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Where I Am At

Hi my dear ones. I have few things to update you on before I put out 2012, Part 3. I have been having serious computer problems, both of them are acting funny but not ha-ha funny. I had to wipe both computers and start saving everything on discs, but I still cannot open documents when I need to. When I can open the documents, they appear to be in some computer code. The more things get organised for me, the more confused I get. 
You see, I am an organized mess. To the untrained eye, my stuff is in disarray. But that is perfect for me as I know exactly where everything is, conveniently enough. I can write quite well in this mess, and I can even get glimpses of the higher self that comes in phases. This is the way I can truly understand the fullness of what I am receiving. One time, I recall my English teacher telling me, “I have never seen anyone write like you, Jessica. You go off on so many different directions, and I have no clue where you are going with it until the last line that ties everything in together so perfectly.”

I have lots more poems that I was hoping to put up, but that will have to wait until I figure out my computer problems. In the meantime, I will write more commentaries to my poems like I started to do. I will do this even though I don’t have Microsoft Word, which makes it harder for me to write, but I am doing it anyway. I am currently using Word Pad, and it doesn’t have a spell checker or anything. On the positive side, it is nice to write for once with no red lines telling me that I am a bad speller. Sometimes even the spell checker has no clue what word I am trying to write. Thank goodness I have editors now. Thank-you, guys, and have fun with this one!

Web Site Changes

I now have a forum up on my site, but I think I will change the name to for-OM. I know I said I was not going to have one, but I changed my mind. The for-OM link is located in the top navigation bar on the home page. I looked at the Evolve site, and I think I might have seen a tumbleweed go by as there is not much activity there. I’m not sure if this site has the right vibe, so I will have to talk to Eric when I get the time. I need a time transplant. 

I really want to have an area for you guys to share where you feel comfortable, but it is hard to network on all these different sites. I also feel spread thin; however, I am willing to give this a try and see how it goes. I will need your help with this, though. So if anyone wants to take charge of my for-OM and create topics, please feel free to do so. I have already fallen behind in my e-mail responses due to my computer problems.
I was also thinking about putting an update space on my home page so you guys do not have to search for the newest things I put up. I do want to put up an area for questions and answers or perhaps just insights about certain things I get asked. I like to answer these mainly with stories.

You might have noticed that I now have a donation button. I put this up after others kept requesting it. There is no pressure or fees on my site. My stuff will always be free to you guys, but if you feel compelled to donate, then I’m told that I should not deny that. I am not expecting anything from this donation button, but I just a thought, “OK, I will put it up.” Thank-you to those of you who have already donated! I am taken aback and touched by this. Just talking about it makes me rather emotional as work is going so slow for me lately! I was wondering what I was going to do as I logged onto my computer, only to find that my guides were on it and took care of it. If you have any other suggestions for my site, please let me know. Post it on the for-OM or write to me. Thank-you!
I will have to watch my activity on facebook. I have heard if there is too much activity, I could be expelled from facebook. Apparently, that is already starting to happen to people. I sure love my facebook. I have lots of fun on there sharing the many crystal facets of this crystal child. Perhaps I will make my site like facebook where I can have an area on my home page to leave random quotes or thoughts of whatever. Also, I would really like an area where I can contact you guys. It is annoying to get comments in my guest book or other places and then I am not able to write you back personally when you request that. I think I will also make a Picasa photo album of all the pictures of facebook and link it to this site. That way I can take you with me on all my adventures. 

Perhaps I should have an area where you guys can leave comments after my blogs? I could also move my 2012 Saga writing to the forum area as well. Remember how I told you about my service link on this site? I was going on this green kick, and I was writing all the text in green until someone wrote to me and said, “Jessica, we know you love green, but you need to think about peoples’ eyes and the color-blind folk.” 

So I started to correct this, but somehow I deleted the whole service write-up and had no extra copy. I was bummed because I would have to write it all over again. Then I got a letter on my YouTube area from a man from Norway who reads my blogs. He told me he is a fan of my work, and he had made copies of all the things on my site. He then sent me a copy of my services page. How cool is that? You guys are so incredibly awesome. Thank-you! And thanks to Jon from Norway. There is also a little thank-you note under services.

