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Sedona the Sequel

Well here I go again, last minute as I thought. I’m off to Sedona again for mysteries and reasons that have yet to be revealed to me. All I know is that the expenses were covered and I am to go. I will be gone from the 14th to the 24th of this month. I will be camping for the most part.

Hi My Beloveds!

I know I am to post 2012 Part 3 first, but it is 17 pages long. It is longer than I foresaw, so I have decided to put it up on YouTube instead. That should be up very soon along with Parts 1 and 2. I will also put the text for Part 3 in the for-OM section under “2012 Saga.” Parts 4 and 5 will also be up sooner than you think. I was originally trying to get them recorded on YouTube while I was in Sedona, but I could not figure out the Mac computer. I am doing my best to keep updating my site. Thank-you for all your patience!  In this blog, I want to tell you more about my most recent trip to Sedona. 

Driving to the Airport

Jan 15, 2009 — I had not even left the Vancouver airport, and adventure had already ensued. It was now 2:05 p.m., and my flight was for 9 a.m. In fact, that was the theme all day that day–close calls.

My mother woke me up at 6:00 a.m. and drove me to the airport. To me, 6 a.m. is a ridiculous time to be awakened, but to Mom and her farm brain, earlier is better. You never know when a seagull can die in midair and hit your car. This is an exaggeration of her brain imagining the worst case scenario. I usually do not let her wake me up that early. She says that is easy for me to say because I am not the one driving, which is a good point, though Dad was always calm, cool, and relaxed when it came to driving and so is my best friend. It turned out that I gave her the wrong directions to the airport. Who knew that Vancouver has another tiny airport that perhaps ships chickens?

Never, never again let me look up directions for you, Mom. You should know this is not my strongest point and never was. She has taken me a few times to the airport, so I was rather surprised that she did not know the way by now. When we realized we were going the wrong direction, Mom panicked and went frantic. She started beeping and asking everyone in sight how to get to the airport. The people who got to hear her squawk were somewhat amused to find out the reason. When Mom gets like this, I call it the hen state. I can tease her now as long as I am reminded that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Ah, osmosis.

Then after asking others for directions and driving away, she asked me, “Now what did they say again?” I myself never listen to directions because I do not drive and can never get left and right correctly. Ah, dyslexia. It did not help that Mom took every wrong turn in sight either. So after numerous gas stations and pedestrians directions, we eventually made it to the airport. I had an hour and a half to spare. Wahoo! I made it, or did I?  

Customs Ordeal 

Nope. At customs and border protection, I told them that I was going to be interviewed for a documentary and said how I knew the documentary maker, Jim Law. I can understand how this would sound strange. It did not help that I said I would be speaking about quantum physics and metaphysics. I guess I do not look like I know those things. I was not catering to their stereotypes. 

I cannot help my physical form or the heart information that is housed within me. I wish I could have said that. This wouldn’t be happening if I were normal with a normal life and travelled for normal reasons. My case was odd. It was gray, and these guys were only seeing in black and white. They had old school vision. How could they understand my mission? Girls who look like me talk about malls and boys, and that is definitely not this girl. 

I have two big challenges in this life. The first is that I am not from this time but farther into the future where things are very different. The second challenge is that, like my father, I am honest to a fault. Mom would always chastise me about being too honest and too trusting. She would remind me about how Dad invented bendable concrete and how it was stolen from someone he trusted. He was so excited. He would share with everyone. Wow, I have sure become him. 

I could have just said that I was tourist and was staying with a family friend. Nope, I had to be honest. Why? Because I am crappy at lying, and I am not allowed to be a hypocrite. If I were, then I would not be able to articulate such things. I must walk my talk. I can so relate to Jim Carey in the movie Liar Liar. I am also not allowed to hide, not like others I see who cross my path day to day, those whom I go up to saying, “Psst, excuse me, but your divinity is showing.” Careful people will criticize and ostracize you for daring to be yourself, oh heaven forbid. 

When the authorities pulled me into a private room to answer more questions, they asked me, “Were you last interviewed by Project Camelot?” Gulping in my throat, I said in a tiny voice, “Yes.” Oh crap, now I have done it. They will look up that web site and find conspiracy theories, but I am not a conspiracy theory person. How could I explain to them that I was there to get people out of the conspiracy state? Can honesty save me? Why can I not just be good at lying? I say to myself, “You’re representing a new way of being, Jess. You have to be an example. The whole world is watching you, your movie, and what you do will affect so many now.” Yeah, it’s a microscope existence.

Now I could have used my powers on these security people to let me through and not recall me at all, a Men in Black tactic. Or I could have let them see me for who I am, where their soul recognized me and let me through. Nope, it is about free will and trusting and honoring my journey. I can make plans, but life will make other plans. Who am I to think I know more than life does about me and my path? I say to myself, “How do you know, Jess, that maybe it was important for you to miss your flight and go through this experience. You know you will be fine if you do not let it jade you, true. Maybe Dad was meant to have his bendable concrete stolen? Just because we could not see it at that time, later on in the movie we found out why certain things went down the way they did and discovered the perfect divinity of it all.” 

But then the reality set in that I was going to miss my flight, and my brain jumped into hen mode just like my mother and her worst case scenarios. What if I am forbidden to go to the United States from now on? Will I have to go home and tell everyone, “Well, no Sedona after all. It was not meant to be”? How can I do my mission without being able to travel? What about my friend who paid for my trip to Sedona? All his money would be wasted, and that was not cool. He was doing me a favor. 

It was becoming too much, and I started to weep. Even my tears annoyed me. Why must I always be so emotionally sensitive and cry? My guides responded by saying “Feeling in the moment is a good thing. You’re not putting it off until later, until you forget only to find it comes back up in an abrupt, unexpected, and unconscious way. You’re dealing with it now. You’re not wearing a mask. You’re allowing yourself to feel. You will never be numb or seek comfort in rum. You’re a bit cloudy right now. It only makes sense that you let loose the waterworks and so find clarity, for only when it rains can there be a clear blue sky. You’re releasing, and your tears, like rain drops, will impregnate your seeds of inspiration manifesting and bringing life to the earth. Rain helps plants grow, and so it is the same with your tears of the moment. Thoughts + emotion (E = energy in motion) = birth. Love is a garden. If you let it go, it fades away before you know. Love is a garden that needs help to grow.” 

