I had people on facebook write to me and give me a number we could call about our tenant rights. They said that we might have a case. I am sure our landlords knew this and planned it this way. We only have two months. We cannot fight it. One of the worst parts about this is I thought these people were my friends. They were pretending, and that is really bothering me.

After I got this news, I could not sleep because I was exploring all my options. When I finally did get to sleep, I woke up angry, which freaked me out. This is just unacceptable and downright dangerous, as I do most of my work while I sleep. I was very nervous. I would not let myself sleep after that. There is no way I could risk that again. My only option has been to stay up as long as I can then collapse from exhaustion. This has been working so far so. I sleep with no direct thought.
My guides said that I will not be able to speak to the landlord’s soul for this one; otherwise, we would not go through this, and apparently it is important that it happens for some reason. I do not know why yet.

Anyway, I have been getting calls from people who have no idea about my situation but are in tune with me. They felt that I was down and said I must not be down because the world depends on my light. I have a major responsibility here and have to get myself out of this funk. I have work to do.  I cannot give much energy to this turn of events, so I have been doing a major psychic acceleration of healing here so I can be back up and running. 

We are thinking of filing a police report or getting a restraining order because everyone is scared of them, even all the other neighbours. But this could mean going to court (eww, yuck) and retaliation. We are certain that the people who lived here prior to us also had a restraining order on our landlord.

We have to consider not living in Ladner or having Steve going to school somewhere else, but it takes a lot of research to find a new area. That is OK. The vibe has to be right. I do not want to even talk about what this news has done to Steve. He blames himself and originally wanted to run away, thinking we would be better without our little Stevie (This is ridiculous. We stand by our family no matter what and nobody gets left behind. We see that everything happens for a divine reason.)

I just wanted to give you guys more information on my situation because you guys have been so comforting during this time. I very much welcome your advice.

Again, thank-you so much. Each of you means so much to me, and one day I will show you just how much I love you. I am forever grateful for having such wonderful friends.

I will keep you updated and how this all plays out. 

Thank-you so much for all your well wishes and for just being on this crazy, lovely planet with me! 

Warm embrace laced in grace. 



Author: Jessica Schab

Memoirs of a Former Mystic - Blogs I've written many blogs but the series about my time in Bali, Indonesia, when my radical changes took place, is what has garnered the most curiosity and acclaim. In it, I share everything about that process from beginning to end and in great detail, so that others can get to know me and better understand what I am about. My Bali Blog series is an exploration of my own personal confusion towards rational thinking that has helped myself and others to see our own cognitive dissonance. It exposes the many things that we hide from ourselves and why. ​I highly suggest to read the blogs in order, from part 1 to 5. Otherwise, it will be hard to understand the content. I myself am shocked to realize that I had no idea how conditioned and problematic my spiritual beliefs were until I wrote these blogs; how they affected every aspect of my life and created so many unnecessary problems, making me so afraid to even dare to think or imagine my life and who I was without them. I can see now the contradictions I had to want to understand, watching these elements fight within me, planting mine fields of self-destruction in my mind when I forced myself to think without spiritual beliefs that acted like a drug for me, often times taking over my mind and thinking for me. How could I get myself to stop protecting these beliefs? Such a question led me to understand why others are so keen to choose irrationality instead of logic when it comes to their ideologies. It's one of the many reasons that led to me speaking up about why I am so concerned about this movement and the dangers of these beliefs. I would describe my changes as a massive tidal wave; a tsunami sweeping me and everything I was familiar with away. I honestly do not think I would have made it had I not learned how to surf my psyche. You would think the tidal wave would be the worst of it, right? So did I. I can say it’s not the case. You can ask people who have experienced a massive tsunami or any natural disaster and they will tell you the worst part is actually the aftermath; dealing with the dramatic shift, and in my case the psychological changes. How does one go on after something like that? What next? It’s not like one can go back to how things used to be and forget it ever happened; the experience echoes in your bones. It’s futile and insane to rebuild the old and familiar in your psyche and to encourage former hopes and beliefs. Especially because it often is what beckoned and fuelled the tsunami to begin with. When you get to the root, you must start completely new so as not to recreate the past. ​Ha! Easier said than done! So, these blogs are also an invitation and challenge to detect what is confusion and what is fact. To have people ask themselves: Are my beliefs thinking for me? It becomes more apparent and easier to pinpoint and reduce one's conditioned thinking when one finishes the whole series in order. Then, one can see their own results on how they scored with detecting and exploring their own cognitive biases.​ Best of luck. ​Enjoy and please let me know what you think :-)

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