Momma Bear

My Momma Bear has not had a headache since I asked for all your help. You sending your love light and healing on a collective level has really helped her. Thank-you very much, guys. You’re like Care Bears to me. Do you guys know about that cartoon? I worked at an animation studio that made that show. Oh, synchronicities are fun. Also, we have received many wonderful recommendations, ideas, and tinctures to look into. Thanks to all of you for that. Some of you have even sent some really helpful products. 

We have been directed to professionals who can and have pinpointed why she gets these headaches. The tests in Spain, on her hair samples, have indicated that they come from an old skiing accident that made her atlas crooked. We are now learning how to correct this. Apparently, when one part of the spine is off, then everything is off, and this really affects the head and jaw. 

I find this all rather interesting because when I do the Jessage on others, I often tell people they seem to have an “Atlas complex.” That means that they take on other people’s stuff as if it were their own. They take on the world, and it shows on their shoulders and back. That is the same thing with the Greek Titan, Atlas, who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Then I would tell them about their life and how their thinking patterns affect them. Sometimes, they turn around and look at me and say, “Where did that come from? How did you know that?”
It is interesting how we our lives parallel those of the Greek gods and their tales. Yes, these gods are indeed immortal as they exist in every one of us to this day. It’s funny how we are all carrying the weight of a crooked world on our shoulders, one way or another. Soon there will be a shift of Earth’s axis, and Lady Gaia will straighten her spine. I will speak more about that in 2012, Part 4 or Part 5. 

My Seattle Trip

I am not sure about going on “Coast to Coast AM” after a friend in Seattle called me up and was concerned for me.  I thought about this, and I was glad to have so many looking out for me. Not just that, I do not want to be cliché when expressing a new age/old age way in a new effective, collective way, eh. I’m so thankful for your thoughts and recommendations. I am open to all of your ideas. After all, we are all a team, like the Power Rangers, and eventually we will all morph together to set things right in our universal body. (See my poem, David and Goliath.)
I just got back from Seattle to talk more about this and look into what I should do next. I had no trouble at the border; in fact, the guards even risked getting in trouble to help me out with my little quandary, which concerned my taxi driver. He was to take me to the border, but he could not cross because he did not have a passport, and neither did my Seattle friend who planned to meet me at the border, take care of cab driver, and then drive me into the heart of Seattle. When we got to the line up, my poor cabby said, “You will come back right?” The poor man was so used to being swindled, so I said that he could have my purse until he got the money, but he said, “No, I trust you.” 

After going through customs, I did not see my friend anywhere and it was 15 minutes past the time we were to meet. I tried to call him, but I did not have any U.S. coins, and the number would not let me call collect. A cop tried to use the office phone, but that did not work because he was not allowed to. So he decided to lend me his cell phone even though he was not allowed to use it. I had all those tough cops at the station helping me and my cabby out. They were all very sweet. I wonder if that had to do with the major light work I did to the place and all the people in and around it while I was waiting in line? Things eventually got all straightened out. Later on that day, I was happy to come across a young girl who was reading the Anastasia Ringing Cedars books. She even had a ringing cedar pendant like mine. I never take mine off. 

More Travel Tales
A few mornings ago, I got an early call. (I might add that it takes me a bit to wake up because I do most of my light work right before bed, which is like 3 or 4 a.m., and also right after I wake up, which is 11a.m. or 1 p.m., that is, if no one calls me.) Anyhow, back to my story. So I got called up from someone who read my blogs and how I work. He was interested in how I travel and live in a constant state of trust that seems to work very well for me. 

