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Sedona the 3rd

Now, my dear family, it is time for me to share about my last trip to Sedona, my third time there. The friend I went with this time is a very dear family friend. He contacted me out of the blue one day, long before I had my videos out or anything. A psychic told him that I was to be his teacher. With that, he decided to come from Toronto to Vancouver to meet me. I had him stay at my family’s place. 

Now usually my brother does not like me bringing like-minds, vagabonds, and gypsies to our house. He says “Jess, stop bringing smelly hippies into my house. They talk about peace but do nothing except eat all our food, stink up the house, and clog the drain with their long hair.” I guess he has a good point, but I just never thought about it that way.

But this friend was Steve’s and Mom’s favorite. We later all went up on a journey further north to visit a friend who lives in a dome house. After a few days up there, we rushed back to attend a Jewel concert where I got to meet her and then rush to work on set where I was able to have my family work on it too. 

That is where Mom won the draw for $2,000 worth of flight credits. She will be using half of it for her England trip. She will be leaving soon to see Lee, my eldest brother, graduate with his master’s degree from Cambridge University. My friend and I willed it so she would win because she never won anything before. It was not a manipulation of the universe. I did say, “Let the person who it will benefit the most get it.”

So that is to just give you an idea of the connection I have with this friend. It is really interesting how you can meet people for the first time, and they just know so much about you and who you are and what you came here to do. This person was so aware of this and was determined to help me believe in myself more. We vowed to meet up again in another country for another adventure. 

Thus, we were overjoyed to meet up in Sedona. The first night we made a stop at Raven’s (the orb lady), and we told her how we were gung ho about camping, but the howling wind was making us reconsider. Raven would not hear of us camping in such weather. She suggested that we stay with her and her guests from Switzerland who came out to attend the elder gathering with the ICA.

Watching Taken at Raven’s

For the first couple nights, we had to stay indoors. We watched the mini-series called Taken by Steven Spielberg, and were all taken by this show (excuse the pun). For those of you who do not know the show, it’s about aliens abducting people for a specific purpose. While the people from Switzerland found the show hard to watch due to some harsh content, I saw this show differently. I know so many who have had abduction experiences very similar to those depicted on the show. (Not my family, though. It was always gentle, and my dad could just go on the ships when he willed it. There was no abduction.) But my focus was more towards the intent of the star beings on the show. 

Both my parents are starseeds, and when I asked them how they met, they said they were drawn together by this powerful force that they could not explain. They later found out, when my dad was constantly in contact, that the star beings were the ones responsible for playing matchmaker with them. But it was not just them. They also had help from souls who had pre-selected them to be their parents. I guess one could interpret this as Aphrodite’s helper known as Cupid, the little cherub child who embodies the essence of immortal incarnating child. 

In the show, the people found they were being taken to bring in a certain kind of soul to the planet. This is indeed the case with these things. For example, it is like people who are breeders of horses. They say, “Oh, can you imagine if we put this one with that one? Can you imagine the kind of babies they would have, perhaps a new breed? Well, the star beings are similar to that except they are not so much about looks and more about the soul matrix that can come forth with the right matching. 

The parents also have to trigger their gifts. It can be done directly or indirectly. Children like this are ideal for the shift because they are more durable and not so easily swayed or duped by all the dishonest trees planted afoot on this planet. Nor are they willing to give up their core truth core connection to the divine. They are the ones who can stay focused and not lose sight of who they are because that is no longer necessary–been there, done that. Now it is time to have some real fun manifesting a higher and better world. These souls are determined to be born. The precision of it all is mind-blowing and rather crafty.

Getting back to Taken, the end of the show was very disappointing. The child goes with the aliens and disappears. It is important for these children to stay on Earth. That is the whole purpose. Leave it to Hollywood to twist it! Movies are becoming very crap-tacular compared to actual reality. It is brilliant. It is like motivation to live your life less than ordinary as movies become more mundane. Our true reality in our everyday lives trumps Hollywood. Who wants to watch or play it when you can live it or, better yet, be it?  

For example, the Swiss couple told me about the Drunvalo Melchizedek books where he discusses the super-psychic kids in Mexico, China, and Russia, to name a few countries. These children can be blindfolded and still see, even out of their arm pit! Now that is talent. These kids are said to see anywhere with remote vision, even far out into the universe. When NASA found out about how this blind woman was able to see into the remote reaches of the universe and how accurate she was, she was given a job as a “psychic telescope.” These kids are said to be so psychic that just by being in the same room as them, you can be downloaded with all their abilities and then some. Is anyone thinking about taking a trip out to meet these kids? The best part about all this is that they are just the tip of the iceberg of human potential. The new children who are here are guaranteed to double you over into a paradigm three times over with a side order of enlightenment.

Rocky the Tortoise 

During my nights at Raven’s house, my guides spoke repeatedly about tortoises. I woke up rather perplexed, wondering what this was all about. Then one morning, I stepped on a piece of tomato on the floor. Right, what the heck was that doing there? I asked Raven about this randomness and why did I not see this odd assortment of rotting vegetables by my bed before. Raven said, “Oh, I put that out for Rocky. Go and see he if is under the towel.”

So I went back to the mystery scene, and sure enough, there under the little towel was a tortoise. Now that is random. I imagined myself waking up in the night for a drink of water or a visit to the washroom and trip over something that turned out to be a tortoise. When does this happen? Apparently, this tortoise has been living with Raven for a long time. Of the three times I have been to her house, I never knew of Rocky. He is just so sweet. He makes the most adorable baby-like sounds. It is like a snort as he tries to cuddle up to your neck. After he eats, he has tomato all over his face just like a baby.

Rocky always has this sleepy, loving wise look in his eyes, and he does not bite even if you put your finger on his mouth. The other real cool thing about this 100 year old baby is that he gets along just fine with two Scotty dogs, a cat, and even a parrot. This made me think, “Wow, we have fur, feathers, and scales all living together harmoniously. Here we are in the world living with an assortment of many races, and we cannot get along. If these animals can do it, why can’t we?