They were right. I did feel better, and now I had new ideas of what I could do. The customs people wanted more information about this documentary and my role in it. Well, maybe I could do all that here and not have to go home with my head down. I come from the future, tying a string to my heart and leaving it behind me to guide people to their birthright future that I know so well. I’m doing this by being an example and demonstrating what it means to be an artist of life and love. I am showing others how to make a lovely life painting while working and harmonizing with both the dark and light colors on the canvas. 

I decided that I would contact Jim at the hotel via the Internet. I asked him to send me an e-mail with all the details I needed so that I could print it out and show it to the authorities. Although I missed my flight, not all was lost. I could get another flight because I now had flight credit. I could catch a standby. I could sense the sun rising within me and felt so happy. I felt strength in my little stem and leafy limbs. The heat was evaporating the heavy rain splattered on my soul. In my head I could hear George Harrison’s song Here Comes the Sun. “Here comes the sun. Here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright.” 

My plan worked perfectly. I even had people checking up on me. They had arbitrary articles on like badges missing teeth, but they could not fool me. I knew they were my angels. I went back into line and found another flight. I was originally to be in Sedona at 5 p.m. Now it would be 10 p.m. when I landed in Phoenix, and it would take another two hours to get to Sedona. Jim was super cool and understanding about it all. He was eager to help me or fund me with whatever came up and if this second flight cost more. This time, I would have to make sure I could explain why Jim bought a one-way ticket for me for this project. I could see how that could look questionable–a young, naive blond girl thinking she will be in a movie going to see a guy she never met. This sounds a bit like déjà vu like my last Sedona trip. Hmm, what is this pattern telling me?

So here I was back at customs explaining how I was denied but how I now had the information that was requested of me. Surely they would let me go through now! Nope, it was back into that little private room for more questions. All seemed lost. Now it was clear to me why they were having qualms about letting me through. I was going to do a documentary, which was work, but I was not getting paid. Volunteering is still work. How could I guarantee I would not be paid while I was there? Why did I not have a visa or a green card? How would I know if the documentary people would not make money after the film was released? They were cracking down on people coming to the states to do under-the-table work. “But what if I do not charge for what I do?” I asked. “What if I promise not to take money for this project?” I pleaded. 

They said, “Nope. Go have a seat. We will call you up.” 

My immediate response was, “But will I miss my flight again?”

While I was sitting and waiting, I had another angel comfort me. Then I got called up again, and I saw my interrogator get off the phone. I do not know who he spoke to, but he said, “OK, I am going to let this one slide, but really I am not allowed to let you into the states. Next time, get a visa.” I put my hands behind me to see if I could feel for horse shoes. I really am lucky, or “they” really are working their behind-the-scenes magic! 

I always have some fiasco when it comes to flying. I missed my flight home from France. I have had numerous close calls where I made my flight just in the nick of time. I almost had to fly out of Hawaii without my best friend. I missed my train to California when the customs guys flirted with me and held me up to get my phone number. Then I got on the wrong train on my way back from California, and I missed my flight in Georgia because I was talking and not listening for flight departure announcements. Then there was the time I missed my own cruise ship, the time when I had to come back abruptly from Australia, and on and on. But despite it all, I always made it, and each one was a real neat story. 

These I will share with you in time. It is mainly these things that has made the magic visible to me and has shaped me into who I am today, doing what I came here to do. Each precious bittersweet experience has made my message possible. Each could be seen as insignificant to the untrained eye, although collectively they add up to a lot, even as small specks of dirt can add up to a large mountain.

I just had one more thing to challenge my guides on: free will with the guards, what a laugh. “Why did they get free will, but I did not?” I asked my guides, “You guys would not leave me alone until I agreed to work with you. Is that not manipulation? You do this with all the starseeds and lightworkers. What about all the people taken on crafts and have stuff done to them? Where was their free will?” 

My guides responded, “Jess, you did give us permission. They all gave us permission, actually. It was your guys’ idea, only you forgot and filed it to the bottom of your subconscious like everyone else. In time, you will remember, but first you have to allow yourself to recall. That is why it is important to be honest and forgiving with yourself, only you guys are so used to pointing fingers at everyone but yourself, forgetting it is all you. Why? Because it is so much easier, or so you keep telling yourself, and that allows it all to continue.” 

“OK, fine. Fair enough. Then what about free will and destiny? Which is it?” I asked. “They seem to contradict each other. How long have they been in the ring? How many rounds will people do battle over which is so?” 

My guides said, “That is an easy one. It is both. Yes, you do have a script that you pre- chose. You may not be able to control what happens to you in life, but you can control your emotions and actions, and doesn’t that make all the difference?”

I was roaming the airport trying to find my gate. When it comes to directions, I do not trust my dyslexic brain, so I asked a young man if I was in the right area. He said I was, so I sat down close to my gate and relaxed. When I boarded my plane and went to my seat, I found that I was sitting next to the man who just helped me. After we talked and I revealed all the things I was about, he said, “It is funny. When you came up to me, I felt this strong fresh of light hit my third eye, and the words you said echoed through my whole being over and over. I had no idea why that was. So it was interesting that we would be seated next to each other.” I hope that from our conversation he has been triggered and is now on his way with his mission.

When I got to the Phoenix airport, I said to everyone near me to look at the carpet. It had a pattern of circles within circles, and a plane going into each swirl. Arizona’s vortexes were being displayed on the carpet! I learned that the airport was made in the 1940s, and people had learned that Sedona had vortices in the 1980s. So that was interesting. I took pictures of the carpet, and they are on my facebook. 