Well, he was so inspired by it that he wants to try it out. He plans to downsize and sell as many things as he can, and maybe even rent out his place. I find it funny that most people think they need an expensive life style with so many unnecessary things, like three cars in the garage, because society says this is how we need to be. Oh, how we complicate life with silly things. My friend also told me that he wants to just pick up and travel with his family the way I travel. He spoke to his wife, and she was excited about it, plus their kids are young and not yet in school. I was really impressed to hear this as I know the first step is the hardest part. Not just that, but if he does this, he will inspire many others to try it and find their freedom. I said that I would help them by hooking them up with options for places they could stay and jobs that they could do. Here are some websites that I recommended to him: 

Mom always says, “Jessica, I do not know how you travel like you do. It is so maverick.” I told my mother that she would not understand until she tried it and witnessed it working first hand. After I told her what my friend was inspired to do, she wants to finally give it a try. In fact, she has already booked us on our first family trip ever for the spring break. 

We will be going to Honolulu, Hawaii. I have already been there. I would rather go to a Hawaiian island that I have not been to, but the travel plans have already been made. I have always wanted to take my family with me when I travel. I so badly wanted them to see my world and join me in my adventures, but Mom always said, “You can do that because you’re young” and so on. I felt that she was just making excuses. I told her, “You just go and do it, with no plan, no money, and watch what happens.”  
See, we ask the universe for help all the time and the universe wants to help. If you make plans, it kind of becomes a contradiction, a silent message that you do not trust the universe. I know this might sound odd. I was not going to talk about this so soon, but it has come up and I wanted to share. I know it sounds crazy, but it does work. I am living proof, and there are many others as well. 

My friend will keep in touch and keep me posted. I will share this with you plus how my family trip goes. Perhaps this will inspire you guys to give gypsy travel a try. Also, if you live in Honolulu or know anyone there I should meet up with, please let me know.

The Rocket Scientist and Lee

Last week, I met up with a rocket scientist, which was interesting. I was very glad that he was an open-minded scientist interested in hearing thoughts from a young mystic. Usually, when I talk to people fancy titles and numerous published papers, I get nervous. I wonder if they will understand the way I see science. Am I using the right words? I guess I feel like this because of my eldest brother, Lee, though interestingly enough, on his last day in Canada with us, he and I actually did not quarrel and I did not cry!  
Lee walked over to my bookshelf and saw I had a poetry book by Robert Service, whose work he loves as much as I do. He was also really surprised that I actually had, in his exact words, “a normal book.” He spent that last with us by reading to us poems like “The Cremation of Sam Magee.” So poetry has saved me again. Ah, poetry, is there anything it can’t do? 

Lee was annoyed when he found that Steve was not paying attention. (Steve was secretly looking at his iPod.) Lee said in his typically forthright way, “Steve, you have the attention span of a gnat.” (Actually, Lee did not call him “Steve.” He called him by his nickname, which is “Bug,” and a gnat is a bug.)  When he said that, I thought to myself, “So we cannot be surprised that if we call him Bug, he will take on the characteristics of a bug.” This is another self-fulfilling prophecy like “I Am that I Am,” quoted from God in the Bible, Popeye and the rapper Eminem. Then Lee started testing us with words and asking, “Do you know what this word means and where it comes from?”  
To him, smart is how well you know things like that. This seems to be what the world uses to determine you are smart as well. I found this kind of odd as I do not see smart in the way others do at all. To me, the smartest people are the ones who can go through life and maintain their happiness.

To me, most of the people the world deems smart are pretty miserable. Then I thought, “Darn, I should have asked Lee and the rocket scientist about a point that Jewel makes in her commentary on her song called Satellite from the Good-Bye Alice in Wonderland CD.” She says, “We understand a lot of things about modern technology but not about dreams. Our hearts are on the shelf. We can’t fix ourselves, but we can fix something as complex as a satellite.”  
Then I thought about a line from my favourite movie of all time, “The Gods Must Be Crazy” where it talked about how civilized man did not want to adapt to the land like the bushman. Instead, civilization tried to make the land adapt to them. They kept inventing labor saving devices, but they did not know when to stop. So they had to sentence (like prison sentence) their children to 12 years of school, just to learn how to survive in this complex, hazardous environment that they created. 