Rocky had a very unique psychic vibe emanating off of him, so I decided to ask him about my guides showing me tortoises singing with color bubbles around their bodies. For a long time I got nothing. “It was OK. Tortoises are slow,” I thought. But there was more to this than what appears, my dears. It was almost like he was in a deep state of meditation and had projected himself to his home world for a telepathic visit. 

Then he said to me, “Yes, it is what we turtles do. We psychically tone. It can be seen as singing. It is our way to help you remember but not interfere, to help teach you a new kind of travel.” 

“I do not understand,” I said. 

He said, “Crop circles are sacred geometry–sacred math physics. There is also sacred sound, of course, but put them all together and…. Well, you will have to just bring together the people who understand such things and you will see. Creation has a great deal to do with tone. Some tone can be created by focus. We use it for travel and so will you. Your dad knew how to do this. It was my understanding that the chip amplified this ability. That is how he was able to travel to and get insight from the beings of Dala, Era, Lyra, and Dern. Our mouth is not the only part of us that can sing or tone, you know?” 

“How do you know about my dad?” I asked. 

“We know about all of you. We have access to the records,” Rocky replied.

As I pondered this, I noticed that Rocky got this far away look in his eyes again, so I asked him what he was doing. He said he was doing something like astral travel to his home planet so he could better help his race with the mystery that was given to them. Just as we have one here for humanity, so they have one there. He came here to see what he could learn that could better help his planet to understand their mystery. He would not tell me too much about it all. I got that it was about some kind of plant or tree that showed up that does not follow their understanding of how things work. 

He did not want to tell me much about it because he did not want me to help him with the mystery—that was for his race to figure out. When they figure it out on their own, then they get a new mystery and thus they grow, just like it is for us here. How would it be if some alien race told us about our mystery, the answer to our truth, but it was not ours but theirs? What is true for them may not be true for us. For example, if a duck told a cat that it needed to quack, that suggestion would make no sense to a cat, but it would make perfect sense to a duck. Later on, we will use others’ truth, but first we need to understand our own truth. That way, we know what we are contributing with clarity, and that gives us confidence and certainty, which is really needed today.

The Solar Dome House

The next day the weather improved, so we and the Swiss visited a solar dome house made by a man named Mason, who reminded me of my other domey-homey friend in B.C., Joseph the Kabbalah wizard. In fact, Joseph was even there checking out the house and visiting with Mason! It was funny for my friend and me to first meet Joseph at his dome house in the Kootenays and then find him at this other dome house in Sedona. The timing of it all was amazing. 

Dome houses have many benefits. They save owners lots of money because they are energy efficient, plus they hold up well during natural disasters. Dome houses have been tested against typical box-type housing in tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes, and the conventional housing toppled while the domes stayed put. Another neat thing was that when Mason was making the dome house, he was wearing glasses. A few weeks after he moved in, his eyesight came back 100%, and he does not need to wear glasses anymore. I am not sure how that works, but maybe one of you guys do. 

I was thinking about the possibility of having a dome house but with a living roof. It might look rather hobbit-like, or perhaps I could have the dome house yellow with horizontal black lines so it would look like a giant bee hive. Boy, wouldn’t that be sweet? (Excuse the pun.) I have had friends speak about their visions of the future where we are living in solar dome houses.

The ICA Disappointment

Later that night, my friend wanted to go to an ICA elder-speak event. We were about 20 minutes late, and when we arrived there was this huge line. We finally got in after another 20 minutes, and then we had to sit through 40 minutes of Caucasian people dressed up as natives doing native song and dance. Now I have no problem with Caucasian people doing this. The thing is that people had flown from all over the world to see the natives, and instead they got this. We stayed because we kept hoping the native elder would come out soon. When he finally did speak, it was very disappointing. He did not really share anything, and it seemed he was just some native who was paid to speak and play the part. I was heartbroken for the true natives and for the people who came from all over the world. 

Then after the elder spoke, they had this rapper from New York sing a song about dead ancestors, which was so painful and disrespectful. My friend and I could take no more, so we left. The whole event was not organized. It seemed like everything was just thrown together at the last minute. Seriously, guys, the most enlightened part of that whole event was when the little kid ran up and sat on the edge of the stage and picked his nose. I so admired that. What adult has the guts to do that? It was just that he did not care. He was just being himself so freely, and that is really something. Enlightenment needs no words; it just needs us to be.

After that event, I called Miriam Delicado, who was in Hopi land there in Arizona. It’s so funny how I tried to meet her in my neighborhood—we live only 20 minutes away from each other in British Columbia—but instead we met in Hopi land. She was just as upset as I was about the ICA event. She told me that she read my blog about the first time I met the Hopi and how hard it was for her to read it. (I was surprised that she read my blog. Boy, you just never know who reads your stuff.) It was heartbreaking for her, and she had to stop when she came to the part where I described my first impressions of Hopi land and how the Hopis live. “It’s just not the whole truth,” she said. 

She told me that the Hopi are strong in their traditional ways, and they are very hard working and proud people. When she told me about how the Hopis were being mistreated, I was sad because I knew it was true, even though I did not want it to be true. We talked a bit more and then made arrangements to meet in person. 

When I went to see her, I was so nervous that I took three other people with me. I can really be shy. You guys may have a hard time thinking of me as shy, but I have a big shy side, and sometimes it can be annoying to me.
Miriam was really sad about the whole situation with ICA and the Hopi. She told me that she had been trying to get a message to Mayan elder Don Alejandro and that Adam DeArmon, the President of ICA, kept stopping her and many other people from reaching him. It was really sad to listen to.

ICA did not have permission to come to their land or use their sacred knowledge or try to duplicate their ceremonies. She told me about the law that the Hopi passed to stop ICA from going to Hopi land. She told me about a press release they sent out to tell people about this situation. This law was made as a last resort because the traditional Hopis had asked the U.S. government (unsuccessfully) to help them stop the ICA from doing the ceremony on Hopi land. 