At Jim’s Place 

At about 11 p.m., I arrived at my destination and met Jim Law. He was a treasure diver, like an aquatic Indiana Jones. He has a real big house, and I was given this huge room and a huge bed. I felt like a princess. I had a huge walk-in closet complete with a brown belt karate suite that I tried on. The bathroom had a bidet, but I stayed away from that thing. Its cold water projection scared me. Who the heck uses these things? My room also had a door that led to the backyard. I always left this door open until Jim said it was best to keep the doors closed lest a scorpion wander into the house. From then on, I frequently went outside to look under rocks for scorpions. Alas, I never found any.

When I unpacked, I found that I had accidently brought my friend’s angry stone. My friend gave it to me saying the stone felt angry and restless because it wanted to travel and see the world. She wanted me to take it to the airport and leave it there with a note so someone could take the stone on an epic adventure. With my fiasco at the airport, I forgot, so the stone ended up coming with me. I put him under these pyramids and he is now happy. And the fact that my friend cares so deeply about the feelings of a stone tells me what kind of person she is. How many people do you know who care about the feelings of stones?

I learned that Jim knew Miriam Delicado. In fact, she stayed in my very bed at Jim’s place. That was a neat little synchronicity to add to the ball. 

Jim then shared with me about this dream he had where he was a dolphin, and this young girl was playing with him in the surf near a beach. When he awoke, he told his friend about this dream. She said, “Oh my gosh! I had this dream where I was little again. I was on this beach playing with a dolphin in the shallow waters!” 

This story is really interesting because it tells us that all the people or beings in our dreams could be our friends or people we know disguised in another form. Perhaps we have been interacting with others and did not even know it until we shared our dreams and found the synchronicities and déjà vus. Think about that one, guys. For more information on Jim and his projects and documentaries, including Water, The Voice, Quantum Communication, Lisa’s Little Secret, and Hope for Humanity, go to

In Jim’s treasure chest area of his house I found a 33rd degree Freemason badge, which is the highest decree of Freemasonry you can get. Jim acquired the badge from eBay. Apparently, the owner died, and the badge was inherited by a relative who did not know about Freemasons and thought she could get a pretty penny for it. I wore this thing around the house singing the Simpsons Stonecutters Song.  “Who keeps Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps? We do, we do. Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? We do, we do.” I wore this badge because girls could never wear such a badge, so I could not resist. I have such a strong desire to mess with the status quo every chance I get. Jim even dared me to wear it out in public, which of course I did. That was pretty funny. 

Jim and Comet Tempel 1

Jim also told me another neat story that falls under my 2012 Part 2 blog. He told me how NASA was planning to crash the “Deep Impact” probe into a comet known as Tempel 1  to see what happened. It was sort of a “shoot now and ask questions later” kind of thing. They were going to spend billions of dollars on this experiment. Wow, there is a good use for our money while many people starve. Jim learned during a channelling session that comet Tempel 1 had beings on it who were using it as their cosmic ship. He felt very strongly that if they blew this comet up, then that would bring about disastrous ramifications for us on Earth. The Bible’s Book of Revelations mentioning scenes reminiscent of the Chernobyl disaster came to mind. 

So Jim and some of his buddies decided to meditate and see if they could prevent the comet from being hit. What eventually happened was that the Deep Impact probe did hit the comet but just a small part. They actually grazed it, but they were unsure how their brilliant mathematicians miscalculated so there wasn’t a greater impact. Jim compared what he did to someone being shot in the foot rather than in the head. One lesson I draw from this is that collective meditations can have an effect even in space. What else are we projecting and attracting to us from space with our thoughts? Should we be worried about the Wormwood “star” or asteroids colliding with our planet if we can change events with our thoughts and intentions? That being the case, we should watch what we think and aim for the good with our collective meditations. 

You see, many were meditating to stop Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and the hurricane did veer off course, so a direct hit was avoided. (Most of the damage was actually done by the storm surge and the catastrophic failure of a levee.) The so-seeming natural disasters heading our way are not sent to wipe us out. Rather, they are sent to see how well we can work as a collective to change our outcome through focus and awareness. They are the perfect way to motivate us to step back into our power. 

The Radio Show

The next day, we went out to Ravenhearts in Sedona where we met up with a friend of Jims who, as a caller, has been on the Coast to Coast AM radio more than anyone else. He has his own radio show, and he was sharing about his next show. It was going to be about Mars and Venus and how they might have warred with each other. I told him my views about Venus, and he asked if I could say that on his radio program because he wanted to get a variety of views. Here is what I said for that show: 

Hello everybody. My name is Jessica Schab. Thank-you, Blair, for inviting me to speak on your show about Venus or Aphrodite. I see the Greek gods as archetype characters that exist to this very day in that we have a god of love, a god of war, and a god of wisdom. All of these are characteristics are immortal as they exists in every human being to this day. Often they vie for our attention, asking us to choose one over the other or play favorites, if you will. 

I see Venus representing humanity’s alchemical journey. (Then I went into my coal and diamond spiel that you all have heard. There is no need to repeat it.) This is very similar to the process of Aphrodite as she was born when Cronus attacked his father, Uranus. It was something of a family feud, like how we choose one characteristic over the other that thus brings about pain, war, and strife. This strife birthed the Goddess of love and beauty. 

What is interesting about her birth was that she is symbolized or depicted as riding on a clam shell. A clam can take one tiny insignificant grain of sand and turn it into a pearl, yet again another description of the alchemical journey. Even more interesting is that in the mythology about dragons (the reptilian race significance in all this) they are represented as guardians of the pearl or gold–a great treasure to behold once one can make peace with all one’s inner archetype characteristics.  

Jim, Venusian Ships, and H20

Later on, Jim told me about another dream he had about being in an Air Force base. He saw this blue alien craft that looked amphibious, and it had a gold windshield. Two years later, he told me his friend gave him this poster of the exact craft he saw in his dream. The craft was said to come from Venus! I was wondering if it was really a dream or if he actually astral travelled there. Or maybe he was seeing this craft out of someone else’s eyes? I played around with all the possibilities, and it was really interesting.