How smart is that? The more labor-saving devices we make, the more we become slaves to our technology and the further we get from our true selves and the sacred wisdom that comes from our connection to nature. We destroy to maintain this convenient, zombie, Terminator 2 existence. Why can we be successful in wealth, invention and fame but not in maintaining a happy home where the children are not so bent on self-destruction? What does this say about us and our progress and our smarts? 
So I do have a degree after all. I have to disagree about what we call intelligent. The world can be so backwards. The ones we think are smart are not so smart after all, and the ones we think are stupid are smart. I have come across many who were called stupid but are anything but that. It’s just that their intelligence is in a different format and maybe a tad abstract, and I thought, “Wow, it is not how smart you are but how are you smart.”
Let me return to my rocket scientist. I ended up having many good talks with this rocket scientist, even though one time I had a dyslexic spell and called him a “science rocket.” I did get a memorable comment from him that went like this: “The psychic echoes reverberated for a day, easily and probably forever.”

His other guests helped me get home, and they even lent me their whole collection of MacGyver series from China. I thought, “Now MacGyver, he is smart.” Not only is he creative, but he has rather big heart smarts for a TV character. That reminds me of the lyrics in Natasha Bedingfield’s Size Matters song: “Size matters, but not how you think. I am talking about the heart, and what you do with it. The more seeds you plant, the more flowers will grow. So big up the love ’till it overflows.

Oh and there is one more thing to share about my brother Lee. He popped in one last time to pick up something he forgot and saw me on the couch watching a movie with my friend who came over earlier to help me with my computer. My mom later told me that he asked her, “Who is that guy Jess is with? Is that her boyfriend? Does she finally have one? I was wondering when she was going to get over that one from France who was a soul reader and ghost buster.”   

“Boy, Jess sure tends to go for the freaks, Mom,” he said. “I think I should have a talk with him. Perhaps I should test him to see if he is a decent guy for her? Maybe I should kick his ass just in case?” 
“On and on he went,” Mom told me. She went on, “So you see, Jessica, he does love you, but he has a funny way of showing it.” 

Forrest and Commander X
Speaking about brothers, my other brother, the rapper, has recently learned about the reptiles and the underground bases by someone on YouTube that goes by the name, Commander X. He phoned us up late at night and said “Jess, did you know that reptile aliens rule the world? I know it sounds crazy and you may not believe me, but watch the most shocking content in these videos.”

I told Forrest that I knew about this. I have been writing, speaking and making videos about it. He responded back, “I do not think you have any idea what Commander X is about. You cannot make this stuff up, or grasp it. Heck, I cannot even make sense of it.” 
We watched the video, and I called Forrest back and to tell him my thoughts. I told him that I had known about this information since I was 16. He asked, “How come you never told me?”

I said, “I did tell you, only you would not listen. You were always so stubborn.” He could not believe I knew about this for so long, so I had him watch my Project Camelot video and he called me back with his thoughts. He said, “I love you, Sis, but I have no idea what you are talking about. Why do you say the Illuminati are helping us?”

My message somehow went way over his head, but he did want more information on Dads’ chip, and he wanted to know if Mom was present at the hospital during the blackout. I’m OK with the fact that my brother does not yet understand what I am about. He is just in the shock phase still. I recall being there. He will not understand until it sinks in a bit more and he starts to see what we see. I guess I can be too much for some people. It just shows that we all awaken in our own time and we all have our own journeys to it. What works for one does not always work for another. 

Apparently, because of my Project Camelot interview and because people have heard me talk about reptilians, people who have never heard about them before started to look up what I was talking about. Many are in shock, trying to make sense of it all. My videos will help them later on. It is funny, when I speak to people now about what I know, I immediately go into the reptile talk, and I see in peoples’ eyes, “What the heck is she talking about?” So this is a good start.  


