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An Update

It feels like too long since I last shared with all of you. I will try to make my updates more frequent. Where have I been? Sometimes when I expel so much energy onto others I just retreat within. I am naturally an introvert, a total loner. I just wonder on my own, lost in conversation with self, listening to and feeling my being. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the water in my body and where it was before me. Each journey is so diverse. What wisdom is there that I can access from each wandering drop?

I have also been thinking about how the heart chakra is green just as the fertile land is green; therefore, that tells me that Mother Earth wears her heart on her sleeve.

I have also been trying to understand my mother’s migraines. They just won’t let up, so I turned to facebook. I posted a bunch of old pictures of the family and asked others for suggestions or for ideas about what might be the cause. Now I have more than enough things to look into for her. One lightworker is sending some of Mom’s hair to Spain for tests. It just does not help to just keep waiting until she gets better. We need to really tackle this, and it is like torture seeing others suffer, especially my Momma Bear. 

Voice Matters

Recently, I lost my voice. I think it might be under the bed. If not, I will check the lost and found to see if someone has found a female voice that constantly speaks about quantum physics, metaphysics, and aliens. Yep, that would be mine! It is strange to think that the tonic for getting it back is drinking garlic, ginger, and cayenne pepper in water along with tablespoons of cod liver oil. These will bring my voice back yet keep the whole neighborhood away from me. You guys can not imagine the stench of these old time remedies!

What a perfect time to lose ones’ voice considering how I have so many calls to make. Plus, I just finally got Skype up and going, so if you wish to converse with me there, now you can. I might even do group talks and record some of them. That might be interesting. I think I might also interview my mother to share her perspectives with you.  

Moving Again?

Right now, we have been under pressure from other tenants in our apartment building because we are the only family living here. They like to accuse us of things we did not do like breaking the lock and such. Perhaps it is time to move. We have wanted to do this for a long time, but it is not so easy. Then again, difficulty has never stopped me before. Moving soon is important even though we have moved 10 times in 14 years. I recall Dad and I moving our stuff by ourselves one time. He was a total pack rat, and he even had a spare kitchen sink! So once again, I will be putting my thinking cap on about how to do this on my own, but this time will be without Dad.  

Web Sites

I also want to hold a group meeting with the people who are wanting to help with my site and my new sister site called Evolve. (I was telling you about where the forum will be and where projects can be shared. I now have a banner up on my site for them.) I also want to have another meeting about how we can better organize ourselves and better focus on our priorities. Eric is overwhelmed right now with all the people writing to him. I had to smile and say, “Ha! Welcome to my world!”

I will also be affiliated with a new site called “The GoldRing” where I will have my own page to be a mentor for star children. I like this site for many reasons, and I urge you check it out to get a better idea. It looks like a good place for us to find each other, and there are many ways to share music as well as other artistic expressions. The other thing I like about it is they do mini-interviews where others get to share their messages and stories.  What else? Oh yes, I accidentally deleted my services article. D’oh!  I thought I had that one saved, but I guess not. I cannot find it, so I will have to rewrite it from memory. 

Miriam Delicado

I will be meeting with Miriam Delicado, the “Blue Star” woman who was interviewed by Project Camelot. It turns out–rather perfectly, I might add–that she does not live far from me and feels that we need to meet. Miriam and I have some real parallels. I first came across her book by tripping over it at the Banyen Books and Sound store in Vancouver. I did not have money for it, so I sat there and tried to read as much as I could before they closed for the day. I only made it half through, but that was enough to see the similarities in our stories, backgrounds, and the beings working with us. Then I came across her interview on Project Camelot and knew by her message that I was to be the “next step.” She mentioned the star children, you see, and I thought, “This is good, but it has no merit unless one of us steps forth and lets the people know that we are here.” 