My friends and I did healings on Miriam, and she was very aware of everything I was doing on the psychic level, which was very impressive. We then did a special meditation so that certain things would take place. We asked that the Hopi elders and everyone at the ICA would have their hearts opened so that they would all see the truth. 

Afterwards, everyone else decided to leave, but I stayed behind with Miriam. We watched a movie called Made in Heaven, which is on YouTube. This movie is one of Miriam’s favorites, and it reminded me of a movie I like called Defending Your Life, which is also on YouTube. The next morning, I told Miriam about my first visit out here and all the things I did.

From there, I was smack dab in my most hated of all tics–politics.

Miriam told me that some of the things I experienced with the Hopi on my first visit might be of interest to some of her friends there.  She introduced me to a friend of hers, and I told him about my last visit and about the gathering in Sedona and how sad it made me.

It was very nice to have this genuine talk with someone like him, a real Hopi. He was very different from the people I was taken to meet on my first visit, and it was an honor to meet with this person.

I did not realize that I was led to go to Sedona to talk to Miriam and the Hopi in this way. They kept thanking me for the information I shared. The truth was, I didn’t know what I had done. I had no clue. Will I ever know? Miriam asked me to keep the conversation private, and I am going to respect her wishes and not go into the details. Sorry. What I know is that spirit led me to L.A. and to the Hopi twice, and all those things were related.  Somehow, maybe they will all make a difference in the world.

How could I have foreseen this? It was an unbelievable trip in every sense of the word.

Ah, now I am writing cryptically. I do not like it. I hope that I never have to keep information from you guys again. I was just so disappointed with ICA. They did not take care of the elders at all. I thought the money they were charging for the elders would go to lodging, but sadly that was not the case. They were kept in tents, and it was really cold, especially for the ones who had come out from South America and Africa. There was even a woman who paid $5,000 to sponsor an elder, and she was not allowed to see her elder even once. During the day, they had no shelter set up for shade, so many people got badly sunburned. 

The event was not all bad, though. There were lots of sweet, authentic natives at the event who just wanted to be there for the people, though some elders were told by the universe to return home earlier than scheduled. I really hope that ICA is not allowed to do another gathering again. If another one is done, it is should be organized by the natives, and they should invite the people. Again, I’m sorry. This story is so painful to write, but it must be done.


OK, moving on. I started to reunite with friends I had made the second time I went out to Sedona. They were so thrilled I was back that they called up MUFON and asked that I be an opening speaker for one of their events. They said I only had to talk for 15 minutes, which wasn’t that bad, so I agreed to speak. 

On the day of the talk, my palms were sweaty and gross. I started speaking and found that it actually was really easy. The talk was going so well that they encouraged me to keep going. I spoke for 45 minutes in all. The head guy at MUFON was glowing and smiling from ear to ear, and from what I heard, he stayed like that for some time. When I was done, I had a group of people follow me out the door, not wanting to stay for the main feature. 

Someone told me that I was the reason they came that night, not for the featured speaker, though they did not know why they were there at first. The people all were wondering if I would do one-on-one sessions for advising and healing and if they could book an appointment. They also wanted to know if I would be interested in doing another talk, one where I could go as long as I wanted. Of course, I said yes to everything.

We then made arrangements to meet up again the next day at Java Love Cafe.  I thought I would be meeting with only a few people there; instead, I found a large group waiting for me. One person told me about a dream they had about me and said they had to tell me the word, Zephyr. To this day, I still do not know what this means. Is it a place or a person or something else? I thought if I share it here maybe you guys might pick up something. 

After lunch, there was this black helicopter spotted in the sky. I sat right up and went to deal with it. I would now fix its little red wagon. I know how to get rid of these choppers. I did it for people who had them circling their houses in Australia. These choppers are connected to zombie projecting satellites hidden in an invisibility cloak. I am pretty sure I went into detail about what I did and how it works in my previous Australia blog.
When we were getting ready to go, I spotted this big fat bumblebee. He just kept hovering near me as if I were some kind of flower. This bee had one big black booty! As I was leaving, I was laughing because this bee reminded me of a bee I read about in a really good book called The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A Partnership with Nature. This is a book about a woman who learns from Elves about how to garden without chemicals. There is a part where the author was taught by elves how to speak to the divas/guardian spirits of the bugs in her garden. She was feeling so in harmony with all the critters in her garden, so when she saw a bee she was like “Oh, hi bee” and the bee stung her. She was so surprised by this that she went and called forth the bee diva guardian spirit and asked, “Why did that bee sting me when I was trying to be in harmony with it?” The bee diva responded, “We have jerks just like you do. There are still some of us who are really jaded with humans and just assume the worst. They just think all humans are the same—disrespectful to nature, etc. Thus, we have our rogues like you do.” I found this to be hilarious—“we have jerks too”—lol.

The Anastasia books also say something really neat about bees and their understanding of the cosmos, something about the light of the sun and the flowers, but I cannot seem to find it. If any of you guys come across it, let me know and I will share it here. 

Another Talk and Healing Session

Later that night, I gave a chat at a lady’s house. She said that I could practice more public speaking, and she invited about 25 people. There was no time limit, so I could speak as much as I wanted. The people were very kind and gentle with me and my unorthodox approach. The lady who arranged the talk asked others to make a little donation for me, even though I did not ask for money. It was very sweet of them to look out for me and help me any way they could. It is a really beautiful thing when people believe in you. I think this is what we need to do in this world in order for it to be a better place, to just believe in one another. 

I ended my talk with questions, and people had booked one-on-one readings and healings with me. Originally, I had about five people to work with, but when I arrived, there were many others who wanted a one-on-one session. 

The first lady I met afterwards kept calling me Anastasia and felt that I would play her in a movie. She thought it was neat how I was interviewed by Project Camelot right on my 26th birthday, the same age that Anastasia was discovered by Vladimir. Now I never thought about playing Anastasia in a movie. I just really wanted to help get the books out there as they can benefit so many families. As for the similarities, I am not sure. I feel I am an emissary for Anastasia. I want to embody her essence and her message so people can feel she is more real than others might think.