I have a few things to share about the inauguration of Obama. Now I know there are many who believe he is a lightworker and is here to save the day. I have also had an open ear to what David Icke has said, in effect, that he will be the worst president yet and will help bring on the New World Order. I am not leaning to either side on this one; however, I am not about to fully give into the Obama thing, even though he is well spoken and tells the people exactly what they want to hear and is well versed in the lightworker jargon. As a girl, I am well aware of men trying to tell me what they think I want to hear. They always do so with their own agenda, and they don’t seem to have the gumption to be real with me and take off their mask. 

It is just the same with Obama. He is too perfect, you know. The first time they announced who was running for president and I saw Obama, I knew he would win. He was the obvious choice after what the people have been through with Bush. There was no contest between Obama and the other candidates, even though they made it look like there was. It all felt so “Hollywood” to me, and I knew it would be a landslide for Obama. He was perfect, almost too perfect. Are people really that easy to play? Do we not fall in love with an actor because of the characters they play and the clever things their writers and publicists have them say? Is that really who they are in real life? They do this all the time, even with politicians. They’re all actors in one way or another. 

Not just that, it always seems we have a bad president and then a good president and then a bad one, etc. Do you see the pattern with Bush Senior, then Clinton, then Bush Junior, and now Obama? The political system is so heavily rigged with puppets that it is designed to not let a light workers shine their light there. Oh, but the puppets sure know the lightworker and motivational speaker jargon. Even if Obama is a good guy, they can easily manipulate him like what was done with the Kennedy’s. Also, presidents usually have some very embarrassing things in their past that they want hidden, so if they do rebel they can be pressured. I am not saying Obama is either good or bad. I just think that we should be careful about giving our power away so fast or prematurely labelling people. Nothing is what it seems. 

People can make you feel good, but feelings can be tricked and manipulated. I think we have all experienced that. Actions speak louder than words, and we need to play close attention and look beyond what media tells us. It seems so many of us still have a savior complex—we want someone else to save us. It is not all on the leader nor is it all on the people with a revolt or something. It takes a collaboration of both, and it can only work once Geppetto’s strings are cut. That time is coming soon. The Illuminati knows it, and it scares them, so of course they will prepare and pull out all the stops.

Book News

It has come to my attention that the new black Anastasia books have been changed. They have been extended, and some material from the original copy has been removed. The Illuminati are really nervous about these books; I have seen how they have tried to stop the books. Since they cannot stop them, they watered them down. I will read the black ones myself and compare the differences between the two versions. I am very sad to hear this, particularly because most stores sell the black books and not the lovely green cover ones. So if you guys do buy these books, try to get the green ones. These books are very important for the world to read. I cannot stress this enough. It is also why I am on the fence to write a book when what I am about and the solutions I propose are explained so perfectly in these Anastasia books. Perhaps I will look into being a distributor for the green ones only.

Speaking of books, I was given some books in the mail by someone who wants to be the publisher of my books (if I write any). He is a math professor. I told him that I have a third grade mentality when it comes to math. To me, 1+1 does not equal 2 but 3. He thinks I should write a book to add credibility to what I say. There will be younger kids coming forward soon who will not credibility in the mainstream sense, but they will blow everyone away.

When I went through the five books the publisher sent me, my guides told me which one I needed to read first. The one they led me to was called Jason, My Indigo Child: Raising a Multidimensional Star Child in a Changing World by Ann Andrews. This book is about Ann’s son being abducted by E.T.s and what happened to the boy and what he learned. It also describes the family dealt with many paranormal occurrences like their son missing and reappearing in different places of the house and yard. They saw all kinds of entities on their property. They had to deal with the government and military as well as the reptilians who came after the boy or tried to stop him. She describes how Jason is able to destroy machines with his thoughts, how he was able to physically appear as a fireman to help people on Sept 11th, and many more trippy abilities. 

The boy is now 26, my age. His name is Jason Andrews, and he lives in England. The things he was taught by the ET’s is the same stuff I share with all of you, and his story is even more incredible. His abilities are jaw-dropping impressive, and like me he does not charge for them. I highly recommend you guys look into Jason and his story, particularly if you have had contact with other worldly beings and it still scares you. Oh, and if you do get the book, I recommend that you sleep with it under you pillow and see what kind of dreams and vibes you get from it. You’re in for a real trip. 

