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One Cool Dream

So I had this dream the other day that I want to share with all of you, my dear ones. 

I was celebrating Canada Day, and it was really cool. All the people got together and made a giant maple leaf that could be seen from up high.  

When I was given the view from up high, I saw that this was taking place in the United States. I asked the Americans about this and how it came to be, and they told me that I inspired them and the world. From then on, all the countries of the world would celebrate and appreciate other countries on their own country’s birthday. This kept everyone humble and united with every other country. Each year, each country chose a different country to celebrate. 

I hope that this is a psychic dream and that one day I can see this. 

I also think it would be cool to adopt other countries’ holidays. Some of them are pretty crazy and cool refreshingly unique. I love that.  Until we no longer have to live with our imaginary lines of countries and nations and we no longer see the need to celebrate and destroy so much of ourselves and our planet cause of the need to celebrate in such a way. But to celebrate in peace and long lasting contentness.

Very soon I will have a major update for you on the Jewel concert and my trip to the Kootenays.  




Author: jessicamystic

Authors note- in some way these blogs can seem whimsical, not at all what would expect. I’m very childlike as you see that’s how i live my life mostly; like a kid. Then their are these real deep thoughts and mystical tendencies that just come out of me randomly and that’s my blog non of it is made up its all true. i refuse to make up or exaggerate anything i want people to see how exciting truth can be and so much more richer then fiction. .. enjoy my blogs :) Canadian metaphysical counselor, mentor, who has produced a number of popular videos and blogs. What's incredible is the range or versatility of her knowledge; in a unique, and loving manner. youtube jessicamystic1

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