The next woman had some real bad neck and back pain for many years. She said that she had been to many specialists, and they could make it better but only temporarily. Also, she felt much stagnation with her project, and was unsure about where she should live and what she should do. First, I showed her how to heal her neck and back. I showed her mental emotional patterns that caused the pain to keep returning. Once she saw the pattern, we were able to watch it in the body auric hologram replica. I explained to her how this works, and I shared with her how I heal.

For me, healing is like an art. It’s fun to see how creative one can be with it. Like painting, there are so many options and styles to choose from. Healing can be fun and even playful. It is so important that you approach the pain or issue with love and gentleness because it is very sensitive and can retaliate or even rebel. 

I told the second woman how sometimes when someone asks me to heal a loved one really far away, like Australia, all I do is get a description of the person and the ailment until I feel their distinct vibe. Each person’s aura is really unique like a finger print—no two are alike. Just as the police have access to a database of all the fingerprints, so do we have access to everyone’s aura prints, and I can zero in on them. Once I do that, I then find the cell in my body that is a match of that vibe and focus all my healing and attention there. Sometimes we converse so I can learn the root. Once I am done healing this one little cell, I can then go back to the person in Australia and feel the change. Then the person calls me and tells me that their ailment is gone. 

The key to doing this is developing the sensitivity in your hands and fingers so they can discern different vibes. You want to get to the point where you can be blindfolded and feel what different objects are just by reading their energy with your hands. I think this is how the psychic kids do it, or even how blind people still can see things far away like a galaxy. 

It is like being an artist of life or an artist of healing or an artist of the senses. I got the phrase “artist of life” from one of my other heroes, Bruce Lee, who wrote a book by that title. I then came up with the phrase “artist of love,” because we are here to have unconditional love for everyone and everything. Love is also what brings improvement,  self-growth, and new ideas that give birth to new worlds.

By the way, the second woman later wrote me back and told me that she has not had any pain since our session together. Her projects that were once stagnated are now off and running, and she even has a new place to live. 

I have two articles in my forum about non-traditional healing, one about using the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono techniques, and another about healing with holograms. There is also a YouTube video, “A Discourse on the Heart Sutra, with Chi Kung, Part I” that ties in really nicely. Surely this is also how telekinesis works.

The Rastafarian Starchild

My one-on-one sessions were only supposed to take two hours, but they ended up taking six hours. When I got out and checked my e-mail, I found a letter that went something like this: 

Hi Jessica, I was just wondering if you ever come to Arizona and give talks? I am actually writing to you on behalf of my son. He is a definitely not from Earth. He has a real hard time being on this planet, and he gets picked on at school lots as well. He hates being on Earth. He hates that the government lies and that people harm each other. I was wondering if you might be able to talk to him?

She was there in Arizona, so I called her and made arrangements to meet her son. He was about 16 years old and was smart as a whip, very sharp and very good at reading people. His religion was Rastafarian by choice. He went right into my eyes and my aura and scanned me to see if I was trustworthy and if I was being truthful. Obviously, he was being protective of his mother and himself. 

The boy was like a psychic spy/laser. He could see so much, too much. He could see psychic debris and all the attacks done to the energy body, including tampering with channelling receptors. He could even see what my brother Steve can see. He could also see psychic vampire work occurring, witnessing it all first hand. Now just imagine if you could see all that! I could see this teen really helping many people. The only thing was he was very shy and did not trust people, only animals. He had a pet tarantula and pet scorpions and felt more comfortable with them.

Some people help others indirectly by just being themselves. Perhaps that’s his path.

I could see he was a starchild, like me, because he had not had many human incarnations. In fact, those other lives were not his but someone else’s. They were given to him to help him be OK with handling Earth, so he would not feel so alone. (This is also like me.) He knew this about himself. He managed to keep his memory, and he felt strongly he was not from here. I could see that he had done work on Mars and Andromeda before coming here. Those lives had stronger ties for him than the one he was having here. Those were the lives he clung to. 

I had to help him recall why he came here and reinforce that it was not a mistake. I helped him understand why the people here were harming each other. He was very happy to have someone whom he could finally talk to, who understood what he was going through. 

It was very special getting to meet this young man, and I was thoroughly impressed with him. His mom has told me that since we met, he was really coming out of his shell and becoming more comfortable in his skin. I am really looking forward to seeing him again in a few years. 

The Backwards Baby and UFOs

Every time I come to Sedona, I have certain people I try to meet up with. Some of you may recall from earlier blogs my meeting a “backwards baby” whose body organs were backwards. The man raised by E.T.s. They never left his side, and he recalls seeing them when he was a baby in his crib. They were teaching him even while his birth parents were trying to teach him, but he never listened to his birth parents because he was more interested in what his E.T. family was showing him. I was really happy to find him again. 

He had a message for me, and I just knew it. Maybe he knew why we met as well. There was something he was wondering about, and we still are not sure what it all means. He told me that when he read David Wilcock’s writings about how the pineal gland works, his guides had told him some very interesting information. The UFOs work exactly the same way as the pineal gland that David Wilcock wrote about. If people could see the connection, then they could build a UFO. Here is my friend’s site:

As the veil lifts, we find more and more just how much science fiction is science fact. I have taken my friend for some orb shots, but instead of orbs my friend got shots of UFOs. 

Speaking of saucers, at the UFO store in Sedona, they have a UFO night tour where they take you out and give you special goggles that the military uses to see UFOs. These goggles allow you to see past the classic invisibility cloak that all E.T.s use. What you see is just how active our skies are with UFO activity—almost as frequently as cars on the freeway. So are they here? Yes, they are. Are you? If it is a dream, are we really here, or are we just observing it and living it all over again, like watching a good movie again and again? Perhaps our living here is like relating and connecting and feeling for the characters in that movie? Where is our place in this world? Where is our heart?