I have already contacted the Andrews family because my guides say that we need to meet and will arrange it for me. This book will help all of you who have been abducted or know you are star children but do not have memories of being on the crafts. If ever any of you doubt yourself or the world we are living in, be assured that you will see more and more living proof in the children. Someone thanked me the other day for being living proof that these phenomena are indeed all real. 

My Cats

I have decided to finally share with you about my Princess Peaky Bear (What is up with me calling everything bear?) Peaky was my pink-colored kitty, my baby, my first very own pet. She was the daughter of Mr. Orange, also known as Eko, and his wife, Mrs. Phat. From the moment I saw Peaky, I knew she was the one for me. I blasted that cat with so much love and light that if I looked at her, she would drop down and start purring and rolling around as if she were basking in my aura’s love. We would play for hours. She would nibble my nose and toes and always find ways to make me smile. I got her a year after my sister Melissa passed away. 

I was so sad when we had to move into an apartment, and I could not have her in my arms to tell her about my day and my secrets. I had no choice but to leave her and her family—Orange and Panther—at a “cat orphanage.” Mrs. Phat ended up being adopted by a neighbor who fell in love with her. Panther was Steve’s cat, but they were never that close. Each member of the family had a cat. Mom had Phat; Dad had Orange; and you know who the other two belonged to. The cats were so sad at this cat orphanage, but what could I do? If we snuck the cats in at our place, we would be kicked out. I just could not let my family become homeless again. I did come and visit her, but she was starting to drift from me. She was hurt and did not understand why we could not be together. 

Peaky and I had this real special bond. We were very telepathic with one another, and one day I kept getting this strong message from Peaky, “Please, hurry! Come see me.” I went to her right away to find all these cops and SPCA everywhere. They were there to put all the cats down. I begged them, “Please don’t! Let me at least take my babies.” After a couple hours, they finally agreed to let me take them, but having no where to go with them I was lost. 

I then recalled my friend who moved into a farm; perhaps they would take them in for me? They did take them in for me, and I thought they would be happy at the farm. But the next day, Mr. Orange and Panther escaped and disappeared. I wrote about what happened to Orange and his story in a eulogy called “Eko.” To this day, we have no clue where Panther is or if he is OK. Even though I was not close to Panther I still loved him. He was a goofy, clutsy cat. Dad was gone, and Orange had a hard time getting over that even though Mom had a special bond with him. And Peaky was the only one who stayed put on the farm. She knew that I would be back to see her. 

When I did go see her, she was different. She was upset with me, and she had abandonment issues. When I left, my friend told me how Peaky freaked out and would not eat unless somebody was present with her. She was getting so skinny that my friend was really concerned she needed to be around people and be indoors; otherwise, she would die. It’s a good thing the girl who helped with her horses had a desire to take care of my baby at her house. Peaky could regain her strength there, and it was even closer to my house so I could visit her more frequently. I got the best everything for her—toys, food, whatever I could. I felt like some rich parent who was never present for their child’s life and is now trying to buy their way back into their private world. 

I also really wanted to get the smell and germs off her from that cat orphanage I wanted to wash the sadness out of her as well. Just when she was starting to forgive me, the bath I gave her upset her so much that the next time I came to visit her she would not look at me. On this visit, I told her, “Peaky, I really need you now. I am about to do a very important interview, and I need your support, encouragement, and love. Please baby, I am so nervous and my stummy (stomach + tummy = stummy) is sad (in pain). Baby, your love gives me wings. Please help me with this.” 

It was not until I returned from my trip that Mom told me that Peaky died two days after I left. She did not want to tell me during my trip as she thought it would ruin my whole trip. She died right after my Project Camelot interview. Even though she was sick, she stayed alive so she could send her love and comfort me for my interview. I now knew why the cops and SPCA were putting all the cats down– they were all sick. They caught something that was killing them all and most of the cats were contaminated. As I write this, tears are pouring out and smearing my makeup so that I look like a racoon. 