Jim also told me about his involvement with the live H2O project for the love of living water. These events will be held all over the world, and they are planning to have one in Vancouver that I will be helping with. I was thinking that I would even try to get Jewel to participate.  The following is from the website of this event: 

This is a totally free, non-profit, 72-hour global event to bring humanity back to unity in the name of LOVE, by celebrating the sacred water of the Earth. Human hearts worldwide will “marry” the “Universal Solvent” Water, using the “Universal Language” Music, to produce the “Universal Healer” LOVE. For 72 hours, celebrities, authors, film-makers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, and religious leaders from all cultures will grace at least nine main stages internationally at venues adjacent important bodies of Water.  

For the first time in history, viewers worldwide will interact freely and synchronously, singing, chanting, and praying together over the Internet, engage dozens of “channels” of Water theme programming, thus produce their own experience in “real time” uniting with the millions of brothers and sisters everywhere. 

Here you will engage the power of Water–“Creative Juice”–to transform, restore, and sustain health, peace, and prosperity in all ways.  Health-enhancing and life-extending knowledge about music as the “universal language,” and how it operates within your body Water, and your DNA, to sustain you. LOVE is the “universal healer,” and Water is the “universal solvent.” Put them together and you have the best-kept secret in history—a truth so freeing it will surely hasten the Spiritual Renaissance.  

During the “LOVE Water Experiment,” on the final day of the broadcast, millions of people are expected to participate using their voices and retuned instruments to “hydro-sonically” broadcast the LOVE frequency of 528Hz into the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. A prayerful “‘AH’ LOVE chant” will last 81 minutes and carry our human family’s heart-felt loving prayer for peace, health and prosperity into the “Living Water.” The combined signal will enter Waters worldwide, producing a virtual “LOVE potion,” so to speak—a homeopathic vibrating liquid crystal of LOVE that will be heart-felt by people everywhere whose bodies are, likewise, filled with Water. This “Global Baptism” will, according to Native and religious prophets and prophecies, return our global village to ecological and spiritual integrity. 

For more information check out

Familiar Faces and the Atlantis Documentary 

We then headed to David Sereda’s place to attend this small gathering. Lo and behold, who should I should run into but Joseph, a friend of mine from Vancouver! For those of who know about my dome house stay in the Kootenays, you know who I am referring to. He is the wizard and Kabbalah astrologer who lives in a sacred geometry dome house. Ah, dome sweet dome. The last time I saw Joseph, I was very sick. As you will recall, my whole family was trying out this raw food diet. We picked some wild ginger leaves that turned out to be poisonous and from a fairy ring. I vomited a good deal and spoke in some strange fairy tongue. 

No one knew what to do, so Joseph called an ambulance. As they were trying to get me onto a stretcher, Joseph was making healing whale sounds, but the paramedics just thought he was a whack. Joseph was in Sedona sharing his Kabbalah understanding of crop circles. After his talk, I was thinking how he is not normal like me. What does he tell the border guys about his business in the states so he does not get heckled? He told me, “I just say it’s for religious holiday, and by law they cannot bother me.”

We ended that day by watching one of my favorite documentaries. When I was 16 years old and working on a movie set, a man who seemed to know me gave it to me. I love sharing these videos with others. I think I will put them on my for-OM. If I’m not mistaken, I have the whole set on my YouTube favorite area. If you do not want to change the videos every 10 minutes, they are also on Google videos. There are 5 parts in all. Just type in The Legend of Atlantis part 1 and so on. 

I really love these videos, but not everyone can grasp them. One may need to watch them more than once. However, there is one thing in these videos that bothers, but I will get to that later. Perhaps I make it into a discussion on my for-OM. In the meantime, I will let you guys see if you can figure it out what I am referring to. Jim liked The Legend of Atlantis videos so much that he wants to be a distributor for them. I was always frustrated by having these videos. I wanted others to see them, but how could I get them out there and make them as well known as Zeitgeist or What the Bleep? I knew one day I would find a way to share my collection with the world.

Moving on, for those of you who have read my previous blog about my first trip to Sedona, you might recall me talking about the man who told me about “one cent/one sent.” He was raised by extraterrestrials. I ran into him again, and he asked me if I was offered to go up on spaceship to see Earth’s sister, would I go? I said that it is hard to gauge how much time one could lose on such a voyage. These times are Earth is crucial, and I came here for the people. I will stay with them for as long as I am to be here. I have travelled the stars many times before and will do so again. It is important to stay here and help others to learn how they can go to the stars without ships, but instead travel through the heart’s intent. This might sound nuts to some of you now, but this is the way we will travel in the future. 

The ICA Gathering and Other Projects

You guys might also recall my talking about the native elder gathering to take place in Sedona in mid-April. I will definitely be back out in Sedona for this. There will be many people coming to this event, and I felt it would be really neat if I had my own little star seed gathering beforehand. I have always wanted to find a way to bring all of you together in one area. It would not be necessarily me speaking and giving a lecture or something cliché like that. I am not keen on cliché. It would really be more of a star seed family reunion where we could be in a room with like-minds, free to share our stories and insights without judgment, where we could lift up each other and inspire one another. It will be like I said in my Project Camelot interview where all the stars/ little lights would come together. It would look like one big light, like a sun, like the return of God’s sun/son where we could light this whole planet with our light. 

However, there is something about this native elder gathering that is bothering me: it is so expensive. I have a responsibility to you guys, to look out for you. I don’t understand why this native gathering needs to be so expensive. Why charge so much for others to witness a prophesy? It does not make sense to me. It is like people are paying a hefty sum to see some celebrities. If the money were going to pay for the natives’ housing, would that be necessary with Sedona being such an open and friendly place? Many people would be glad to lend whatever extra room they had. 

So I looked into volunteering for this event and found I would need to give them at least 42 hours, which is fine. I would also have to pay $50 and not be allowed to participate in any events. So I am not sure what I will do about all this. I still will be going to Sedona during this time, regardless. I do not want to tell any of you what you should do. It is up to each of you to decide for yourself. 

There is one idea I would like to do at my starseed gathering, and that would be to have all of you sit around a table and share, and we could record it. What do you think of that? I have been invited to Denmark in the summer to hold yet another starseed gathering. Eventually, I want to set up starseed gatherings wherever I travel. For the Sedona gathering, I will have it on Sunday, April 12th at the Creative Life Center. See you there. 