The man at the UFO shop recognized me from my Project Camelot interview, and he showed me this very special rock that was not from Earth. It was like a Tiger’s Eye stone, but it was way lighter, and in the center of this rock was something like a crystal eye, like something was looking out at you. I told him this rock was from Mars and that it really was not really a rock but a ship. This is one way that Martians travel, via stones like meteorites and asteroids. 

He then told me that Boriska, the Project Camelot Mars boy, mentioned coming to Earth by means of a stone. He said, “I think you might get to meet Boriska one day. In that case, I want to send you a picture of this stone. When you meet him, show him the picture. I bet he will recognize it.”

The Rest of That Day

After the UFO store, we went to see some art by a very well known artist in Sedona known as “Bearcloud” (Rod Bearcloud Berry). As it turns out, he was there and gave us a special presentation about the decoding of the crop circles and their connection with the pyramids of Egypt. He made some very brilliant connections. He is writing a book about it called 7 Fires, which should be out in 2010.

We ended the day with a visit to a Peruvian shaman. He and his friends were there in Sedona sharing their blessings, and they had nothing to do with ICA. They just came on their own because they felt they needed to be there. They sang for us and gave us a special blessing. Then we helped create this prayer offering manifestation and wishes for the planet, complete with flowers, candy, cards, and cocoa leaves just to name a few items. It was very authentic and different. I have not done something like that before.

When it was over, we decided to spend the night camping down on Angel Valley Ranch under the stars. I was so happy to fall asleep while gazing at the stars. We should try to do this as much as we can in life as it has a very special gift for the ones who do it frequently enough. You could be showered with stardust!

The Toning Chair

In the morning, one of my friends invited us to use their shower lest I reek like some bog of eternal stench. When I got out of the shower, my friend went for his turn with the shower. I got to explore my friend’s passion which was—lo and behold—toning. He created a toning chair that had speakers built into it. He then grabbed all these tuning forks and told me to hold them while sitting in the chair. The chair amplified and vibrated that tone into my whole body. Then he played the tone sound of the sun in one speaker and in the other speaker he played the tone sound of the moon. 

He told me how once he got struck by lightning while he was in the water and how a nearby tree got burned from the jolt and died. Afterwards, all these insights started coming to him. It was his awakening. He now wants to find the tone sound for lightning. Now I guess you guys can better understand why I love learning about peoples’ awakening stories. They are never dull, and are each unique. Yes, I did tell him about Rocky, tortoises, and toning. He was most intrigued and excited about it.

Visiting Raven Again 

On my second to last day in Sedona, I decided to hang out with Raven. She was a bit busy, so I thought I would do some work on her computer. Suddenly, a message popped up on the screen saying that the computer had a virus. I told Raven this, and she freaked out. She was very upset with me and quite scared because her life’s work of writing was on that computer. There were like 30 books on there and all her other projects. Now she was worried that she would lose everything because I was not careful. She started talking about how if she lost that work that she would have nothing and would surely be homeless. She said how scared she was to be in her 60s and have that happen. 

I just listened. I was not upset with myself. I was not saying, “Jess, how could you be so careless?” or anything like that. I just knew that as bad as this situation was starting to sound, that it would be ok, and something really good would come out of it. This was not optimism or faith. I knew that somehow I could fix all this and maybe in the process help others too.

At first I thought, “Well, it is very apparent she needs extra help.” Then I started looking at the situation with boggle eyes. This was an opportunity to save and secure all her work so she could wipe out the fear, stress and pressure. She could not keep doing things the same way. The amount of things this woman does at once would blow your mind. She was definitely burning the candle at both ends. No wonder she was sick with a cold! Her body was trying to get her to take a break. She hardly ever sleeps. Who could go on living like this? It was clear that she needed help but could not afford help. 

I was seriously considering returning to Sedona just to help her with her projects so things could get moving for her. Then it dawned on me that the woman whose neck and back I had healed earlier said, “How can I ever repay you? If there is anything I can do for you, just let me know.” Perhaps I could ask her to help Raven? Perhaps she could just be there for her and see what she needs and help her? Or maybe she knew other people who could help?

I really like the idea of helping others so they can help others. I like the idea of making little communities everywhere I go in which the people can band together and be there for each other. This idea is similar to what I have shared on my project affiliations page, except that it would not only be just for projects but for whatever a person needs. I think I want to make a page on my web site about how we can help each other. I know that all of you have these great ideas but need help. 

For example, let’s say someone with editing skills wants to make a web site but does not know how; and maybe there is someone who knows how to put up web sites but needs an editor for a book and cannot afford one. Both of them can create an exchange and save money rather than manifesting the money to pay for help. Each gets a friend and help with their projects or life. We really need to band together and be there for one another. Always ask yourself, “How can I help others? What do I have to contribute that could help others?” 

Every so-seeming boring moment can go from being a time massacre to a major opportunity, whether you are able-bodied or not. This approach is similar to my youth program, but now I want to expand this into universities, work places, and even the community. Can you imagine if you had a place like this in your community? To me, this exchange is not merely bartering; it’s more about seeing and understanding how everything and everyone is interdependent. That is how nature and the universe functions. It would be best to model ourselves after that and see what fruits result.

I have hooked Raven up with this friend who also lives in Sedona. I am curious to see how this works and what transpires from their relationship.

Raven’s “Seeing Beyond the Hologram” Exercise

Afterwards, Raven started to feel better, and she taught us how to see beyond the hologram. This is a really cool little exercise to try. Just dim the light and look at your friend’s face. Relax and defocus your eyes, and then look at the spot between their eyes. You can call it the third eye. Then you look beyond that. Focus going through the head like it is transparent. Then what happens is that your friend’s face will change before your eyes! You will see so many different forms–all the forms they have ever been, human and nonhuman, will be seen. This is really trippy. It really works! 