Peaky once told me something really incredible that I want to share with you now. She told me that we spent lots of time on Sirius A. It is a humanoid cat planet. I was always going to other worlds and helping the humans in all dimensions. I would come back and tell her all about my adventures and all that I learned about the humans. How I loved them and longed to be a part of their world (like Ariel in The Little Mermaid). How we wanted them to join into the universal song in harmony with their galactic brethren (Universe means uni =one, and verse= song, so one song.) 

She told me how one day I came to her telling her about my assignments and works with the Earth beings and that there was a call for volunteers to incarnate there for the shift, a chance for us to have a physical body. I told her, “I am really thinking of going to Earth for this. I feel in my heart I must go. There is so much pain, and I know I can help them.” 

Peaky listened to me and said, “I can see that I cannot talk you out of it, but I have looked over the life contract/script you have signed up for. I have decided that I would like to come and be with you. I want to be there for you right after you lose your sister and during the time when you lose your father. I will stay with you right up to your interview. (At this time I had no clue what she meant when she said interview.) This is the best way I can help you with your mission. I will be a flotation device when you’re going through a sea of pain.” 

“But how will I find you, Peaky?” I asked. “When I go to Earth, I will have to drink from a river that will make me forget everything.” 

She said, “Oh, you will recognize me. You will just know. I will help you recall the times we shared together too. You will know how it is possible to love someone so much in the instant you first meet them.” 

Now my Peaky has left her furry form and has gone back to the stars. She works as guide for me like my sister and father. I miss having a purr-being to hold and share with, so much so I look hungrily at all the cats that cross my path. I am grateful to live close to a pet shop that has cats. As I walked by one day, I looked into this cat’s eye and saw Peaky. The eyes had a love drunk look that I knew so well. That was a very sacred moment to me frozen in time and kept in the vault of my heart for an emergency, a love memory when I fall into a time of need.


Early today, I met a guy on the sky train who I used to work with in the film industry. He said, “How cool seeing you! I had a dream about you the other night. You were on your rickshaw, and when I woke up the next day, you had commented on your facebook about a picture of you on your rickshaw—the exact one I saw in my dream! So I knew somehow my guides were hinting to me that I would run into you again.” He talked about how he saw my videos and how he knew I had important work to do. He wants to help me out in whatever way he can. I share this with you to give you an idea of the constant synchronicities occurring in our lives. These things are now normal to me. In fact, I now expect it.

My Harmonic Utopia Interview

Yesterday, January 21st, I was supposed to do this radio interview with this internet radio show: 



I was not aware of the time difference. Here I was so proud of myself–I woke up on time for my interview. I Skyped them and there was no answer, and then two minutes later they contacted me and said, “Where were you? We just finished the show.” 

“How could that be?” I asked. 

They then told me that where they are noon is an hour later than here. “Oh, no way! Why do I have to be so unaware and dyslexic when it comes to these things?” I thought. Then they told how many people tuned in hoping to hear me speak on their show, but they all understood that I could not make it because after being interviewed on Project Camelot I must have been super busy. 

The show still went real well because they talked about the new children. They were nice about my missing their show, and they invited me on to speak next week the 28th at noon. This time, my mom will keep track of time for me so I do not miss it. What is really cool about this is that we will record it and put it up on YouTube. The interview ended up going well and will soon be archived on their site as well. They have even asked me to be a monthly guest.

Another Sedona Interview

Here is the last bit of news. On the morning of January 30th, I will be leaving for Sedona again for another interview; however, this one will not be with Project Camelot. I am very grateful that they were a vehicle to help introduce me in this physical form to all of you. I felt very strongly that I wanted to be interviewed by someone who fully understands me, who will be gentle with me, and who will give me more time. This time I will be interviewed by Jim Law. David Sereda and Jim Law are doing a series of documentaries with enlightened themes. They are currently working on another one called Messages From Our Children, though that title could change. They have already interviewed Akiane, that amazing young girl—a child prodigy—who was on the Oprah show.