Oh, there this one other idea I wanted to share with you guys. I will just copy and paste what my friend wrote: 

…would be for you to host a show where you show people examples of projects you have helped people get started that are inspired by a spiritual and love orientation, including those that you mentioned on your website. And to encourage more such projects the program could ask the general public to submit ideas for other humanitarian, creative and inspired projects which you will then help them get started and this will all be on video tape. All of these projects and all the inspiration will encourage others to do the same kinds of things in their local communities. You will also help all those people meet up with others with similar visions and help them to synchronize their energies. You can also spice it all up with inspirational clips of you talking about synchronicity, spiritual purpose, doing the right thing, seeking inner guidance, and showing examples of other visionaries like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, etc.   

What do you guys think?

Hope for Humanity Documentary and Akiane 

The name of the documentary I went to Sedona to work on is called Hope for Humanity. There will be three children interviewed: me and a young 14 year old who has a 13 year old guide that taught him to heal. Then there is 14 year old Akiane Kramarik, the young painter poet prodigy who was on Oprah when she was 6. Jim has already recorded her part for this documentary. Jim has gotten permission to work with Akiane’s mother on doing a parenting video. I really love this idea. I spent most of my nights in Sedona reading Akiane’s books. I was very captivated with her work. 

If you do not know her story, it is very interesting. When she was very young, she was taken to heaven. Her whole body just disappeared in midair right in the middle of her family living room! The mother called the cops to see if they could find her daughter. Akiane later reappeared in the living room right behind one of the cops. 

The mother did not know what really happened until later when Akiane could speak. Until then, her mother could not understand why her daughter would cry every time she played music. Later on, she would learn that it was because the music in heaven was so much more beautiful. She told her mom how one could see, smell and touch the music there. The music here actually hurt little Akiane’s ears! This will have all you wondering the next time you see a baby crying and wonder why they are really crying. 

As Akiane got older, she felt very frustrated. She wanted to express to her mother about heaven and what she saw there. She said her that her angels and God taught her to paint and write poetry. Her paintings are simply incredible and highly coded. She has even painted a hologram without being aware of it until later. It was a picture of Mother Mary. From the front you see her as a young girl, but if you look at it from the right or left side you will see her as an old woman crying.  

Akiane’s poetry is also something else. Just look at her poems. They look like they were written by someone who has lived for thousands of years. The poems are very deep, multidimensional, and coded. I started to compare my poems to hers and felt like she left me in the dust. 

My guides stepped in and said, “Jess, each of your poems are valid and important for your audience. Remember that she is the one you are to pass your baton to, who will take your messages and work to the next level. You all have your role. You are a single thread in a tapestry. Do you think that thread can see its purpose in the pattern of the grand design? Every thread is needed in order to make the pattern. Besides, she is helping you with your mission. You’re speaking the same things in your own way. This is no contest. Thoughts like that can take you off-track.” 

True, I thought. Just look at all the competition we have in the world rather than everyone working together to help make the world a better place. Jim told me that the next time I come to the states, I will have a visa and will be working with Akiane and her mother on these future films. It is very important to have parenting videos to know how to prepare and work with these special children. If it were not for Akiane’s mother supporting and listening to her young daughter, she would not have gone as far. 

What do I mean by this? I was wondering about Einstein and how many talented others are out there who we would never know cause of all the love poverty in the world. Who knows, perhaps they have been born in Africa but are starving to death. And how could children in Thailand discover their genius when they are immersed in the sex trade industry? It is because of our selfishness that we sentence these children to suffer. There are so many fragile flames in this world. I am sure everyone is a genius in their own way. We just need to find what it is and have others encourage and believe in us. 

There is a cool quote that comes to mind here: “It is not how smart you are, but how are you smart.” Akiane came home from school at age 6 and begged her mom to take her out of school because she would be too tired to paint or write poems. Akiane also hated art class because the teacher just took her hand into hers and painted for her. Akiane said, “I was patronized because I was so young. They thought I did not know how to paint. It was not teaching at all but cheating.” 

Her mother had to listen and trust her daughter to take her out of school. Most parents would say, “No, you need school. You do not want to be a starving artist. How will you live?” To me, school is where our innocence and creativity get raked across the coals; a cemetery of self esteem haunts the children’s eyes. The other real cool thing about Akiane’s mother is that she allowed her daughter to have paint all over the house. She never once complained that Akiane was making a mess. How we parent these fragile flames will make all the difference. Like Akiane, I am very grateful to have parents who supported me and believed in me and allowed me to be my own person and not some zombie off an assembly line. 

These children need a platform to do their work, and that is up to all of us. I will do everything in my power to nurture this. I am very excited to meet and work with Akiane. She comes from a family of five, and all of the kids are gifted and function well as a family unit. They are here to be an example and teach other families how to function in harmony. Speaking of harmony, Akiane is now playing music. She wants to bring to Earth the sounds she heard in heaven. For more information on this incredible girl check out her site at

The Cleaning Bug

I spent a few days indoors because it snowed in Sedona, and it is located in a desert! How can it snow in the desert? It completely destroyed my stereotypes and assumptions about Sedona. When I was Canada, I remember thinking, “Oh, I cannot wait to be in the hot land of Sedona, but actually it was warmer in Vancouver, Canada, than it was in Arizona. 

When the snow cleared up, we went on a hike where I saw ancient petroglyphs. When we sat down to have a break, I heard this woman scream, and I looked to see what happened. A bug had climbed on her arm, so she freaked out and squished it. I then felt something on my arm and saw that I had a bug crawling on me too. 

At first I had this conditioned program to squish it as well, but I caught myself on it. Instead, I greeted the bug and watched it with wonder. I wondered what she was doing crawling on me. To my surprise, I got a telepathic response “I am cleaning” she said. 

“What do you mean cleaning? I just had a shower. I am clean.” I replied back. 