No, we did not do any drugs to do this. For those of you who do not know, I do not nor have I ever done any drugs of any kind, and that’s because I know it is all within. All that other stuff is training wheels. I would like to achieve these altered states of consciousness without drugs. I want to be an example that there is a way to get there naturally, that it is possible.

Raven then said, “Oh, and that is not all. This does not just work with people’s faces but also with the stars.” She led us out to the back porch, and we gazed at the stars. Then she said, “Now I want you look beyond the stars as though you are looking between their many eyes. Relax your eyes and then go beyond what you’re seeing there, as if you can see the edge of the universe.” 

Then something incredible started to happen. The stars started to come down lower and lower until it was like they were right beside us! It was like we were in a snow globe. There were stars on the house roofs, on the ground, in the trees—oh, it was so incredible! I tell you this in hopes that you guys try it for yourself. Then you can touch the stars and live that joy I had. 

It is neat to think that if all this is a hologram, even the stars and space, then what does it really look like? Are the stars really billions of light years away? Maybe not, so turn up the radio and turn up the stars. Play them both loudly! The next time I go out camping, I want to pull the stars down right beside me and go to sleep in a bed of stars.

My Last Day 

On my last day, I was waiting for my L.A. friends to come for a visit, but in the meantime Raven showed us some of the movies she starred in. They were cult-hit “B” movies. The “B” is for Bountiful Boobies. These were boob movies. In order to get a part in these movies you need to be able to throw both your boobs over your shoulder or run laps all by yourself yet still hear applause. 

OK then, enough jokes. You get the idea—these are cheesy, campy movies. As stupid as this one movie was, Raven was really good in it. Raven De La Croix (her full name) played the role of “Whitestar” in the movie called The Last Empire. If you type in her name, you can find all kinds of information about her. I even found some clips from that movie on YouTube. I did not get to finish this whole movie because my friends showed up about halfway through the movie. They told me how they just wanted to travel like I do, just pick up last minute with little money and live off of trust and go with the adventure that unfolds before you.

My friends referred to this experience as “the trip that changed our lives.” I told tell them about my time with Miriam Delicado, and they asked if I could hook them up. I told them how busy she is and how intuitive she is about who she gives her time to. (I gave them her contact information anyway and found out later that she did meet with them. In fact, they spent days with her travelling to the Four Corners.) I hung out with my L.A. friends until 10 p.m. and then drove three hours to the Phoenix airport. Our flight was for 7 a.m.

Back Home and My Revenge on McDonalds

I was thinking about extending my time in Sedona but could not because I had two radio interviews, plus I needed to do something about work. My old job had dried up like a shallow pond and there was nothing left, so I have to move on. I decided that while I am in suspended animation that I would do some film work for old time’s sake and for a lark.

I am now available for readings on my website. I will try this out and see, but I am still doing free readings as well. I am only trying this because people have requested I do this as they do not mind paying.

The next thing I did was take some of my time to have a girls’ night out with my friends. We went downtown all dressed up, armed with our favorite toys we bought in Seattle, some stink bombs. Wouldn’t you know, as I was playing with one of these things on an escalator, I heard someone say, “Hey, aren’t you Jessica Schab from Project Camelot… uh, did you just fart? Ah, that is fowl.” At this moment, I had to come clean and show what I was packing. He found it odd to see the things I do with my time. I guess some people have this idea of what they think I am like. 

I love to nurture my inner child like my father did. This should not surprise people. My father used to download desired flatulent sounds from the computer and play them when Mom would walk into the room. She would wiggle her nose as if preparing her nose to be invaded by some potent stench. Then I guess she imagined there was a smell and said “Fuh” and left the room. (“Fuh” is Polish for stink).

I asked this guy to come to McDonald’s with us. It was dinner time, and we had one more stink bomb. He politely declined, so my 28 year old friends and I went off to do our part to prevent people from eating that garbage in the first place. No one would want to eat there with such a stink.

Dy So Fly (Forrest)

Do you guys remember about the last time I spoke to my brother, Forrest the gangster rapper, known as Dy So Fly? (He changed his name again). We had a falling out because he did not understand what I was about. Well, he called me up again and apologized for everything mean he had ever said about me. He now understands what I am about. He watched my videos and said he was blown away. He said, “Jessica, you were born to do this. I just do not understand when you tried to tell me about this before; it was like you were speaking Chinese. I am not sure if I shifted or if your articulation has just greatly improved.” 

He then asked me if I have heard of Angelika Whitecliff. He said that he was talking to her lots on the phone lately. I decided to look her up and found that I posted her video on my for-OM. She is the one that many think will be me in 15 years. She had the shark love story in her video. I told Forrest this and he said, “OK, here is her number. Contact her. I have a feeling that you two need to meet, and I can arrange that.” He then hung up the phone.

He called again a few days later and asked me what I was doing on July 25th. I told him I was doing nothing, so he said, “Good! I will fly you out to Spain to meet Angelika for her exopolitics talk.” He then hung up.

OK, sometimes speaking to Forrest is like going through a whirlwind. You wonder what just happened. Did I just imagine all this? He called me in another few days and said, “Jess, I am sorry, but it is too expensive to fly the both of us to Spain. It will not work this time, but maybe later when my album comes out.” I was not upset at all with learning I would not be going to Spain. It was the thought that counted. It was touching.

I am still shocked with how fast Forrest has turned around from the last time we spoke. Dad once said that every child would come around and understand and work as a team. It would start with Jessica, then Forrest, then Steve, then Lee, and Mom would be the glue to hold everyone together. 

It is really something to see the things my dad spoke about come true. It makes me wonder who my dad was. He left me some hints, but I am still not sure. He did say his higher-self name was Aroole. My dad was writing a book around the time he passed away. I still have not looked at it. Maybe when we move into our new house and Forrest, Steve and Lee come over for a visit, we can go through his book. Mom can interpret his writing for us. I remember that he had diagrams about how the universe worked.

I guess you guys are wondering why it has taken me so long to look at his book. It is hard to say why. It is just hard to look at. It makes me cry. It might be better to do this with the family. Perhaps that is how it is to be. Maybe we can salvage it as it is mixed with stroke writing. Perhaps I could publish it for him to pay tribute to him.