When I was with Kerry Cassidy, she felt the similarities as well and said that she would write to her about me. She said that Miriam was super-psychic and that she would feel me and know if we were to meet. After that, I went to stay with Pamela Icke, David Ickes’ wife, for a week and saw she had Miriam’s book. Pamela said that she met Miriam at a conference, and Miriam just gave her the book. So I devoured the other half of the book at Pam’s place. Shortly after, I met the Hopi elders and then went to LA. When I got home, Miriam called me, and we found it interesting that the trip I just got back from exactly mirrored hers. I went to all the places she did and even met the same people! For the last few months, I have been thinking, “Am I crazy that I will one day meet and work with this woman? Guides, why do you say such outlandish things? Are you just playing with me or do you know something I do not?” This meeting will take place as soon as the weather clears up. It is way too snowy and crazy right now, and I still do not have my voice. Of course, I will keep you posted. 

Other Projects

There are also a few more producers looking at my Project Camelot interview. I am not sure what will come from that. There is also talk about my being in the Common Ground magazine.

I have also been invited to go to England to work on some projects and to meet some of you there. I might do this with the family as Mom has a flight gift certificate to use, and then I’d like to go to Europe and visit some more of you guys. This is up in the air right now, but I am considering it and going over it with my guides, so I thought it was worth sharing. I get giddy thinking about seeing all of you and hugging each of you. If I do decide to do talks, I will start them off by looking into each of your eyes and hugging you.

I thank all of you for your patience with the second part of 2012. It is just that when I flow so much, I need to take a break before I get back into the water, but I shall have it for you very soon. 

Avoiding Doom and Gloom 

I’m hoping that my latest 2012 video will dispel some of this doom and gloom, end of the world talk that I’m seeing on the Project Camelot forum that was started by some guy called astral something. I am told that he got over 80,000 hits in the first week. I’m surprised that so many seem to be drawn to this stuff. They look to hear information from strangers online rather than listen to their children or even their own inner child. They would rather look up that information than try to be the solution. They get so worried that they forget to even begin. Like a thief, such fear talk robs their present moment of happiness at a time when they could be spending their time with family and in nature picking up what they once knew. In nature, our inner being is so solid and peaceful that even in a war zone–or in the valley of the shadow of death–we’re in a kind of blissful womb without the fear of evil or death.
I find that you can share a message, and the person will be touched for the day or perhaps weeks, and then they are back to their old pattern of fear. I have to wonder, what is missing? I really feel it has to do with the way we live. So many collect and acquire information but do not apply it. The reason why I can write what I write is because I live it and know it. It is embodied in my whole being. So how does one go from reading to embodying? All I can do is just be an example. I feel if we are all examples, living our life and sharing our light, others will look at us and wonder “what’s their secret?”
“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” I quote Lao-Tzu here, and there is much truth in that phrase. I would add, “a single small step.” To live it, we must all, like a small child, start with the first small step. Nature will catch you if you lose your footing in the beginning. Then larger steps can be taken once you have your balance. Experiment and enjoy. Please convey your discoveries by posting on my site. Also, I feel it would help if we could go onto these doom and gloom sites and pages and dispel the fear or just share the divine aspect of it all. People need to no longer just read this stuff but experience their own self-empowerment first hand, in their everyday life, in their neighborhood, and in their kids. 

There are no words to express how much gratitude I have and how much I love all of you! How I feel the most touching vibes you send to me. How I weep at the beauty and pure love of this game we find ourselves incarnating into. Love is the foundation of creation and will birth a new nation. The love that you direct to me and to Earth is oh so healing. There is still so much to say! Oh, I am bursting inside, but it is 3 a.m., and I really should get some sleep.

Warm embrace in unconditional love.

Thank you for you being you,


We are the answer to our prayers.


Author: jessicamystic

Authors note- in some way these blogs can seem whimsical, not at all what would expect. I’m very childlike as you see that’s how i live my life mostly; like a kid. Then their are these real deep thoughts and mystical tendencies that just come out of me randomly and that’s my blog non of it is made up its all true. i refuse to make up or exaggerate anything i want people to see how exciting truth can be and so much more richer then fiction. .. enjoy my blogs :) Canadian metaphysical counselor, mentor, who has produced a number of popular videos and blogs. What's incredible is the range or versatility of her knowledge; in a unique, and loving manner. youtube jessicamystic1

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