They have been to Akiane’s house numerous times and are good friends with the family. There is talk about them doing a movie on the parents of these kids as well. Akiane’s mother is most interested in this project. Akiane has a very Christian-based focus and that is her jargon of choice. I was told that the kids would be present in every single religion and belief there is. They would school the adults and bring all the beliefs together back to oneness again. We are everywhere.

I am not sure how long I will be in Sedona (maybe two weeks?), and I haven’t decided yet if I will go to L.A., Colorado, New Mexico, or the Grand Canyon while I am down there. They are not too far away, and I have had people ask me to come out to see them. I am thinking about this, so we will see where my guides lead me. I have been invited to stay with Jim and also drive to New Mexico to do star seed things for star seed reasons. Of course, I will keep you all posted here and on facebook. If you’re in the Sedona area, let me know and I will try to see you. Or come out to see me.


Well, that is all for now. I am going to start working on 2012, Part 3. Oh, I am so excited about this one, guys! This is my most favorite thing to share about and the most valuable insight I feel I can give to you. I think I will title the blog “My Dance with the Dark.”

I love you all so much right now. I am splitting my spirit up into many little rain drops to be with you all now in all times of your lives. Take a moment to feel me now. Thank-you for being there for me and for our finding each other again. I am so proud of all of you!

Om Namah Shivaya! Shivaya Namah Om!


We are the answer to our prayers. Indeed, we shall witness this first hand

P.S. I also need to find out who gave me a subscription to the National Geographic magazine!


Author: Jessica Schab

Memoirs of a Former Mystic - Blogs I've written many blogs but the series about my time in Bali, Indonesia, when my radical changes took place, is what has garnered the most curiosity and acclaim. In it, I share everything about that process from beginning to end and in great detail, so that others can get to know me and better understand what I am about. My Bali Blog series is an exploration of my own personal confusion towards rational thinking that has helped myself and others to see our own cognitive dissonance. It exposes the many things that we hide from ourselves and why. ​I highly suggest to read the blogs in order, from part 1 to 5. Otherwise, it will be hard to understand the content. I myself am shocked to realize that I had no idea how conditioned and problematic my spiritual beliefs were until I wrote these blogs; how they affected every aspect of my life and created so many unnecessary problems, making me so afraid to even dare to think or imagine my life and who I was without them. I can see now the contradictions I had to want to understand, watching these elements fight within me, planting mine fields of self-destruction in my mind when I forced myself to think without spiritual beliefs that acted like a drug for me, often times taking over my mind and thinking for me. How could I get myself to stop protecting these beliefs? Such a question led me to understand why others are so keen to choose irrationality instead of logic when it comes to their ideologies. It's one of the many reasons that led to me speaking up about why I am so concerned about this movement and the dangers of these beliefs. I would describe my changes as a massive tidal wave; a tsunami sweeping me and everything I was familiar with away. I honestly do not think I would have made it had I not learned how to surf my psyche. You would think the tidal wave would be the worst of it, right? So did I. I can say it’s not the case. You can ask people who have experienced a massive tsunami or any natural disaster and they will tell you the worst part is actually the aftermath; dealing with the dramatic shift, and in my case the psychological changes. How does one go on after something like that? What next? It’s not like one can go back to how things used to be and forget it ever happened; the experience echoes in your bones. It’s futile and insane to rebuild the old and familiar in your psyche and to encourage former hopes and beliefs. Especially because it often is what beckoned and fuelled the tsunami to begin with. When you get to the root, you must start completely new so as not to recreate the past. ​Ha! Easier said than done! So, these blogs are also an invitation and challenge to detect what is confusion and what is fact. To have people ask themselves: Are my beliefs thinking for me? It becomes more apparent and easier to pinpoint and reduce one's conditioned thinking when one finishes the whole series in order. Then, one can see their own results on how they scored with detecting and exploring their own cognitive biases.​ Best of luck. ​Enjoy and please let me know what you think :-)

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