Metaphysical Edge Interview 

Last night, I did a radio interview with The Metaphysical Edge. It went really well except for the callers. Their questions were so odd. I do not know where they got the idea that I am a fortune teller. I am not. This one person called in and said, “Hi, I have a question. What’s my future?” Dead silence followed. I was waiting for more, but that was all. I told her that it was not fair for me to tell her that. 

It was like a time I once asked my guides what my mission was and they said, “What do you want it to be?” I was upset with them as I felt that is not how this works. They are supposed to tell me the answer. So they said, “OK, your mission is to be a firefighter. Now hurry on and adjust your life to that.” 

My jaw dropped, and I replied, “What the heck? No, that does not make sense.” 

“Exactly,” they said. “Do you see now? You know what you need to do. Don’t let anyone tell you what you need to do. It is very dangerous because it is giving your power away. Your mission is for you to create with your passions and talent and your eye of what you see the world really needs and how you can contribute to that.”

I spoke about this exchange in my interview. I am wondering if this registered with people at all. Or perhaps it was not the answer they want, so they disregarded it.

Disclosure and Politics 

My guides’ response to my mission question uncovers a common faulty reason many have for wanting to go into space and meeting alien life. We want answers from aliens—who we are and where we come from–because we do not trust ourselves or believe in ourselves. We look for answers outside of us, and thus we find ourselves in the situation we have now, putting more pressure on our leaders to reveal the truth about the major cover-up of star beings. I just find this pressure odd because Obama is the president who was supposedly selected to be the one to reveal this information to the masses. So this has me wondering, are they in cahoots with the disclosure people? If the leaders do reveal the information under the appearance of pressure would, this really be a good thing?

Do they already have ready a story about the star beings? Why have they kept this knowledge from the people for so long, and how will they explain themselves? I think we should ask how this ties into their agenda. Is this how we envision contact starting, through our leaders? I am not sure if this is the best way to go given their track record. Aren’t we still giving our power away by having the leaders make the disclosure? Do the world’s leaders have our best interests in mind? It will be interesting to see what information is revealed at the end of May. This information very much ties into my next YouTube video, 2012, Part 4.

My basic attitude toward politics can be shown by a recent experience. I was walking down the street, and some TV news people asked me what I thought about this election and who I was voting for. I told them, “I do not vote.” 

They said, “Don’t you care about what goes on in your community? 

“Of course I do,” I replied, “But I do not feel that the politicians will give the people what they want. They will just stick to their agenda. They make us think we have a choice, but in truth we don’t. For example, we did not want the new high voltage power lines right next to people’s houses, but it did not matter. We got them anyway. These politicians tell people what we want to hear and slander the other people running. They are like immature kids. Plus, with politicians it is usually all talk no action. I feel the change will come from the people, not the politicians.” 

At that point they turned off the camera, deleted what they recorded, and went on to ask someone else. I was not surprised. I was sure they would do that. After all, what I said is not what the news people wanted to hear. In a sense, they are no different than politicians.


What else? My family and I are so excited about moving. It will not be until the first of August, but in the meantime our new landlord gave us a patch of garden to work on. That way, Mom won’t feel like she is missing the summer by not gardening. I have also been helping in the garden, and I love it. I am trying to sponge off my mom’s vast knowledge of plants.

I am excited to have my own space, my own room again. I have been without a room of my own for 5 years. The sooner we leave this place, the better, because we just discovered mold in our apartment. I have other reasons as well for wanting to move. I want to have our new place be open for couchsurfers and even have my soul family come and visit. 

Some people think I should not stay in Vancouver because it is due for a huge quake, but I don’t share this view. I will not do something because of fear. I am not afraid of dying. I prefer to trust the universe to tell me what to do. I know stories about earthquakes occurring and how this one house was protected, almost as if there were some kind of force field around it. Oh sure, I could be led out of town at the right time, but what about the other people? No, I will converse with the Earth on my little farm to greatly reduce this big bad quake—or is it really lady Gaia’s heart aching?

Upcoming Plans 

Right now, Mom is packing her bags and getting ready for England. She is going see Lee, my eldest brother, graduate from Cambridge University. It is 11:11 p.m., and I am laughing because a spider just bit Mom’s butt. I tried to tell her it has a message for her, and she said, “Message! Oh right, some message. How about it gives you a message by biting your nose so you stop irritating it so much? It is still red after a month.”

Steve is also packing to go to Toronto to see Forrest for a week. I will have the house all to myself. Wow, that is strange. I have never had that happen before.

[I wrote this a few days later.] They are gone now, and this place is so quite and still. I decided to clean the house. I might have a fever. I am not sure. I cooked a meal today, and I am not dead, so I think I am doing pretty good.

So what is next for me? I think I am staying put for a while, which is nice. Perhaps I will try to meet up with all my local facebook friends. On July 4th, I will go to Seattle to see James Gilliland on his UFO ranch. Then in mid-July I will go to L.A. for a Jewel concert, a gift from a friend. I am listening to her new Lullaby CD right now, and I am yodelling with the CD. A few minutes ago, I was singing and dancing to Bollywood videos. I do not think my neighbors appreciate all the noise, so I better stop. 

It looks like it is time to watch either Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure or Road to Avonlea. I will flip a coin and see. Then I will try to converse with that mold and see what is has to say. Maybe I can reduce its toxicity. Then I will go through my latest snail mail treasures sent from you guys: a book called The Convoluted Universe and a CD package, The Matrix Energetics Experience. Someone also sent me a book called Backwards, but Steve took it Toronto. From what I hear, he loves it and claims it has changed his life. So thank-you to the one who sent that one as Steve was not interested in reading my books before, and now he is keen for it. Then I will respond to some letters. I have decided that the letters that take time for me to get to I will respond to telepathically, and then I will write them back to confirm this. That way, the wait will not be so bad. No one will be left hanging. 