She said “Just how are chemicals clean? Your world is so backwards, oh dyslexic queen! You do not hear the cries from your poor pores. They are suffocating, and we heard them cry for help and came to their rescue. Oh, we know it is a risk. We know we risk being squished, but we love you guys so.” 

I then asked why I could hear a bug’s thoughts. She said, “Because you are willing to listen to us. I want you to know that I am not a racist, and I am striving for rights of all creatures whether they are insect, spirit, or alien. Someone needs to speak on their behalf. Did you know that if it weren’t for all these chemicals your skin could breathe? it is not just your lungs that breathe. Thank-you for not squishing me like my cousin over there, but then again, we do know this is a suicide mission.” 

“What do you mean by that?” I asked. But the bug did not answer me; it just continued cleaning my pores from the soap I used in the shower. “OK, that is all I can do. I am done now.” The little bug crawled off me and went on its way. 

But I was curious by that last statement, and so I followed her to see where she would go. She did not go far at all. Then stopped and did not move. After a while, I touched her and found that she was dead. Did she give her life so that my pores could breathe? I was very taken aback by this. These bugs are unsung heroes. How many other incredible things do they do that we are unaware of? That only a child could possibly understand and fathom? I wanted to share this experience with you guys so that others may also look at bugs differently. 

Momma Bear and the Hawaii Trip

I had to call my mother because I heard she was having a real hard time back home. She was having another one of her big bad headaches, which can be triggered by stress or upset, among other things. This saddened me because she was doing so well and now here we go again. Mom was upset because my brothers had learned about the Hawaii trip and were making her feel as though something were wrong with her. It sounded like suicide to them. They said, “You’re not Jessica. You cannot do what she does.” 

When Mom first talked about the family trip to Hawaii, I was upset too. Then I realized that I was being a hypocrite. (I really dislike being a hypocrite, and I try to catch it right away.) My being upset was not fair because I wanted her to do this and she did it, though it caught me off guard. All my travels in the past have been stressful for her. How was this one any different, really? 

I could see how important this trip would be for her. I think it could help her get back her confidence and power. Sure, we risked her getting another headache during the trip, but it was better than waiting and waiting for the day when the headaches went away completely. I really wanted to encourage my mother with this and not think about the financial hole this could put us in, like my brothers thought. It did not have to. We could do this trip with little money. I had done it before, so why not now with my family? This trip is going to be interesting for sure. It is going to take lots of work to keep Momma Bear built up and confident until then.

Water and the Spa 

After that phone conversation, I watched Jim’s documentary Water. My favorite part was when these men in Asia were having a meeting about building a nuclear weapon and thinking about how much money they would make. Shortly after, all the men went to hospital because they were all so ill, which puzzled the doctors. The only thing they all had in common was that they were all drinking from the same pitcher of water. How could they be poisoned by water? When the water was tested afterwards, it was totally fine. What happened was that the water had consciousness and was not happy about overhearing their horrible plans, so the water decided to stop them.

Afterwards, I was introduced to a man who was a manager of a posh spa, the kind that even celebrities go to. Brad Pitt had just been there. The manager kept asking if I wanted to spend the day at his spa. I have never really been to spa nor have I ever had a professional massage, so the idea was a novelty. I decided to take him up on the offer. 

I was pampered at this place. It was odd to have people waiting on me hand and foot and going out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. Then they had me as the guest of honor at their restaurant, where I made napkin characters. This was different experience for me, but it was not anything I would want to do very often. It was not natural. None of these wealthy women who came here were really happy. They all had forced smiles and spoke thoughtlessness with such causality. I decided that I would rather be out in nature conversing with bugs, trees, and fairies.

Jim told me about a friend he has in Vancouver, Canada, who made her own bank and her own ID and so forth. In doing this, she has found that she has had immunity from the government and the English royalty. This has really intrigued me, and I would definitely like to meet this person when I get back.

Jim also introduced me to a lady in Sedona who is very interested in setting up my idea orphanage project there. I am very excited about this, and when I return to Sedona, I will be working more on this as well as an Anastasia ecovillage on native land.

The Arcturian Baby and More Offers 

When I was in the grocery store, I found myself drawn to this little bitty baby. She started speaking to me telepathically, and there was this huge light beaming from her third eye. It was so intense. She had a big mark on her third eye that I was told was a birth mark. How interesting! The baby told me, “You understand me. Can you give a message to my mother? Can you tell her about me?” So I did. 

The mother, who was visiting from Sweden, listened intently and started to cry. She told me that she had shivers up her spine as I spoke about her daughter and the kind of soul she was (an Arcturian) and the kind of work she was to do. The mother said, “Since you can speak to her telepathically, can you please ask her why she will not digest my milk and pukes it up?” 

Immediately the baby explained it to me. I said to the mother, “You’re under lots of stress right now aren’t you? You’re unhappy and frustrated and bitter right now. You are fighting with her father, and it was occurring even while the baby was in the womb.” 

“Yes!” cried the mother. 

I said, “Your milk reflects this. You may not fight around the baby because she reads your thoughts and feels your bitterness. So many babies in the past were forced to take this on from their parents. This is the birth of inheriting one’s beliefs and other’s pain. You are passing these things onto your baby unconsciously, but she is a very advanced soul. Before incarnating, she was well aware that this could happen, so whatever is being fed to her that is not hers she will not digest. This is reflected with her vomiting up your milk. She is vomiting up your hate, pain, and beliefs about the father and life.” 

The mother looked at her baby with new eyes and realized that she would have to clean up her thoughts beliefs and issues in a peaceful way if she wanted her baby to eat. She was so grateful and said that if I ever wanted to come to Sweden, I could stay with her friend who has a castle.

While I was away, I did get a few more radio offers: one with BBS radio with the Zany Mystic and the other with James Gilliland, who has a UFO ranch. James has invited me to his ranch in Washington for a speaking engagement. I will keep you all posted with the dates. The BBS one is at the end of this month, and I think the James Gilliland event is in early or late March. Look on my for-OM for updates and the dates. I also met up with Pam Icke, and she told me that she has not yet been able to edit the three hour interview she did with me. I might have to wait a few more months until that is done. 