Yeah, I am almost done with this blog! I also wanted to let you know that I am teaching myself about videotaping and putting upYouTube videos. Soon, I will be faster with putting up videos. You guys will not have to wait forever like you’re waiting for some kind of sloth. It should also not be too much longer until the Silver Bird book is up on YouTube. You can listen to or watch this video with your kids.

Getting Threatened 

Well, I’m not quite done. For some time now, there was this one guy who kept calling me but then found it hard to speak. After a while of him repeatedly doing this, I told him that he could not keep doing this. I told him to give himself a few weeks before he called me back, but he did not listen, so I decided to no longer take his calls. How can I help someone who does not listen?  

He called one other time and said, “I just want you to know I love you, and I always will.” After that, I did not hear from him, and then I got an e-mail from his brother saying “This has to stop. Call my brother and tell him that you are not his soul mate.” Then the next day, I received another e-mail from this brother saying that his brother was sick and in the hospital. (What kind of hospital?) Then he said, “This is all your fault for filling his head with these stupid philosophies. I have friends who are in the army in Canada who will take you out if this continues with you and my brother.”

Wow, where did this come from? Did he just threaten me? I had not even spoken to his brother! And the brother that is in the military knows that this is not philosophy. Heck, they test this stuff all the time. They use it to spy on their enemies and then deny to the public that it is real. 

I do not think this is a real threat, just something he needed to say to kill all hope for his brother of us maybe being together. I know that many people who start talking about certain topics get threats. Icke and Wilcock even got them. I smoothed out this unfortunate situation the best I could. I did feel badly for the brother who reached out and had all this happen. If he did not see my interview, would he still be in this situation? I sent some Angels to be there with him, but pulled my signature from them so he cannot link them back to me.

Matters of the Heart

I recently helped two of my friends mend their broken hearts. My guides and their guides worked together so that they are back together again, working to heal their relationship. Then I went on to help two other friends with their relationship. They are just so much in love, and I just wanted to make their relationship even stronger by conversing with the souls who want to incarnate through them. They want me to help the parents be prepared for their entrance. This is another gift I have that came to me in a very so-seeming crazy way. The young couple was so happy and surprised because they had never thought about having kids before, but after it was brought up, they could see the children they would have and cried tears of joy. They said, “If we have a girl, we would like to name her after you, Jess.” That being said, my next blog will be about what happened when I went to France. I think I will call it “Matters of the Heart.”

Helping Others and My Mission 

I am currently working with this young girl who is very good at giving readings and tapping into her guides. She really wants to get her messages and videos out there, and I am really keen to help her do just that. The potential and passion is there, even if the direction and know how is not, so my being able to “guide the guides” makes this opportunity just too perfect. I really like the idea of being a coach and mentor for these future leaders. 

I think that is why I share everything with you guys–the good, the bad, and even the stalker threat stuff–because I want to help prepare you for your work. I want you to know what it will be like if you are out there and known by many. If I take you through the process, you see how I react and handle things. I know full well all of your concerns about doing what I do, but I hope that my paving the way can wipe out those concerns. Although I aspire to be an example to others, I also want all of you to choose your own unique way. We need be comfortable not only with what we know, but also with being ourselves, and that is what seems to be missing. I am pretty sure this is my mission and what I am here to do.

Thank-you for you being you.

Warm embrace laced in grace,


We are the answer to our prayers.

“A face without freckles is like the sky without stars. Why waste a second not loving who you are? Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable. They show you your personality inside your heart, reflecting who you are.” ~Natasha Bedingfield, “Freckles

Author: Jessica Schab

Memoirs of a Former Mystic - Blogs I've written many blogs but the series about my time in Bali, Indonesia, when my radical changes took place, is what has garnered the most curiosity and acclaim. In it, I share everything about that process from beginning to end and in great detail, so that others can get to know me and better understand what I am about. My Bali Blog series is an exploration of my own personal confusion towards rational thinking that has helped myself and others to see our own cognitive dissonance. It exposes the many things that we hide from ourselves and why. ​I highly suggest to read the blogs in order, from part 1 to 5. Otherwise, it will be hard to understand the content. I myself am shocked to realize that I had no idea how conditioned and problematic my spiritual beliefs were until I wrote these blogs; how they affected every aspect of my life and created so many unnecessary problems, making me so afraid to even dare to think or imagine my life and who I was without them. I can see now the contradictions I had to want to understand, watching these elements fight within me, planting mine fields of self-destruction in my mind when I forced myself to think without spiritual beliefs that acted like a drug for me, often times taking over my mind and thinking for me. How could I get myself to stop protecting these beliefs? Such a question led me to understand why others are so keen to choose irrationality instead of logic when it comes to their ideologies. It's one of the many reasons that led to me speaking up about why I am so concerned about this movement and the dangers of these beliefs. I would describe my changes as a massive tidal wave; a tsunami sweeping me and everything I was familiar with away. I honestly do not think I would have made it had I not learned how to surf my psyche. You would think the tidal wave would be the worst of it, right? So did I. I can say it’s not the case. You can ask people who have experienced a massive tsunami or any natural disaster and they will tell you the worst part is actually the aftermath; dealing with the dramatic shift, and in my case the psychological changes. How does one go on after something like that? What next? It’s not like one can go back to how things used to be and forget it ever happened; the experience echoes in your bones. It’s futile and insane to rebuild the old and familiar in your psyche and to encourage former hopes and beliefs. Especially because it often is what beckoned and fuelled the tsunami to begin with. When you get to the root, you must start completely new so as not to recreate the past. ​Ha! Easier said than done! So, these blogs are also an invitation and challenge to detect what is confusion and what is fact. To have people ask themselves: Are my beliefs thinking for me? It becomes more apparent and easier to pinpoint and reduce one's conditioned thinking when one finishes the whole series in order. Then, one can see their own results on how they scored with detecting and exploring their own cognitive biases.​ Best of luck. ​Enjoy and please let me know what you think :-)

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