African Safari in Sedona

Near the end of my trip, we went on an African safari in Sedona that had lions, zebras, and giraffes. Interesting enough, this zoo was right beside an actual people prison. If any prisoner escaped, he would find himself face-to-face with a lion. I was really interested in maybe going into the people prison so I could do some secret heavy duty lightwork. I asked Jim if there was any way we could go inside the prison. He did not know, nor did he understand why I wanted go to a prison. I told him the story about my time with Canada’s ex-most wanted, and he said that I really should write a book because that was quite the story. 

“You do not understand,” I told him. “We cannot expect to make the shift on the planet if we have so many people locked up. This is simply unacceptable. We humans are so creative. Surely we can figure out a better way to help people in prison. Maybe they just were not around enough nature, as it is a scientific fact that people are less violent who have grown up connected to nature or who have gardened. Hmm, I wonder why that is? Anastasia talks about many solutions with prisoners along these lines, and I am eager to try these. I really want to work with prisoners. 

But instead, that day I worked with the animal prisoners at this zoo. We were all given carrots to hand feed the giraffes, but I had this really clever idea. I decided to put the carrot in my mouth and see if the giraffe would take it from my mouth. When the giraffe saw me, it went right to me. I saw just how long the giraffe’s tongue was and just how much a giraffe drools. Boy, did I ever get slimed! Everyone thought it was funny.

Starchildren and the Illuminati

I know that many of you saw my facebook posting that I came across some staggering information. It came up during a dinner meeting with my good friend. She had this friend who worked inside top secret places and learned fully about the agenda and their ultimate goal and how it involved the starchildren. She also had this scroll called “The Police Against the Illuminati.” It is not just microchips, guys. There is so much more that has not yet been revealed. I do not know how to stay this. I have a responsibility to you guys, and it is a big one for a 26 year old. I feel very motherly to all of you. Each of you are so important, more than what is being revealed to you at this time, but as the veil continues to lift that will all change. I cannot share what I have learned yet as I am still digesting it. I want to put into the 2012 saga, perhaps in Part 4 or Part 5 if I can fit it in. I will work to get it done as soon as I can because I do not want to wait to share this. I am not purposely trying to keep you in suspense. It is just that I need more time to digest this information and figure out the best way to share something like this. I have to look at this information with boggle eyes. 

The Documentary Shooting

We did the shooting for the Hope for Humanity documentary many times. It is very hard for me to pour out my heart on camera. It gets easier when I interact with another soul and see their eyes and feel their inner smile. And I get excited that what I share will be new to them and will make their heart dance. Yes, Jim was there filming, but he already knew what I would say. It was not as fun for me as it is when I share this message with someone for the first time. After all the re-takes, I started to feel like a machine and feel that my message was inorganic. “Oh, it is true,” I thought to myself. “I really am like the Warner Brothers singing frog.” 

After filming, we watched what we had captured. I really try to avoid watching any videos I do because I know I will tear into myself and get frustrated. It is just that I look funny on camera–to me, that is. With this particular filming, my teeth looked green, which was due to the pale green painted walls as my backdrop. Then I spotted Hermilla the zit, who decided for my big shoot that he would claim residence on my forehead and say “hi” to his family. Maybe this was Hermilla’s 15 minutes of fame and that is why he decided to show up, or maybe he felt that he needed to rise to my occasion. 

After Jim put away his filming equipment away, I decided that I had more to say. Bah, why is it always that way? So we filmed the whole thing again and again and again. It started to get easier, and I found more organic ways of sharing. I even had a new idea come to me about creating an indigo, crystal, and star child help hotline. After all, who do they have to speak to? Who could understand and not judge? Do we really have to suffer alone because we are so different? This is near and dear to my heart. I want so badly to be there for them.  

Later on, I learned that I would also be doing a cameo in another documentary called Quantum Communication. When everything was filmed, Jim shared with me that the Hope for Humanity documentary would be going to Oprah. Apparently, he has contacts with her producer and knows that Oprah wants to do more shows on gifted children. Jim was planning on introducing me as an ambassador, diplomat, and emissary for the new children and for ones who want to maintain the innocence of their inner child. I am really glad he told me that after the shooting was done! Otherwise, I would have been doubly nervous. My little ball of thought, my message, is starting to get huge. I am starting to finally understand my “Dear Dream” poem. All I wanted to do was help merge our dream and waking life back into one again. Are they not like lovers who long to be together again? 

Coming Home

On my last day, Jim threw a going away party, and all the people I met while I was down there came out to see me. I felt really torn, though, jumping from one person to another. I wanted to talk to everyone, and I also wanted my friends to meet each other in hopes they would feel connected and work with each other. It was hard to leave even though I will return. It always is hard to leave anywhere for me, but the next adventure is beckoning me. I knew my Momma Bear really needed me. Jim took really good care of me and took care of all my expenses. He even gave me a new mic, webcam, and wireless card. I am very grateful for the wonderful time out there. 

I left Jim my signature good-bye gift, which he found later. It was a smelly sock under the bed. Lol…everyone who has ever had me stay with them will tell you the tale of Jess’ socks.

I came home when I did was because I knew my employer needed me to work, but alas things change. I arrived to find there was a whole new staff and even a new boss who did not know about me. Apparently, my old boss failed to tell her about me. The new boss felt badly and said she would call me back and make it up to me, but I have not heard from her. I wonder if she just said that to get me to leave? Well, it is back to the drawing board. What can I do for work now? Maybe I will go do some extra work in the film industry in the mean time or maybe a bee keeper– if there are still bees, that is. It will be the bees’ knees.

It looks like we found a place. It is connected to my friend’s farm, so hopefully this will work. The family is so happy to finally maybe have a house where we can have pets and just our own space to garden. I will have my own room too. I better find some work, plus there is Hawaii too, yikes. I really do make it off the hair of my chinny chin chin. Now that’s attractive! 

The Silver Bird and So Long

Oh yes, one more thing–The Silver Bird. This is a special gift to all of you. You see, I found out who signed me up for the National Geographic. It was my best friend. I told her that I do not like to get her gifts on her birthday or other holidays because I do not like to get things for people when they expect it. I would rather get her something whenever I feel like it, and it will always catch her off guard. She will never know when a gift will come. Well, she liked this idea and decided to do the same, but with one exception: the gift can not be cliché like soap. It has to be unique. One has to be creative and think out of the box. Signing me up for the National Geographic is certainly unique. 

I am telling you this is because I plan to do the same thing with you guys. The first gift will be The Silver Bird. This book came to me around the time books were falling off the shelf and strangers were giving me books. I was 17 at the time. When I read this book, my mom said she saw me glowing with a bright light. I also could see my mom’s aura. It was a bright yellow. I even saw her hallow and light all the objects in the room. Later that night I had constant psychic lucid dreams and met my dream guides. 

This book is disguised as a child’s book, but it is far more than that. Those of you who are versed in the things I speak about will pick this up right away. The reason I have not talked about this book like I do with the Anastasia books is because this book is from the 1970s and is out of print. You can only get used ones online, but they are very hard to find. This made me sad. Things are better for me when they are shared, so I went on YouTube and found someone reading The Little Prince book and got all excited. So I have also been working on making copies of all the pictures, and recording my reading this book to you. There are many young children I’m now speaking to on the phone who are 7 and under, so this will also be for them. You parents can now gather your children and listen to me read this story to all of you. It also very much caters to our inner child seer. 

This book was given to the author via a dream from a monk who showed her the book she was to write. He even showed her the cover and all the pictures in it. I contacted this author because I wanted to see this book made into an animation or movie. She said it was not possible to make this story into a cartoon because it is so different. I do not believe that. But in the meantime, all will not be lost and The Silver Bird will be heard. See if you guys can figure out why I had a burning desire to share this book. For more information on The Silver Bird, go to my for-Om.

One more thing. I spoke to Eric about the Evolve site and his forum. He wants me to tell all you guys to go to his forum. I did that, and people told me that they do not feel my vibe there. I am not sure what can be done about that. Nor do I want to tell others what to do. They will do what they want. Here is his response: “although there are all these great spiritual sites to network, they keep us separated if we agree on a single medium. We could use our collective energy and create a portal as powerful as Yahoo or Google, commanding millions of dollars in revenue that we can then use to build a new world.” 

What do you guys think about this? Perhaps we should talk about it on the for-OM? 

I have to go now. My brother needs the computer to talk to girls on webcam with his shirt off. It is important to him, and I have to respect that. After all, he did work out today for a whole two minutes, and he is proudly showing me his arms, expecting me to see muscles from that intense work out. I love siblings. They are so funny.

Warm embrace and a big fat smile sent to your face. Our hearts are laced with grace. In light and dark, in perfect balance and harmony like that of a tree, love beyond words is being blasted to you…. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Blast off!


BBS Radio March 14th

I will be on BBS Radio for this Saturday at 7pm! 

“My guest tomorrow, on my weekly internet radio show, A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic, is a starseed/crystal child. I first saw her interviewed by Project Camelot, and was deeply moved by her story. Here is a link for those who may not have seen this yet:”
Jessica Schab : A Crystal Child Speaks Out 
To LISTEN to the one hour interview, LIVE and FREE, click on the link to my show, here:
Press on “CLICK TO LISTEN”, or locate the PURPLE TAB in the UPPER LEFT CORNER, which reads: BBS STATION ONE “Live Talk Radio”.  Select the appropriate player. 
TIME: 7:00 P.M. PST (California time!)
WHEN:  SATURDAY, March 14, 2009


Author: Jessica Schab

Memoirs of a Former Mystic - Blogs I've written many blogs but the series about my time in Bali, Indonesia, when my radical changes took place, is what has garnered the most curiosity and acclaim. In it, I share everything about that process from beginning to end and in great detail, so that others can get to know me and better understand what I am about. My Bali Blog series is an exploration of my own personal confusion towards rational thinking that has helped myself and others to see our own cognitive dissonance. It exposes the many things that we hide from ourselves and why. ​I highly suggest to read the blogs in order, from part 1 to 5. Otherwise, it will be hard to understand the content. I myself am shocked to realize that I had no idea how conditioned and problematic my spiritual beliefs were until I wrote these blogs; how they affected every aspect of my life and created so many unnecessary problems, making me so afraid to even dare to think or imagine my life and who I was without them. I can see now the contradictions I had to want to understand, watching these elements fight within me, planting mine fields of self-destruction in my mind when I forced myself to think without spiritual beliefs that acted like a drug for me, often times taking over my mind and thinking for me. How could I get myself to stop protecting these beliefs? Such a question led me to understand why others are so keen to choose irrationality instead of logic when it comes to their ideologies. It's one of the many reasons that led to me speaking up about why I am so concerned about this movement and the dangers of these beliefs. I would describe my changes as a massive tidal wave; a tsunami sweeping me and everything I was familiar with away. I honestly do not think I would have made it had I not learned how to surf my psyche. You would think the tidal wave would be the worst of it, right? So did I. I can say it’s not the case. You can ask people who have experienced a massive tsunami or any natural disaster and they will tell you the worst part is actually the aftermath; dealing with the dramatic shift, and in my case the psychological changes. How does one go on after something like that? What next? It’s not like one can go back to how things used to be and forget it ever happened; the experience echoes in your bones. It’s futile and insane to rebuild the old and familiar in your psyche and to encourage former hopes and beliefs. Especially because it often is what beckoned and fuelled the tsunami to begin with. When you get to the root, you must start completely new so as not to recreate the past. ​Ha! Easier said than done! So, these blogs are also an invitation and challenge to detect what is confusion and what is fact. To have people ask themselves: Are my beliefs thinking for me? It becomes more apparent and easier to pinpoint and reduce one's conditioned thinking when one finishes the whole series in order. Then, one can see their own results on how they scored with detecting and exploring their own cognitive biases.​ Best of luck. ​Enjoy and please let me know what you think :-)

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